There is a kind of envy for pregnancy, only a fat belly baby is 7 months of pregnant belly limbs slender

On December 15th, Angelababy, who was the spokesperson, attended the bell -knocking ceremony of Meitu, which just ended at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, in the GUCCI 2017 early spring set.

The 7 -month -old Baby "Baby Bump" is already obvious, but the limbs are still slender, like girls.

At a glance, get to pregnant belly

Some netizens showed out Huo Jianhua’s Lin Xinru. Oh, these ten fingers are sweet and sweet, and they really sprinkle a good dog food for the single dogs who want to pass the Double Eleven!

And look closely at Mrs. Huo, who is so beautiful, but she is still spicy. Except for the slightly raised belly, other parts of the body seem to have no great changes in the same way, which is enviable!

When I attended the Bazaar Charity Night a while ago, she put on the evening dress, and her figure was so explosive. Can you see that she is a pregnant woman?

Chen Yanxi had a swimming photo during pregnancy. From the photo, the face was still the girl feel ~

Yang Mi also showed her pregnant belly for seven months of pregnancy on Weibo, but she looked like a woman who was 7 months pregnant!

He also came to pull hatred, "For the first time in his lifetime, you have passed 50kg for the first time, and commemorate the hatred by the way.", All in minutes are showing off your good figure.

If you are pregnant with a fat belly, you have to mention her … Yao Chen, can you see that when you saw this photo at the time, did she have the rhythm of "unloading" for a month!

When pregnant with the second child, Sun Yan took a group of blocks for the magazine with a pregnant belly. From the photos, Sun Yan did not have obvious puffiness during pregnancy this time.awesome!

When Qi Wei was pregnant, he put on a small dress without pressure!

The Taiwanese actress Sui Tang has a 7 -month -old baby in his belly. He wore a red tight skirt, showing his thin long legs and arms, and sexy collarbone, feminine and very beautiful.

The beast Zhai Ling was wearing a tight low -cut black skirt. She was obvious and her body was hot. She lifted her long hair and stroked her belly with a smile.

Kun Ling practiced yoga in the early days of pregnancy, her hands were still thin, and her facial edema was not serious. Congenital conditions and hard work of the day after tomorrow made her beautiful.

Actress who is so beautiful, of course Li Jiaxin!

Can you see that this advertisement was taken during pregnancy?

Xiao S showed his different charm in pregnancy, and he still couldn’t abandon his favorite tights.

The supermodel Kandetse Swarnepple is still slender even if she is pregnant, only her belly is bulging, and she is still fashionable, making netizens envy.

Sarah Stage has been reduced to great fitness exercises after pregnancy, so that it did not start to bulge until 8 months of pregnancy, and there are still vest lines!IntersectionIntersection

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