There is no calcification lesion on the checklist, but he has always had symptoms. Why?

He couldn’t see the lesion many times, but his symptoms were very serious. He was still hesitant. He hesitated for a long time until he heard his analysis!

When the patient Cai was consulting us, he asked the doctor assistant: "There is no problem with my examination report. May I be a patient with a chronic prostate disease?"

The doctor assistant told him: "Possible. The examination report is an important part of the diagnosis. However, the examination report is only a reference of diagnosis, and the diagnosis must be carried out in combination with the symptoms.Excellent examination may not be visible at one or two angles; and the patient’s lesions are wrapped in wrapped by rigid hardening tissue, B -ultrasound can not be detected, this situation is also very common. This will make the patient’s B -ultrasound.Checking is normal, but patients have always had symptoms of diseases. "

After listening to Cai, he made an appointment for a face consultation of the Shenzhen outpatient clinic.

In the Shenzhen outpatient clinic, Cai completed the B -ultrasound examination. Director Zhou gave him overwhelming and analyzed his condition:

The prostate of the patient has both functional damage and a certain amount of organic lesions formed;

Unexpectedly, weak urine, slight frequent urination, and 3 times of night urine are symptoms caused by prostate lesions that affect the function of the urinary valve of the gland;

After a decrease in morning erection and slow erectile erection, after the glandular disease, the nerve conduction has obstacles, which affects the central and sexual nerve peripherals, leading to the disorders of the function of the entire conduction system, so the erectile function is damaged;

The occurrence of premature ejaculation indicates that the function of the prostate discharge valve is damaged, and the problem of unable to control the essence can not be controlled during sex;

Patients have sore thighs, indicating that the metabolic function of the glandular body is damaged, metabolic waste cannot be discharged from the body, and it is accumulated in the human body to stimulate the patients and cause pain symptoms;

Patients are younger and have a good constitution, so sub -health symptoms are not obvious.

His prostate B -ultrasound can see that the prostate shape is normal, and the contour contour is clear and clear. The size is about 41.2*30.5*19.7 mm. The substantial echo is enhanced. There are two large light dots formed.The gland has no significant increase and reduction, and chronic prostatitis and prostate fibrosis are first diagnosed.

Director Zhou also pointed out to Cai:

From the perspective of the pulse, his glandular lesions are no longer mild, and the substantial echo enhances that his gland’s body is hardened, indicating that the nerve endings and capillaries of the gland are necrotic, so it affects the normal function of the gland.

The decline in the patient’s function may also be caused by the depths of the glandular body, but the location of the lesion is too deep, and it is wrapped in the deadly hardening tissue, resulting in the ultrasonic detection.

This situation occurs in clinical practice. After treatment, some patients are relieved by the stiff and hardening tissue, so the lesion will be revealed, so patients may see the occurrence of calcified lesions after treatment.

It is recommended to treat one or two courses of treatment to eliminate sterile inflammation, soften the glandular lesions while eliminating inflammation, and then adjust the treatment plan according to the improvement of the symptoms.

Cai thought for two days and asked the doctor’s assistant to treat us for treatment.

After completing the treatment of a course of treatment, Cai returned to the clinic to feedback his soreness of his thighs significantly improved, and the problem of urination also improved;

After the second course of treatment, the clinic was resumed. A high echo of 6*3mm appeared on his examination form.

Director Zhou pointed out to him: "This is the calcified lesion wrapped wrapped in the stiff hardening tissue before. It has a great impact on the gland, and such a large lesion will definitely cause disorders of the glandular function."

Cai said to Director Zhou: "I have run many hospitals. Some hospitals say that I am okay, and some hospitals say that my problem is serious. If there is no problem, everyone has such lesions, and most of them are asymptomatic.When I say my problem is serious, I say that I have kidney deficiency and have to be treated. It is difficult to have a unified conclusion, so I hesitated for a long time and did not dare to treat it easily. "

Director Zhou pointed out:

If you only look at the results of the examination, the calcified lesions of many calcified patients do not reach 4mm, and there is no significant effect on the glandular function, and it can be treated without treatment.

Cai’s conventional conventional results of the prostate are normal. The prostate B -ultrasound does not see the enclosed calcification lesions, and the glands can not see obvious hyperplasia and narrowing. The number of fibrosis lesions is not large, and the hardness is relatively soft.The result is indeed not big.Therefore, there will be no problem with the hospital diagnosis.

But from the perspective of Chinese medicine, his pulse phase has obviously showed that your glandular function is damaged, and it has a organic lesion, which is more accurate.

Cai is a relatively complicated prostate disease, with calcification and fibrosis. The lesion has a sterile inflammation to the stimulation of the glandular stimulation. The calcified lesions are still deeply hidden.

Many patients’ chronic prostate diseases are this complex. They have a long period of illness and have a variety of lesions coexisting. Therefore, treatment can only be performed according to the patient’s personal condition. The prescription can be continuously adjusted during treatment to effectively improve the disease.

His treatment first improves the gonadal fibrosis lesions, improves the hardened glands, and at the same time soften and activates the calcification lesions.

The fibrosis lesions are improved. After the gonad body is softer, the basic health of the glands will be improved. Then the treatment will further disintegrate the calcified lesions.His disease will recover.

Cai recognized Director Zhou’s analysis and has been treating in our treatment.

In October 2020, the treatment of five courses was completed. Cai’s fibrosis lesions collapsed, the elasticity of the glandular recovery, and the calcified lesions collapsed to about 2mm. The symptoms were completely eliminated.He stopped treatment and has not recurred so far.

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