These 5 symptoms have appeared to be pregnant, indicating that the fetus in the belly is asking you for help!Don’t care

Pregnancy is a good thing for the family to be happy. However, an inadvertent ignoring during pregnancy may cause the baby to danger, so it is necessary to pay attention to it.Because the fetus cannot speak in the abdomen, when his own health is threatened, it sends a distress signal to the mother. So which signals are seeking for help?

1. vaginal bleeding.

Breakfast abortion, ectopic pregnancy, premature placental peeling, or in the early stages of pregnancy, sexual relationships occur, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs.Ketone, targeted tire protection treatment.

2. Symptoms of abdominal pain.

During pregnancy, pregnant women will feel slightly stuffy abdomen at some stage, which is mostly normal.But if there is sudden abdominal pain and spasm, this needs to be paid attention.In the early pregnancy, severe lower abdomen pain and vaginal bleeding may be a manifestation of ectopic pregnancy or aura abortion.

3, abnormal fetal heart.

The normal fetal heart is regular and powerful. It is 120 to 160 times per minute. If the left side of the lower abdomen of the pregnant woman is on the side of the fetal back, the fetal heart will be too frequent before the fetal movement is reduced.Division is the signal of early hypoxia in the fetus; the fetal movement is reduced or stopped, and the fetal heart is less than 120 times/min, and the fetal hypoxia is late.

4. Frequent contractions.

The stomach feels hard and tight, that is, contractions, contractions are pseudo -contractions and real contractions, and the contraction at the time of delivery is real contraction.Achidity is a sign of the baby’s pelvis. Generally, about one month before childbirth, expectant mothers will feel that the frequency of the palace is getting higher and higher.Generally, when the contraction is calculated, if the number of contractions per hour is about 10 times, it is more frequent.Frequent contractions indicate that the uterus is relatively unstable, and there may be a danger of premature birth.

5, itching symptoms.

If the whole body is widelyudit, especially the itching of the abdomen, palm, and toe, accompanied by mild jaundice, and the increase of liver function test GPT, it can be diagnosed as an intrapatic hydatal syndrome during pregnancy.Causes the risk of fetal suffocation, premature birth, death, and maternal gynecology.

In short, if you are pregnant, if you have symptoms of discomfort, you must go to the hospital early. Doctors perform targeted treatment based on examinations and symptoms.In addition, usually eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, take appropriate walks, maintain a happy mood, and help mother and baby health.

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