There is no discomfort during pregnancy at 12 weeks of pregnancy. I always feel that I am not pregnant every day. Is this normal?

Guide: Is there a normal response during the 12 weeks of pregnancy?What did the fetus develop at 12 weeks of pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?In detail, you can find the answer:

Yesterday, a pregnant mother left me a message: Xiaoshu mother, I was 12 weeks pregnant, but there was no discomfort during pregnancy. I always felt that I was not pregnant when I woke up in the morning.Mom is happy, you must be a caring angel in your life, and you have cultivated a lot of blessings.For many pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy vomiting, it is really a blessing to be pregnant!do you know?Many pregnant mothers are vomiting at this time, and the sun and the moon have no light, and they seriously doubt life, so enjoy the beautiful time of life.

In fact, early pregnancy reactions vary from person to person, not all pregnant mothers.I have two pregnancy experiences, but the two reactions are different.When the boss was pregnant, there was no vomiting, and his appetite and spirit were very good. I also told my husband whether I was pregnant with a fake pregnancy.But when I was in my second child, I vomited as soon as I was pregnant. I vomited until five months before the symptoms slowly turned!Therefore, the reaction during pregnancy varies from person to person, and even the feeling of pregnancy in different periods of the same person is different!

So, what is the general reaction of pregnancy?

Many sisters will feel some abnormal phenomena after menopause. For example, the first response that will appear is to be afraid of cold. In the future, they will gradually feel fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, frequent urination, breast tenderness, loss of appetite, picky eaters, like sour food, like to eat sour food, Afraid of smelling the smell of oil, getting up early, some mothers will vomit. I am one of them. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I vomited very seriously. I couldn’t smell the smell of oil fume in the first three months and dare not enter the kitchen.

Now let ’s take a look, what did the baby look like 12 weeks of pregnancy?

In 12 weeks of pregnancy, your baby has grown to 9cm and the fetus weighs 23g.At this time, the tail of the baby’s baby has completely disappeared!He (she) already has a human figure, and the growth rate is becoming more amazing.The body and legs have grown up, but the head is still obvious. More importantly, the nose, gums, and vocal cords have grown, and they can identify their faces.The fetus’s fingers and toes are completely separated, and the eyes, fingers, and toes are clearly distinguished.At the same time, some bones began to become hard, and hair and nails began to grow.

What do you need to pay attention to at 3 months of pregnancy?

1. March of pregnancy is the most important stage of pregnancy. If you have a bad appetite, try to choose the food you want to eat.In addition to eating less meals, you should choose easy to digest and fresh food.Easy to relax and get rid of this stage, early pregnancy response will be greatly reduced.

2. Do not stand or squat for a long time. Do n’t force it when doing housework and work. Do not mention heavy objects. Do not do things that may be shaken or impacted by your body.

3. The situation of the fetus bed is not very stable. You must avoid volatile chemicals, radiation, etc. damage to the fetus. If you need to face a computer in the workplace, you may wish to wear radiation protection uniforms. In additionEach hour should be outdoors for a while.

4. In March of pregnancy, you have to start the first prenatal examination! In order to let the obstetrician and gynecologists understand your health and the growth and development of the fetus.Note: The first checkup should be empty!

5. Pay attention to rest and keep sufficient sleep. At present, it is still a period of susceptibility to abortion. During this period, try to avoid the same room.

Topics today: Sisters, what reaction do you have for early pregnancy?Welcome to talk together!

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