There are many benefits to soaking feet during pregnancy, but to avoid these ‘thunder areas’, pregnant mothers come over

As the saying goes, "The cold starts from the bottom of the feet, and the disease is born from the heart." After entering the winter, the weather will be cold, and many women will have cold hands and feet, especially some women with poor constitution and thinner.The method of warming the feet commonly used in winter is to use hot water. Soaking feet can promote blood circulation, alleviate the symptoms of feet edema during pregnancy, eliminate fatigue. Many women will have insomnia after pregnancy, and soaking feet during pregnancy can also promote feet to promote feet.Sleep is very helpful for the growth and development of the baby.Although there are many benefits to soaking feet during pregnancy, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the following points when soaking the feet. Next, I will take a look with you.


Many pregnant mothers prefer for a long time when soaking their feet, but soaking feet can speed up the blood circulation of the human body, and the heart rate will also be accelerated. If the pregnant mother has a long time, it will increase the burden on the heart, and it will also be.Let the uterus react, and when soaking the feet, the more blood of the human body will flood to the lower limbs. The time for soaking the feet is too long, which can easily make the pregnant mother’s dizziness. Thereforeminute.


There are many pregnant mothers who like to add some health care Chinese medicine when they are soaking. They are three -point poisonous medicine. Although some Chinese medicines can regulate the physical condition of the pregnant mother, they will enter the baby’s body through the placenta, which will affect the baby’s brainThe development of nerves and organs is not conducive to the baby’s health, so the pregnant mother can soak their feet with warm water at about 35 degrees when soaking their feet.


Many pregnant mothers like to soak their feet while watching TV, but they should not soak their feet within half an hour after meals. After eating, most of the blood in the human body flows to the digestive tract.Soaking your feet will affect the secretion of gastric juice and digestive enzymes, which will cause the mothers to indigenize, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby. Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to soak their feet after one hour after eating.I hope today’s sharing can help you sisters. That’s it for today’s sharing. Remember to like, follow, and share in this article!

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