These 4 serious "vagina" cold knowledge, do n’t be ashamed to understand women, the one who suffers a loss is themselves

There are many serious physiological cold knowledge about the vagina. In addition to women, men must also maintain curiosity, master the common sense of heterosexual physiology, so as not to make jokes after marriage.The reproductive organs of men and women are very different, so there are many knowledge and content involved, and most people cannot master all.So, what are the knowledge of the vagina unknown?

The vagina has the ability to clean itself and does not need to be excessively clean. Some people use detergent to clean their vagina every day, and will clean the vulva. I feel that this can prevent diseases and avoid bacterial breeding., Also self -cleaning.

If you want to keep dry and sanitary by cleaning, you should choose water, and do not be too high at the same time.Some people have misunderstandings and feel that the vagina is dirty, and some secretions are generated. Be sure to use detergent to clean. Do not know that this excessive and wrong cleaning method will destroy vaginal pH balance, flora balance, follow -up gynecological department, follow -up gynecological departmentDisease invasion.

The vaginal contraction ability is very strong, with relaxation.Under normal circumstances, women’s vagina opens about 2.5 cm in vulva during a static state, and accepts sexual stimulus, hormones, and high sexual desires under the action of estrogen, which will usually cause the vagina to swell, which can make men’s reproductive organs betterEnter.

In addition, it is about to be produced after pregnancy, and the vagina will gradually expand at this time. Generally, it can be smoothly produced when it is open to the ten fingers, but it will gradually return to its original after production.Imagination.

Women’s vulva becomes dark and has no direct relationship with whether sexual life experience is rich.Many people see that the color of women’s vulva is dark, and they feel that this characteristic is very representative. It is definitely frequent in the life of husband and wife to cause this result. After friction and stimulation, melanin accumulation.

But the actual skin and the impact of genetic factors will deepen the color of women’s vulva.In addition, sitting for a long time, the friction of personal clothes will also have this situation. Some people will deepen the color of the vulva with the role of hormones with the level of hormone levels.Don’t think that this change must be related to sexual life, and there are many other influencing factors.

In summary, we can see that the knowledge of female vaginal -related physiological knowledge is in place, and the reason can be roughly understood after discovering certain changes, so as not to make mistakes or make a joke.Usually, the protection of women’s parts should be done well, and far from the trouble of gynecological diseases can improve the quality of life and make the life of couples go smoothly.

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