These 6 common birth dreams, have you ever done pregnant mothers?

Fetal dream is really interesting.

The mother -in -law’s mother said that when she was pregnant, she dreamed that the pumpkin in the house was particularly good. She was very big. She was so happy that she had planted a lot. She couldn’t pick it up.

When her younger brothers Huai Xiaoguo sauce, she dreamed that the bamboo shoots were particularly good, one after another, a lot, and she dug a night happily.

These kinds shared by mothers are relatively normal. Sometimes they have some shameful fetal dreams during pregnancy. Want to know what these strange fetal dreams mean?Will these dreams indicate the baby’s gender?Below, the small jam is described in detail ~

American psychologist Hillary Gris’s book "Dreaming for Two" tells you the meaning of 6 common fetal dreams.

If you dreamed of giving birth to a kitten and puppy pet, don’t be afraid.

The scientific explanation is that because many women, the closest thing to maternal nature is to raise pets.

Compared to raising a baby, it is simpler to take care of kittens and puppies. Raising baby is an unknown field.

Dreaming of pets is a "practice" dream. In this dream, animals will stand beside the child.

In other words, this is a way of rehearsing your brain for real things.But at the same time, it may also imply that you are worried that you cannot raise your baby, and you are afraid that you cannot bear the liability for parenting.

Although disturbing, this dream is normal.Especially for novice mothers, it feels very amazing to bred a small life, and it will have strange fantasies about the baby at night.

As for why it looks like an alien, it is because of the B -ultrasound photos and the four -dimensional photo, it looks like an alien!

The meaning of this dream is similar to giving birth to an animal, which also implies that you don’t know who this little guy will be, and you don’t know how to take care of it in the future.

Every mother is worried about the health of her child, and she is afraid that the child has a bad organ, and she will think wildly at night.

This dream is likely to see if the baby’s development is normal. After the examination, the baby will return to the uterus to continue growing.

Generally, women with high -risk pregnancy do the most often, because they hear doctors’ entrustment and Internet news, they will particularly worry about the health of the fetus.

Another possible meaning is that this prospective mother wants to see who the child looks like, and then, ask yourself, do I love this child?

If you are pregnant in October, the uterus will be full of amniotic fluid, so pregnant women often dream of water.

When you dream of being swimming, it may mean that you want to contact your baby, because bathing in your uterus, you want to meet him in the past.This is also a way to connect with nature, because when you are having a child, you will feel that you are part of nature.

Dreaming of drowning may mean that you are at a loss.

If you dream of the ocean and waves, you must pay attention to it, which may symbolize that you are about to give birth.

Dreaming of an affair during pregnancy is usually a sign of you feel fragile and unsafe.

When your body changes, some women feel that they are not attracted.They doubt whether their husbands are still longing for them, and whether their bodies can recover in the future.

Fortunately, dreams only indicate some psychological concerns, not from reality.Don’t, affect the relationship between husband and wife.The correct way is to talk to my husband about your concerns.

Dreaming of being with his ex -boyfriend during pregnancy, don’t misunderstand, this does not mean that you want to secretly happen.

However, this may mean that you are contradictory about the new character and the upcoming responsibility, that is, you still feel stressful for being a mother. Maybe you feel that you are trapped, as if a door is in a door is inclose.

So the romanticization of the past will make you more carefree.

Due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, the emotions of pregnant women themselves will easily fluctuate, and the dream of fetal dreams will be strange.If you feel confused, fearful, worried, the best way is to maintain good mood, to be happy and carefree to spend your pregnancy.Fetal dream.

So, the 6 common birth dreams above,

Have you dreamed of it?

What strange fetal dreams have you ever done?

Come and leave a message and share with the small jam ~

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