These 3 symptoms show that you are pregnant. Netizens: Not a suit, it is really accurate

Pregnancy is a very happy thing for couples during pregnancy, but many women don’t know if they are pregnant.Menstruation did not come, I thought it was caused by irregular menstruation? I never thought about whether I was pregnant.Today, I will tell you a few symptoms of pregnancy. It is not a set of symptoms. It is really accurate ~

When you have these three feelings, it means that you are pregnant, you need to pay attention

One: The lower abdomen has obvious soreness, similar to menstruation

When you are pregnant, the combination of sperm and eggs is successful, and the bed is successful.The combination of sperm and eggs becomes the root cause of the fertilized eggs, which can cause a slight fine tube rupture. This is a normal bed, so some pregnant mothers will obviously feel a little red blood.And this feeling is particularly like when menstruation feels, with obvious lower abdomen and sourness, so if it is not about to have this feeling of menstruation during the menstrual period, it is likely to be pregnant.

Two: Special, special sleepy, sleepy without moving

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the level of hormone in the female body is undergoing major changes. In order to keep the fetal stable root, the level of lutein will increase significantly, such as progesterone, estrogen, and so on.Variety.Therefore, I feel that I am particularly tired, and I always want to sleep well.If this feels, it is likely to be caused by pregnancy.

3: The body temperature is higher than usual, there is always a feeling of hot feeling

Women’s body temperature every month has a magnitude of change.When it is about to ovulation, the body temperature will slowly rise. As the temperature of menstruation comes, it will start to decrease slowly until it falls to normal body temperature.If after the ovulation period, there is no other factors such as illness, and the body temperature has not decreased, and it is still higher than usual. At this timeWhen I was pregnant, I thought I had a cold, and taking antipyretics, etc., would affect the healthy development of the embryo.

If you have these three cases, most of them may be pregnant.Of course, if menstruation is relatively accurate, you can accurately determine the ovulation period. The most accurate method is to test whether you are pregnant by testing.It can be tested around 10 days after the husband and wife live. If you are pregnant, there will be obvious double bars.If you are not assured, you can go to the hospital for blood testing, which is the most accurate way.

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