There was a problem with contraceptives, which caused hundreds of women to get pregnant accidentally. Afterwards, they dumped the pot: they did not take medicine!

In other words, many women all over the world choose oral contraceptives to regulate the physiological cycle to avoid accidents. This safe and effective way to benefit countless people.

But some time ago, Chile revealed a scandal. Hundreds of women were pregnant because of taking a serious defect.

Forced to be a mother, so that many people’s lives are in trouble …

Chile’s capital San Diego

29 -year -old Tabita Rojas lives in the arid Atacama region.

In March last year, she found that she had ovarian cysts while she was clinic. The doctor was worried that it might be caused by her implantable contraceptive stick. Therefore, she suggested that she switch to oral contraceptives and prescribed her prescription "Anulette CD",,

Rahaas did not agree with it. She used similar drugs before. The contraception was very successful and there was no abnormality.

At the age of 17, Rojos became a mother for the first time,

At that time, for the baby, she had to give up the dream of studying forensic crimes.

Two years later, she became pregnant again. In order to feed these two small lives, Rohaas ran to the grapes and became a hard season worker.

Time has passed day by day, and the children gradually grow up.

By 2020, her eldest son was 11 years old and his younger son was 9 years old. Both became more independent. They had more time to get along with their dad.

Rojas has long been separated from him and has a new relationship.

Her hometown Kipiabo is in large -scale urbanization. As compensation, Rohaas has obtained a small piece of land. She can build a dream home here.

Rahaas, who was finally independent and freedom, was very excited about the future, and she decided to try again to study forensic criminal science.


But happy did not last long. In September last year, Rohaas found that he was pregnant again.

She and her boyfriend have already agreed not to children. With their current economic ability, they can no longer support a small life.

But Chile’s rigorous abortion policy makes her have no way to escape …

Now, Rahaas, who is 38 weeks pregnant, has accepted his destiny and gave up his dream again because of his child.

She is trying to save money so that she can build the house before her third son coming to the world.

Coincidentally, when the 20 -year -old Melanie Riffo found that her pregnancy test was positive, she couldn’t believe her eyes at all: "It must be wrong!"

Lifa is a cashier in a sushi shop in Chillán. She lives with her mother with cancer. She also talks about her love with her boyfriend for 6 months. She thinks that she will bring a child into her own life.She couldn’t breathe panicked:

"I have no career at all, there is no stable thing, and I can’t create a home that makes children feel safe."

Lifu and boyfriend

Lof takes "Anulette CD", she can’t understand why she is pregnant with children:

"Both my boyfriend and I were very careful. The doctor also told him that because of childhood diseases, he may not have the offspring for a lifetime. We have taken all preventive measures. I can’t think of why I get pregnant."

Cynthia González, who lives in San Diela Pingtana, also has the same distress.

She is already the mother of four children, and I don’t want the family to expand further anyway.

Every day, she sets up the alarm clock in advance. As soon as the ringtone rang, she would "devote her contraceptives".

But after taking "Anulette CD" for eight consecutive months, she has a child again …

This caused Gonzalez’s spirit to collapse almost,

Her economic situation is very unsatisfactory, and even hesitates to buy milk for herself again and again,

"I am crying every night, I don’t want to have children, but I don’t have to choose."


In Chile, in addition to the three cases of pregnancy, fatal congenital defects, and risks of pregnant women, any female abortion is not allowed.

Gonzalez is very disturbed, trying to cover his constant belly:

"I have been concealed for a long time, so they will not chase ask me who is the child’s father.

My husband and I separated a long time ago. It was complicated enough to explain this, let alone tell everyone how I was pregnant."

Obviously, these three women who are pregnant to pregnancy have taken the contraceptive pill "Anulette CD", and

It belongs to a 28 -day composite oral contraceptive -this is one of the most common contraceptive methods on the market in Chile.

Anulette CD is produced by Silesia, a Chilean subsidiary of the German Grünenthal Pharmaceutical Factory,

The principle is to inhibit ovulation by taking composite estrogen and progesterone, and enhance the viscosity of the cervical fluid to prevent the combination of sperm and eggs to achieve the purpose of controlling fertility.

Anulette CD

Each Anulette CD has 28 tablets, of which the first 21 tablets are contraceptives, including artificial estrogen and progesterone. The remaining 7 tablets are placebo, which does not contain hormones to maintain daily life.

If the above formal method is produced, AnuleTte CD can indeed achieve the purpose of contraception.

But there is no need to say that today’s results are definitely a big problem …

The Chilean public health department said that at least two batches of Anulette CD had defects,

The first batch of yellow pills with contraceptive pills and placebo blue pills on the opposite position,

And the other batch of drugs is also very outrageous, some of the pills were crushed, and some could not be found …

It was such a mistake that caused innocent Chilean women to get pregnant by accident.

In August last year, nearly 140,000 boxes of Anulette CD pills were recalled.

The Chilean public health department recommends that the hospital isolates all the problems with problems, and posted on the Twitter account reminded to buy the information about the drug recall of the same batch.

However, they did not launch a larger scale in the country, nor did they hold a press conference, let alone the people who had purchased this drug directly …

This really notified a loneliness, no one noticed the news of drug recall at all.

The ridiculous story is not over. In less than half a month, the crushed Anulette CD pills have also begun to circulate on the market.

The Chilean government fined a $ 92,000 of a pharmacy and suspended their license.

But it is too late, and nearly 300,000 boxes of drugs have been distributed to hospitals and pharmacies across Chile.

And strangely, less than a week after the pharmaceutical factory was suspended, the Chilean public health department posted a document to overthrow the previous decision and announced that the Anulette CD could be sold again.

Because "Anulette CD has residual films, it is easy to be identified", they asked medical staff to check carefully before distributed the drugs and picked out the problem.

Doing so is undoubtedly the responsibility to pass the responsibility to the medical staff.

Rahaas, mentioned at the beginning of the article,

I learned that Anulette CD had been recalled after searching for information on the Internet after accidental pregnancy.

At that time, she was about to take the second box of medicine, and it was 6 weeks of pregnancy.

No one told her that there was a problem with the contraceptive pill …

The encounter of Chilean women attracted the attention of multiple related organizations.

According to the data organized by CorpoAción Miles, which is committed to defending women and reproductive rights, 170 women have become pregnant because of taking problems with problems.

Moreover, professionals said that more than 380,000 women have taken Anulette CDs in Chile, and more people must be harmed, and women in remote areas may not be able to receive the news at all, so they want the volume of contraceptives incidents to volume.Can continue to expand.

Miles Organization Executive Director Javiera Canales

Miles organized other partners to give a letter to the America’s Human Rights Commission and the United Nations, and issued an urgent appeal saying that it was "obvious systematic women’s discrimination" and "violated the right to decide when women decided to give birth."

A relevant person said with emotion: "If the bad meat is recalled, the entire country will immediately know the news, and the product will immediately remove the shelves, but when they involve women and reproductive health, they will not care."

However, in the face of overwhelming accusations and complaints, many involved in the incident did not bear responsibility, but threw up the pot crazy …

Florian Dieckmann, a spokesman for Grünenthal, said that the misalignment, loss or crushing of pills comes from a defect on the production line, but this will not affect the effect of contraceptives.

He also pointed out that oral contraceptives are not 100%effective.If there is no continuous or correctly, the probability of failed contraception will increase greatly.

The implication is that these accidental pregnancy women have not taken good medicine?… …

Florian Dieckmann

Leonardo Lourtau, the medical director of Grünenthal Chile Silesia, responded,

Checking the packaging of the drug is not only the responsibility of the pharmaceutical factory, but also the people who sell medicine should also pay more attention …

Heriberto Garcia, director of the Chilean public health department, found a new perspective to persuade people to believe that contraceptives do not work.

He said that when contraceptives must be studied with antibiotics, tobacco, or alcoholic interactions in the body, what changes will happen.

But unfortunately, such remarks cannot stand on their feet and cannot be recognized by other reproductive health experts.

There is no evidence that smoking will reduce the effect of contraceptive pills; unless you vomit as soon as you drink, alcohol will not affect the effectiveness of contraceptives; only antibiotics based on Lifuping will affect oral contraceptives.

Heriberto Garcia

This month, women who accidentally become pregnant for Anulette CD will filed a lawsuit against the Chilean government and the pharmaceutical factories produced by CorpoAción Miles.

They demanded compensation for psychological and money, serious mental health problems and women who threatened their lives because of pregnancy, and also asked to terminate pregnancy.

"Women have been completely abandoned by the health department. Some people take antidepressants while contraception, but after accidental pregnancy, they have to stop taking these drugs." Canales said.

In addition, people also hope to take this opportunity to call on Chile to further open abortion, so that these innocent victims can safely and legally choose the timing of childbirth.

2017 supporting abortion demonstration in San Diego

Having said that, no matter what the trend after this incident, the 20 -year -old Lifa hopes that the Chilean government can help these mothers solve the expensive education of children.

Now, her belly is getting bigger and bigger. Since she is pregnant, she has been fighting depression and anxiety.

The worst thing is that when she thought of her child is about to be born, she felt fear and collapse.

It was this kind of reaction that was completely different from other mothers that she defeated Lifu. She felt bad, so she was more anxious and helpless …

In Chile, hundreds of Lifu is struggling,

Women who were forced to be a mother could not get off,

Children who are forced to come to life are also difficult to have a happy childhood …

Because the pharmaceutical factory’s negative inspection and the irresponsibility of the public health department

How many people’s life fell into the abyss …

Source: Those things in the UK

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