There are vest lines during pregnancy!Long fetus does not have a long meat summary of how to keep the figure during pregnancy, eat …

This is my belly before pregnancy, this is my belly of seven months, eight months, nine months, and ten months.If you want to be a long -term, you can do it like me during pregnancy. It is really more than enough to help you restore the pre -delivery figure.Let me show you the state of my one year after giving birth.In fact, I am still very satisfied with it. I am still very satisfied with it. It is basically no difference from me before pregnancy.

Today, I will start from the two aspects of exercise and diet to talk about sharing a series of dry goods that I have in my body management during pregnancy, so I must listen carefully.

· First of all, you must avoid pregnancy in early pregnancy.Pregnancy is really a thing that hurts the body very much. It will make us feel tired and emotional will not be very good, which will affect our physical and mental health.

So in the early stages of pregnancy, you can insist on drinking a glass of lemonade every day like me.Make less meals and light diet in diet, which is conducive to absorption and digestion.You can also eat some red dates, bird’s nests, and black sesame seeds to supplement your daily nutrition.

But we should avoid eating some irritating foods, such as alcohol and raw meat are prohibited during pregnancy, do not touch it again.After the pregnancy period, high -quality protein should be mainly based on high -quality protein, such as fish, shrimp, and beef are all good choices.

· Then we have to eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables.A certain amount of staple foods are also consumed every day, such as refined pasta and re -processed foods, they should eat less. There is no nutrition and is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

Most of my diets during pregnancy are eaten like this. Daily punch -in, all kinds of meat and vegetable soup are stewed every week. You can refer to it.I put the recipe during pregnancy at the end of the video, remember to save the screenshot.

· Then it is exercise during pregnancy, whether it is during pregnancy or the benefits of usually exercise.Exercise during pregnancy can help us manage weight, and can also help giving birth.

I remember that I took a walk at a fixed time in the morning and evening at the beginning of my pregnancy, and then I insisted on practicing yoga every morning and evening.This is the yoga action I practiced.Still practicing, sisters during pregnancy can do it.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, in order to launch early, they will roll yoga balls and climb stairs every day. There are also actions such as jumping. Running, skipping rope, and basketball are prohibited during pregnancy. Sisters should not try.

The above is some of my thoughts that I maintain my body during pregnancy. In fact, as long as I plan the diet reasonably during pregnancy, care for skin care, and insist on exercise, the results will not be too bad.

As a pregnant mother, I really don’t have to be too anxious. As long as we act, everything is not too late, stick to the card together, be the most beautiful pregnant mother, and worship.

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