There are so many follicles, why can’t you still be pregnant?Expert given the answer

When you are not pregnant for more than a year, you will go up with the courage to go to the hospital to see what is going on? When you are told by the doctor for too many follicles, you will be very confused: "Why are there so many follicles so many follicles?Why can’t you be pregnant? "So, a doctor’s white eyes passed, and you felt embarrassed.I believe that many versatile patients have had similar experiences.What the hell is going on?

Don’t think that more follicles are good things. For professional perspectives, too much follicles will affect the maturity of the follicles, which will directly affect fertility.Once the follicles in the ovaries are too much, the superior follicles will not develop, so that the eggs will not be blocked inside.Secondly, most of the follicles are suffering from polycystic. Once you have this disease, you will affect your pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that you do six individuals for personal hormones.

First of all, the polycystic ovary will make women’s menstruation disorders, with scarcity of menstruation, and even some polycystic girls have not come to auntie for half a year or a year.It will be greatly damaged, and the eggs cannot be discharged, which will affect pregnancy.This is a great blow to women in childcare.

Secondly, the metabolic disorders caused by polycystic will also make the body gain weight, and even fat liver, which will cause excessiverogens.Image.

In the end, polycystic is a metabolic disease. Generally, there are more prevalence of women with childcare age. The typical manifestation is that there are many hair, acne, and inaccurate. It is a chronic disease.Come to get pregnant.

The polycystic is difficult to cure, so doctors recommend that patients stay away from polycyps through treatment and prevention.The first is the adjustment of emotions. Keeping a good mood can keep the endocrine stable and women can be healthier.Secondly, we must actively exercise, schedule, and balanced diet. These are the best methods for assisting therapy. If you are not pregnant, you must have a child early, so as to avoid unable to give birth after the disease is aggravated.

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