There is no "easy to get pregnant" at all. The reason for multiple pregnancy is it

A lady came to the clinic this time to solve her ninth unexpected pregnancy. I was shocked. Such a history of artificial abortion is also relatively rare in the clinic.When asked why she didn’t want to have a child in contraception, her answer was whether she was "easy to get pregnant", and she was still pregnant after taking contraceptive measures.

"Easy to pregnancy" is the reason why unexpected pregnancy women often find themselves for pregnancy, but there is no saying in clinical practice, but it is still pregnant like this woman taking contraceptive measures.Whether the contraceptive measures are correct, after all, the chance of pregnancy is only between 0%-10%after the correct use of contraceptive tools.

Therefore, the so -called "easy pregnancy constitution" is often self -consolation after taking effective contraceptive measures. So, which link is wrong to make sperm luck go ashore?

Maybe everyone knows that this is the case, but the understanding of contraceptive tools and contraceptive knowledge is still lacking, so there are often those who have agreed with some of the requirements made by the partner after pregnancy, including "I only stubborn" and "fast shooting" and "fast shooting.Wear dangerous requirements such as "" in vitro "," no problem in safety period "," no problem in safety period "," breastfeeding period will not be pregnant "and other dangerous requirements.

1. Wearing a set of standards, the real -compliance with the requirements is to choose a suitable condom → Check whether the condom is complete → Before starting sex life → wear the whole process → completely remove it in the state of unsatisfactory state.Any step in this process may be conceived.

If the size of the condom is not appropriate, it is easy to fall off during motion, and if the storage capsule on the head of the condom is broken, the sperm will leak out.If wearing a condom halfway, sperm will exist in the prostate fluid that cannot be controlled when men are excited, and it may cause sperm overflow after weakness after weakness.

Therefore, if you want to achieve the effect of contraception, you must wear a sleeve strictly in accordance with the procedure, and the contraceptive rate of the condom can reach 96%correctly.

2. The safety period contraception is extremely unreliable. The so -called safe period refers to women with menstruation. It is the ovulation period on the 14th day after menstruation, while other time periods are the safety period.I won’t get pregnant.

However, we need to know that not all women have regular menstrual cycles, and it is difficult for female friends to accurately infer the scope of the safe period.In addition, the more important point is that ovulation can also be affected by factors such as emotional, environmental, and physical health. It may be ovulation during female excitement. Therefore, the safety period is not safe at all.

3. During the lactation, it is a taboo. Perhaps there is such a mother -in -law beside everyone. The first child is not over one year old, and the second child is pregnant with the second child.What causes?The biggest reason is that the vast majority of people take breastfeeding as a good recipe for contraception.

It has been proven that the ovulation recovery time after childbirth is the earliest of 14 d, and more than 50%of women over 50%of the ovulation after childbirth will be within 60 days after delivery, and ovulation will not occur without menstruation without menstruation.Although breastfeeding can delay ovulation after research, it is absolutely possible, which may be ovulation during breastfeeding.

Therefore, do not take breastfeeding as a natural contraceptive method. Women who breastfeed during breastfeeding are pregnant or surgery to terminate pregnancy, which will cause great harm to women’s bodies.

The opposite of "easy pregnancy constitution" is "infertility". Some women have tried to get pregnant for many years but have no results, or they are prone to abortion after they are pregnant, so the new term "infertility" appears.In fact, pregnancy is a thing that requires multi -organ tacit cooperation and supporting each other. It requires women’s fertility and good health. So, what are the specific manifestations?

1. There is no abnormality in the fallopian tube. The fallopian tube is a bridge where sperm and eggs meet. It can be seen that its important position. In the cause of female infertility, the proportion of tubal abnormalities is about 70%, which is an important factor that causes infertility.The causes of abnormalities mainly include the following two aspects.

Covering, when a woman repeatedly develops pelvic inflammatory diseases, the fallopian tube can occur under inflammatory stimulation, accumulating water, pus, or conservatives of ectopic pregnancy and surgical treatment.

For abnormal development, there can be dehydration of fallopian tubes in the development of female reproductive systems, and there are also excessive fallopian tubes and deformation of fallopian tube.

2. No ovulation disorders, ovulation abnormalities account for 25%of infertility factors. As we all know, the combination of eggs and sperm forms fertilized eggs. This is the origin of life. If there is no egg, there is no way to talk about fertility.

However, some reproductive endocrine diseases and premature ovarian failure related to the ovarian will affect ovulation. For example, polycystic ovarian syndrome, the ovaries are full of mature follicles, and the number is large, that is, it is not available.

3. Nonic organs. Genital malformations mainly refer to the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes. The deformities of the fallopian tube can be seen from above. However, generally speaking, the fallopian tubes rarely occur separately, and the uterus is usually developed with abnormal uterus.

The malformations of the uterus mainly include a single -angle uterus, twin uterus, vertical uterus, saddle uterus, naive uterus, etc. The uterine deformity causes the fertilized eggs to be unable to bed, or the embryo develops to a certain extent.

Similarly, when the uterine development is abnormal, there are often vaginal malformations, such as congenital deformed vagina without vaginal and vaginal atresia. In this case, there is basically no fertility.

4. There are no bad habits. The lady who said at the beginning of the article has a history of artificial abortion, which is also a bad habit, because abortion belongs to artificially forcibly intervene in normal fertility procedures.The phenomenon of premature ovarian failure after an artificial abortion.

In addition, bad living habits such as smoking, passive smoking, alcoholism, and long -term staying up late will cause adverse effects on reproductive endocrine systems. Therefore, please friends to stay away from these minefields.

Women who can complete fertility are healthy, and some women with primary or genetic diseases basically cannot enjoy the fun of being a mother.

1. Important organs, because the function of each organs of the mother’s body after pregnancy will change to respond to the needs of the fetus and the mother.If our hearts, liver, lungs, brain, kidney, etc. have serious basic diseases, once pregnancy, the more the organs will be heavier with the increase of the gestational week, and the possibility of organ failure.

Therefore, if women with basic diseases should go to the hospital before pregnancy, and then get pregnant after the doctor’s evaluation to avoid dying maternal and baby safety due to organ failure.

2. malignant tumors, malignant tumors are chronic consumer diseases. The mother’s itself is in a state of malnutrition and cannot provide energy for new lives. In addition, the mother has a heavy psychological pressure because the tumor will have heavy psychological pressure.Good time.

3. Autoimmune disease, the pathogenesis of such diseases is not clear, and may be related to immunity disorders, which causes their own attacks, and the treatment methods are more limited.The embryo is also a foreign body for the mother. Therefore, pregnancy may increase the symptoms of the original disease, or lead to the recurrence of the disease, which affects the embryo, abortion and premature birth.

4. Abnormal chromosomes. If both the couple have clear chromosomal abnormal diseases, then they need to go to the hospital for prenatal diagnosis department to improve the eugenics and chromosomal examinations to avoid passing the abnormal chromosome to the next generation.

5. Psychological illness, severe psychiatric diseases need long -term medication, and the drugs used can cause fetal malformations or abortion, and this type of psychiatric disease will be inherited to the next generation. Therefore, women with mental illness are not recommended.

Well, pregnancy is a rigorous thing, and there is no saying that "easy pregnancy and infertility constitution". We should take contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy outside the plan. This is the protection of our bodies.For women who are unable to pregnancy, they should also actively find the cause and strive for their right to be a mother.

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