There is a kind of pressure called the mother in the workplace: when you are pregnant, you will dream of being fired when you dream

It is really not easy for the mother -in -law to balance the family and career.Then the most hateful thing is that the mothers have worked hard to have children pregnant, and even tossed by the bear child overnight in the middle of the night.Essence

When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I was fired when I dreamed

Xiao Li worked for 11 years in Beijing’s Internet company designer designers

I will not forgive me in my life, and my former leader did everything to me when I was pregnant.

Because I had friction with the leaders, the leaders had always wanted me to leave, but I couldn’t find a good opportunity to start.Later, when I was pregnant, he took me all kinds of small shoes when my body was inconvenient. I wanted to make me unable to bear my initiative.

During my pregnancy, the leader cut my salary to a basic salary of only 5,000 yuan, and it was only more than 4,000 after it got. This is Beijing. How can I live more than 4,000?What’s even more angry is that overnight, he also kicked me out of the WeChat group of various key projects, letting me only make poster design, and the name was "take care of pregnant women."

Later, I thought that the design of the poster was relatively easy, and the income was a little lower.Then things are not so simple.

One Saturday, Beijing’s haze was particularly serious, and the leaders asked me to go to the company to work overtime.I made 13 versions of that poster, but I just finished it. He said that the demand changed. After I finished, he said that the demand changed again, that is, all kinds of patterns to toss me.

At that time, I expressed the protest to the leader. As a result, he said in front of me, "You can’t reduce the quality of work because you can’t get pregnant."

At that time, I really felt insulted and couldn’t wait to throw him slap.Since I am pregnant, I have never reduced my work requirements, and I have never used this as an excuse to delay work.If you do this, you obviously want to deliberately make me, want me to bear it, and then take the initiative to leave. Wouldn’t it hurt to do your conscience?

Thinking of the baby in my stomach, I kept advising myself not to move with him.And considering the resignation during pregnancy, the economic pressure will be relatively large, and the protection of pregnancy insurance will be lost, so I endure all of this.

But something happened later made me completely desperate.One day, the ground was snowing, the ground was very slippery. I applied for office at home on the day of the application. HR agreed, but the leader agreed to the application of another pregnant colleague at home, but rejected me.In the end, I could only go to the company with a big belly.In front of the company’s building, I accidentally slipped the soles of my feet. Seeing that people were about to fall, the whole person’s head was blank. Fortunately, there was a staircase handrail next to it. At that moment, he grabbed it instinctively.After I was shocked, I cried when I wow, and I really felt too wronged.

The next day, I didn’t hesitate to leave the company’s consequences.

Although there is a guarantee of labor law, the unit cannot easily dismiss female employees during pregnancy, but you really cannot stop some villains from using various small means to force you to go. This is the most terrible.

After returning from maternity leave, my position has been occupied

Xiaomei worked for 8 years to operate a large company

Some friends around me knew that after I was pregnant, I said to me with a slightly congratulations, "Then you can be easier in your work, because the leader will not give you too much alive."

Those who think that "you can be more comfortable when you are pregnant" do not understand the psychology of women in the workplace at all.

Those who want to do things well, even if they are pregnant, will do what to explain to her well, and there willPush for other reasons.

So I did not change much in my work before and after pregnancy. I said responsiblely that I completed my duties very well during pregnancy. I never dragged the progress of the team project. Even if there was a demand on holidays, I couldResponse in time.

I even frustrated because I lost some "overtime" opportunities for pregnancy.When there is a good project in the group, the leader gives priority to other colleagues. Sometimes I feel depressed because of this. Although I also understand: if I am a leader, I will do this.Even let her get up in the middle of the night to respond to work?

I have been resting with the annual leave and maternity leave before, and I took a total of 5 months. During this period, the leaders arranged for my colleagues to make up for my position.After I came back, others have been doing in this post for half a year, and many projects are also in the docking. It is impossible for the leader to "give me" the position directly to me.

At this time, I had to wait, waiting for new tasks to slowly allocate, letting my working hours gradually saturated.

The process of "re -employment" in the company is the most difficult, and there will be a lot of psychological pressure to go to work every day, because I feel that I have no value to the company and has no value for the team. I am worried that one day the company does not need me in the future.I gave me.

So, you still think that "very idle" must be a good thing for pregnant women?

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