There are pregnant women in the family. Remember to prepare three types of "puzzle" seasonings in the kitchen, which is conducive to the development of the fetal brain

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The growth of the baby is a very wonderful thing. The most wonderful is that the fetus changes from a small embryo to a fetus, and then a newborn of 6 catties 50 cm long.

One of the very obvious features of newborns is that the head is particularly large, because the nerve brain of children during the fetus has the fastest development.

In the critical period of children’s brain’s neurological development, pregnant mothers must prepare sufficient nutrition for their children.

Category 1 nutrition: folic acid

Both in the community or the maternal and child health hospital can receive folic acid for free, because folic acid is a very important nutrition for early pregnancy, and the effect of supplementation through food is not very good.Eat for three months.

With sufficient folic acid in the mother’s body, the child’s brain nerves will develop better.

Category 2 Nutrition: DHA

DHA is also called 22 carbonic acid. It is a essential fatty acid. It mainly exists in retina and brain cells, which is very important to keep people’s memory.

In 2003, there was a study in Norway found that the daily DHA supplementing DHA every day after the 18 weeks of pregnancy from pregnancy was significantly improved, which can significantly improve the level of psychological development at the age of 4 when the child born.

"Chinese Maternal Maternal and Infant Consensus to Supplement DHA": Pregnant mothers supplement 200 mg of DHA every day.

Category 3 Nutrition: iodine

Iodine can maintain the normal structure of the central nervous system.

During the pregnancy and infantile period, the child is deficient in iodine. Children will manifest the symptoms of dysfunction, low intelligence, short body, and exercise dysfunction.

The iodine required by pregnant mothers is 200 micrograms per day, 50 micrograms than non -pregnancy.

Category 4 Nutrition: Iron

Iron participating in the transportation and tissue breathing in the body, iron deficiency can cause insufficient oxygen, and the negative impact of iron deficiency in pregnant mothers on the fetus is also great.

According to the standard of "References for Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents": 25 mg of iron is needed every day in the second trimester, and 35 mg of iron is needed per day in the third trimester.

1 type: vegetable oil containing α -linolenic acid

α linolenic acid is a must -have fatty acid for the human body. The most important thing is that it can be converted into DHA in the body.

Lineseed oil and perilla oil contain high alpha -linolenic acid. These two types of oil are more suitable for cold mixing.

Those who stir -fry can use walnut oil. The content of alpha -linolenic acid of walnut oil is 10%to 14%. The content is not as good as linseed oil and perilla oil, but the taste is lighter.

The price of the above three types of vegetable oils will be slightly higher. If the mother feels too expensive, it is recommended to supplement DHA through food.

Every day on the table, there are tall fish and shrimp containing DHA. The following fish are changed to eat.Based on the DHA contained per 100 grams, each fish DHA content is different.Mom can choose according to her own situation.

Salmon contains DHA650 mg/100 grams, small yellow flower fish contains DHA336 mg/100 grams, with 259 mg of fish, 139 mg of sea bass, 127 mg of rhubarb fish, 115 mg of tuna, 72 mg of cod, 148 mg of cuttlefish, 102 mg of kimi shrimp, 75.9 oyster 75.9 oystersMilligram, 109 mg of Luo Fei fish, 63 mg of fat head fish, 40 mg of loach.

2nd seasoning: iodized salt

The salt on the market is basically iodized salt.Iodine is very important for the fetal brain development, so there are pregnant women at home. The salt in the kitchen must be added with iodized salt, and it is even recommended to use iodine and low sodium salt.

In 2011, the national standard "Edible Salt IVin content" stipulates that the iodine content per kilogram of edible salt products is 20-30 mg.

It is equivalent to consumption of salt per gram of iodine.

Pregnant mothers are recommended to control within 6 grams of salt daily, and buying consumption salt per gram of edible salt contains 30 mg of iodine.You can consume 180 mg of iodine through salt a day.

In some places, there will be a special iodine salt for pregnant women. The iodine content is generally relatively high. It is recommended that mothers can buy it.

In addition to eating iodized salt, you also need to eat more iodine -rich foods. Eating seaweed, laver and other seafood such as kelp and seaweed can also increase iodine intake.

The 3rd seasonal: Add iron soy sauce

Pregnant mothers are not recommended to cook with frying. Instead, it is recommended to steam or boiled. For example, when green vegetables are placed in hot water, then picking it up, put some flaxseed oil or purple oil cold, and then put it a few more then.Dripping soy sauce is very delicious and delicious.Putting some soy sauce of steamed fish can also make the taste better, because when the mother is pregnant, the food taste is good.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers buy with iron soy sauce.

Add iron soy sauce to add Nafeedta (Chinese name is sodium ethyleine tetharotide) according to national standards, which helps to prevent iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy.

In addition to eating and iron soy sauce, iron supplementation should also pay attention to the liver of animals, the blood of animals, and red meat foods.

What kind of nutrients can the fetus absorb during pregnancy, so the mother pays attention to the nutritional balance and pays attention to supplementing the child’s nutrition that is beneficial to the brain development in order to promote the development of the fetal nervous system.Win on the starting line.

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