These 6 kinds of food are delicious for cats. Have you ever feeded it?

Cats are a foodie. As long as they smell delicious food, they want to eat.These 6 kinds of food are delicious for cats. Have you ever feeded it?

Cats like to eat shrimp very much. Shrimp are rich in protein and calcium, and the delicious taste attracts cats.

When feeding the cats, it is best to boil water. Do not add seasonings or eat more.

Cats are pure meat animals and like to eat meat.In addition, chicken breast has high protein content, low fat content, easy to digest and absorb, and is very suitable for cats.

It is best to boil when cooking. You can put a little salt. Remember to chop it for cats to eat.

Egg yolk is a good source of protein. It is rich in lecithin and is good for cat hair.

The pet owner can eat the cat 2 to 3 times a week. Don’t feed too much. After all, the cholesterol of the egg yolk is still quite high.

Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can promote cat gastrointestinal motility, have the effect of conditioning gastrointestinal tract, and can improve the appetite of cats; yogurt also contains protein and calcium, which can promote cat development and protect bones.

Many cats cannot resist the smell of yogurt. Yogurt can be said to be one of the cat’s favorite food!

No cat can escape small snacks and cats.Even the high -cold kitten, as long as the owner has snacks, he immediately runs over.In the eyes of cats, snacks are delicious on earth.

The owner can choose a functional snack for cats, which is more nutritious and healthy.Regarding how to choose snacks for cats, there will be no narration here. Interested owners can read related articles:

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But you ca n’t feed too many snacks for cats. Cats eat more snacks and are easy to picky and poor.Fay snacks moderate.

The fish contains taurine. This substance can protect the cat’s eyes and improve the cat’s night vision, so many cats eat fish because it contains this substance.Cats know that this is a good food for them, so they will love it.

Cats cannot eat fish every day. If you only eat a single food, cats are easy to malnourcing, so the pet owner can choose a cat food with high meat content as the main food, which can satisfy the appetite of the cat and meet the daily nutritional needs of cats.Essence

Selecting a lot of cat food, this topic will not be expanded here. Let ’s share a detailed cat food selection article. Interested owners can click to find out:

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Conclusion: What food does your cat like to eat most?

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