There is no soybean in these 4 "fake tofu".

Tofu is a kind of soybean product. Properly and reasonable intake can have certain effects on protecting the uterus and ovaries. For male friends, you can also regulate blood lipids and protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

Tofu is also a soy product that is suitable for all ages. Although the price of tofu is cheaper, its nutritional value is not inferior.

Tofu not only contains rich vitamins and plant proteins, but also contains a certain amount of soy isoflavones. It can effectively supplement some plant estrogen to the body to help care for physical health, especially for female friends, helping to delay aging aging agingThe role of beauty and beauty.

There are even many elderly people who always say in daily life that "eating tofu all year round can effectively keep peace", so everyone also has the habit of eating more tofu in daily life.

Whether it is stirred onion or other vegetables, some cooking foods are particularly delicious, but here you need to remind you that a lot of tofu is fake tofu. Among them, there are no soybeans. It is recommended that you eat less.

Prevention of osteoporosis

We all know that tofu contains a large amount of calcium and iron. These nutrients are necessary trace elements for the body, and they are called "plant meat" by many nutritionists.

Eating two pieces of tofu a day can meet the body’s demand for calcium one day, help protect bones, reduce bone loss, and prevent bone loose disease.

Delay menopause

Tofu contains rich plant estrogen. For female friends, tofu is a very good maintenance food.

Eating tofu properly and reasonably can effectively supplement the body of soy isoflavones and some plant protein substances, which can balance endocrine and help delay the advent of menopausal and aging issues.

Protective cardiovascular

Eating tofu properly can also help protect the cardiovascular, help strengthen immunity, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The protein substances in tofu can effectively enhance the activity of the immune system and enhance the lethality of white blood cells to harmful substances to inhibit cancer cells.

Improve constipation

The molecular structure of tofu is relatively delicate. It is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the body into the body. For patients with constipation, eating tofu properly and reasonably can effectively improve the problem of constipation.

But here you need to remind everyone that there is a special substance in tofu. After a large amount of intake, it will easily cause indigestion. If your spleen and stomach are not good, you need to reduce the intake of tofu at this time.

The main raw materials of tofu are soybeans. Among them, there are many nutrient elements, and the nutrients in tofu are mainly derived from soybeans, which can supplement the body with calcium, dietary fiber, iron, water -soluble lipid fiber and a certain certainSome vitamins.

In order to meet the needs of the market, some merchants actually launch the business of "rubbing the ball". When making tofu, they will be blended with some additives, and then they will be sold for sale. In the end, they will mislead consumers.

With the continuous improvement and improvement of people’s living conditions, the types of soy products have become diverse. Many people think that as long as the word bean products have the word bean products, it is a good soy product, but this is not the case.

Although these miscellaneous tofu tastes delicious, its nutritional value cannot be compared with real tofu. There are no soybeans among these fake tofu, so they usually eat less for the elderly and children.

Chiba tofu

Many people usually love Chiba tofu when eating hot pot or spicy hot hot hot hot paddy, and Chiba tofu is also a very popular bean product.

Everyone thinks that Chiba tofu is made of soybeans, but in fact, only the soybean separation protein and other food additives are in Chiba tofu.

Although Chiba Tofu has the word tofu in, it is not a real soy product. It is recommended that adults eat less to avoid harm and trouble to health.

Almond tofu

Many people have heard of almond tofu in Japanese or some dessert shops. In fact, almond tofu belongs to special snacks.

And almond tofu can also be regarded as a craft dessert passed down from ancient times, but the method of making each place is different.The appearance of almond tofu, like ordinary tofu, is tender and white, but it tastes without the taste of tofu.

This is mainly because almond tofu is mainly made of almond powder, milk, sugar and other ingredients. Almond tofu does not contain a little soybean component. Everyone can usually eat birthday tofu as desserts, but don’t think it is tofu.

fish tofu

When you eat hot pot or take vegetables, you usually love fish tofu. Compared with ordinary tofu fish, the taste of tofu is more delicate, and it is loved and welcomed by men, women, and children.

But in fact, fish tofu is not a real tofu, which does not contain soybean products. If you eat it as a tofu, it will cause trouble for health.

The main raw material of fish tofu is actually made of corn plus starch, and some additives are added. Although it tastes good, the nutritional value is very low, and it also contains certain fat, which is not suitable for long -term use.

Dried tofu snacks

Soy products belong to the traditional food of our country, but now it has been "utilized" by many snack processing plants, thereby producing a series of dried soybean snacks.

In order to produce a series of vegetarian chicken ‘dried bean’ spicy slices, etc., the content of soy products is very small, most of which are additives and pigments.

In order to increase the taste of dried tofu snacks, a large amount of flavors, sugar, oil, and salt will be added, which is a very unhealthy snack product.

When you buy tofu, you first smell it first. If the tofu is fresh, there will be an aroma of soybeans. If it smells odor, it means that it has deteriorated at this time.You also have to look at the color of tofu. Don’t be confused by the color of tofu. Normal tofu will not be particularly white, and even some yellowing. If the tofu is particularly white, you should not buy it at this time. It is likely to add it.There are certain additives; when you buy tofu, you can also touch it with your hands. It is best to choose tofu with hard texture. This tofu will contain higher calcium content.

【Tofu and Fish】

Every time I talk about tofu, everyone may think that because when buying tofu, they will choose to boil into soup through catfish to make delicious tofu catfish soup.

Tofu and catfish are very good. They lack the eggine and amino acids that the body lacks the body in tofu, while the fish meat contains this nutrients.

Therefore, tofu and catfish can achieve complementary effects. Eating together can effectively improve the overall nutritional value intake.

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