These 13 symptoms appear, you may be pregnant

New life may be unknowingly or began to bred under careful preparation.But what are the signs of early pregnancy?

1. Mentalomy

Memoral discontinuation is the most obvious symptom. For the MM of the physiological period, there is no menstruation for 2 weeks after the same room without any contraceptive measures, and it is likely to be pregnant for more than 10 days.

2. Nausea

Nausea and vomiting is a common and obvious signs of pregnancy, but pregnancy will not immediately respond after conception. Generally, women’s pregnancy will appear after 1 month of conception. Different personalities of personal constitutions will not occur during pregnancy.

3. Fatter

I suddenly feel tired, drowsy, and can’t afford to be spiritual, and will naturally improve after 3 months of pregnancy.

4. The breasts become larger and sensitive

The breasts may have tingling, swelling, and itching. This pain is very similar to before the physiological period. From the moment of fertilized eggs, with the changes in the hormones in the body, the breast also responded to it. For the future, in the futurePrepare for breastfeeding.

5. frequent urine

The expansion of the uterus after pregnancy will increase the number of expectant mothers to go to the toilet, and this symptom will continue to appear nine months before the baby is born.

6. sensitivity to odor

Maybe the common odor will cause expectant mothers to disgust, especially some oil fume flavor and irritating taste. This is caused by the sharp increase in estrogen in the body.

7. Basic body temperature rises

A lady with a record temperature may find that her body temperature is high for many days, and this high body temperature will last for about 18 days.

8. Bloating or waist and abdomen pain

When pregnancy, the uterus expands, causing the uterus to squeeze to the stomach and other organs when the uterus is swollen. In addition, the increase in hormonal concentrations will cause people to develop abdominal bloating, waist and abdomen pain,

9. Bleeding

Plant bleeding, when fertilized eggs are bed on the women’s uterine wall, there may be mild vaginal bleeding in this 1-2 days, but it is difficult for you to know at this stage that it is caused by bleeding caused by pregnancy.

10. Dizziness

Due to the formation of embryo fluff, the velvetic membrane promotes gonadotropin, which causes various discomfort reactions to have various discomforts, which are different according to personal constitution.

11. Greed or anorexia

Suddenly greedy or anorexia, even if you can’t notice it, maybe your colleagues will be joking with you. Are you happy?

12. Emotional, irritable

Pregnant mothers may lose their temper for no reason, and they feel that they are not angry, but they just love to lose their temper.

13. Send weight, gain weight

Many pregnant mothers will gain weight in the early pregnancy, which is also a factor that is easy to discover.

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