There are three kinds of fruits very unfriendly to pregnant women. Pregnant women should touch as little as possible during pregnancy. Eating more is not good for the fetus

Xiaofang has been married to her husband for almost five years, but she has not conceived her child, and the family has a little unhappy because of this.

Who knows that suddenly she was pregnant at the end of last year, which made the family happy, and the father -in -law and mother -in -law were serving it every day.

I heard that when I was pregnant, I was good at eating fruits. My mother -in -law went to the vegetable market early in the morning to search for the fruits and fruits.Who knows that at the latest birth checkup, the doctor said that Xiaofang’s blood sugar was high and need to pay attention.

As soon as her mother -in -law was anxious, how could she still take care of blood sugar so carefully?Later, when I heard the doctor’s explanation, I realized that it was too much fruit.

Especially in the summer, people like to eat watermelon and eat watermelon every day for several months, so they have eaten "gestational diabetes".

There are three kinds of fruits very unfriendly to pregnant women, and pregnant women should touch as little as possible during pregnancy.

We have listened to others since we were young. Eating fruits is good for our bodies.Some fruits are cold, and if pregnant women eat too much, they will harm certain harm to the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, not all fruits are suitable for eating more. Let’s take a look at what fruits are not suitable for pregnant women.

The first fruit: longan and litchi

Many girls in the south prefer to eat longan and lychee in the summer, and longan and lychee are veritable tropical fruits. We also know that the body of girls will be hot after pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers will feel very hot in their bodies during pregnancy. Don’t worry. This is actually a normal reaction caused by the abnormal secretion of some hormones during pregnancy.

In this case, if pregnant women eat too much, this kind of heat will increase and heat, resulting in a bad mood.

Secondly, the sugar contained in this kind of fruits is also amazing. If you eat too much, it is easy to cause "gestational diabetes" and easily cause constipation.

Second fruit: kiwi

Kiwi is sour and sweet, with the name of "King of Fruit", and is rich in nutrition. Many people like to eat it, and kiwi is rich in vitamin C. For beauty lovers, it is rare to be a lot of people.Beauty.

The beautiful mothers who love beauty often choose to eat more kiwi to prevent melasses from getting pregnant after pregnancy.However, although there are so many benefits of kiwi, it is not suitable for everyone.

Kiwi is cold, and people with weak spleen and stomach cannot eat more, and people who often have diarrhea cannot eat more, otherwise they will increase the symptoms of diarrhea to a certain extent.

Moms are not as immune to ordinary people during pregnancy, especially the mother who has flowed, and they must not eat, because diarrhea is likely to cause bad contraction of their uterus, which will cause miscarriage to a certain extent.

Third fruit: plum

In the early and summer solstice of spring, Li Zi slowly walked into everyone’s vision. Many pregnant women liked sour things, and Li Zi just met their needs.Fresh plums are rich in amino acids, which has a great effect on diuretic swelling.

However, many people have forgotten that Li Zi is actually very harmful to pregnant women.The strong acidity of Li Zi can cause gastric acid to increase, which will cause discomfort in the stomach.

Therefore, eating a large amount of plums will increase the burden on the stomach of the pregnant woman, which makes the gastrointestinal function of the pregnant woman abnormal, causing some diseases to eventually hurt the baby in the stomach.

If you really want to eat it, you must choose the cooked plums, or use other acidic foods instead to solve the pregnant woman’s desire for sour taste.

What are the problems need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

Try not to eat anti -season fruits

Fruits in the anti -seasons do not have much harm in itself, and it will not have a particularly great impact on the body.

However, due to the high profits of anti -season fruits, many fruit farmers and dealers will add cooked agents to fruits to ripen fruit.

Or through some less healthy ways, the fruit has a good selling phase, and the addition of these chemicals will not only harm the nutritional value of the fruit itself, but also often eat a great impact on the body.Normal people eat a bad impact on the body, let alone pregnant women.

Secondly, the fruits that are ripened by cooked agents are often just on the surface. In fact, there is no nutritional value that should be possessed.Among the mature fruits, it often contains a relatively high starch content.

However, unfamiliar fruits do not convert starch to the substances needed by the adult body. Therefore, it is often expensive but not beneficial, but it may be harmful to the body.

Therefore, although there may not be so many types of fruits in the season, this will not endanger physical health and better protect yourself and your baby.

Avoid cutting fruits with cutting vegetables

Because the kitchen knife cuts all kinds of things every day and exposes many raw foods, some parasites or parasites are often left on the kitchen knife.

If the fruit is cut with a kitchen knife, not only can it be easily contaminated with other flavors on the fruits, but there will be many hidden health hazards.

Parenting message

The old saying often says: "Things must be reversed."No matter how good it is, once the dosage is left, it is a hooligan.However, we all know that pregnant women do want to eat something during their diet during pregnancy. At this time, family members do not blindly stop them and prevent them from eating. In fact, there are not so taboo things during pregnancy.It will affect fetal health.

In addition, during pregnancy, family members must not only pay attention to the healthy eating habits of pregnant women, but also take care of the psychological conditions of pregnant women. Only in this way can a healthy baby be born.

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