There were no pregnancy test sticks in ancient times. How did women know that they were pregnant?After watching it, I think Chinese pregnant women are so happy

Early pregnancy is the 1st to weekend of the week of pregnancy. In the early pregnancy, pregnant women have a strong response.

Nowadays, it is convenient to be everywhere in life. Even if you want to know if you are pregnant, you don’t have to run to the hospital first. You can measure the pregnancy test stick at home.

Most of the pregnancy test sticks show two bars or "cross", which means that they are already pregnant.Some people are very happy about this result, but it is also a kind of trouble for some people.

Don’t look at it as simple as testing. When there is no pregnancy test stick in ancient times, women in various countries want to know if they are pregnant. I use various strange methods.

From ancient times to the present, people have attached great importance to breeding of life. They want to determine whether they are pregnant as soon as possible, so the smart people come up with various methods. They seem out of view, but they also have a certain accuracy.

Ancient Greek women judge the way to get pregnant

Among the many pregnancy tests, the experience of ancient Greek women was a bit outrageous.At that time, medicalists believed that there was a connected channel between the women’s birth canal and the oral cavity.

Therefore, they will put a larger taste of garlic and green onions to the private parts of women. After waiting for one night, the next morning, testing whether the woman has a breath.

If you are pregnant, this pipe will be "blocked", then there is no unpleasant taste in the woman’s mouth. If the woman wakes up, it has a taste in the mouth that it proves that she is not pregnant.

Ancient Egyptian women judge the way of pregnancy

Compared to the experience of ancient Greek women, ancient Egyptian women were not so sinned.And their way was later confirmed that about 70%accuracy.

People will sprinkle women’s urine on barley and wheat respectively.If the wheat sprouts, it means that she may be pregnant with a girl.On the contrary, Big Mark may be pregnant with a boy.None of the two bags of wheat sprouts, but there is no pregnancy.

The reason why this method was later confirmed was because in 1963, biologists conducted experiments and found that the physical hormone changes in women after pregnancy may make the wheat sprout faster.

However, because these methods are relatively backward, and the accuracy is not very high, misjudgment often occurs.Finally, it was determined to be pregnant after the female’s early pregnancy reactions, and even the belly became larger.

Compared with the previous two methods, women in ancient China are obviously more happy, because we judge the way of pregnancy, which looks amazing but reliable.

Everyone often sees in some costume dramas that the Taiyi or Lang can give women a pulse, and they can find out the veins, that is, the pulse of pregnancy.

This is not the effect of film and television drama, but the real medical skills.The experienced Lang Zhong can also judge the development of the fetus from the pulse of women.This way of touching the veins can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.

Therefore, in ancient Chinese women, if they want to test whether they are pregnant, they only need to sit or lie down and reach out their hands to complete the rough judgment.

The process is not troublesome, and there will be no additional damage to the body. After watching it, I feel that Chinese women are very happy.

However, the wisdom of the ancients is not as simple as everyone thinks. The way of touching the beautiful pulse has been passed on to it, but it is only unable to find it out.

However, some medical practitioners’ attachment to urine has derived the method of pregnancy test sticks.

In fact, if you want to know if you are pregnant, women can also judge through physical changes.Some physical hormones change after pregnancy, resulting in different signs of body.

Men disclosure, nausea, and belly become larger, but it is very obvious during pregnancy. In addition to these physical changes, there are some different feelings from usual, and it may also be a signal of pregnancy.

The taste suddenly changes, but it is not a greedy

Not all women will have a pregnancy reaction after pregnancy, but the change of taste and smell will cause her taste to change.

It is not necessarily like spicy or sour. It may be that I love the taste that I hate it in the past. It is particularly uncomfortable to have a certain taste.It may also be that I start to hate the favorite taste.

There is a big difference between mental state and usual

If a woman suddenly becomes particularly lethargic at a certain stage, or she is particularly spiritual compared to before, and with the same room recently, it may be a manifestation of pregnancy.

Finally, suddenly became afraid of cold or hot

When the sugar mother was pregnant with a small candy, her body had no response, but I was very afraid of cold. I still remember that it was summer. I turned out the quilts in my home and did not feel hot on my body.

At first I thought I was a precursor to a cold. When I went to buy medicine, the doctor suspected that I was pregnant, and then revealed the mystery.

Sugar mom has seen too many women confused and does not know that she is pregnant.As a result, he was either nails, or he took cold medicine and stomach medicine, and finally tangled whether the baby could stay.

Women who are preparing for pregnancy can frequently use the pregnancy test stick test. The female body that is not prepared during pregnancy has discomfort, and it is necessary to consider whether it is a pregnancy signal.

Early pregnancy embryos have not been completely formed, but this stage is crucial to whether the baby’s future is healthy.Nowadays, the way to get pregnant is very convenient, and it is easy to find that you are pregnant.

If you do n’t want your baby ’s plan, you must do a good job of contraception, so as not to leave the baby by accident.It is both sad and hurting the body, but also disappear innocent life.

If there is a baby’s plan, you must treat physical changes with caution.Maintain a good work and rest, diet and living habits, so that even if the baby does not come in the plan, he can stay with peace of mind.

Mother Candy Mom said in my heart:

From the moment of discovering pregnancy, small lives have been closely linked to us.Nowadays, there is no need to experience the trouble and embarrassing pregnancy test of ancient women. It is also a must -have skill to observe and understand their bodies.

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