There are many benefits to eating garlic, but do you know how it was planted?

Garlic is a common condiment. It not only adds a unique flavor to the dishes, but also has many health benefits.The following is the method of planting garlic:

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1. Choose the right time: Garlic is usually grown in autumn or spring.Planting in autumn can make garlic have enough time to grow and develop. In spring, you need to pay attention to the appropriate time after the weather warms.

2. Prepare to plant balls: Select Healthy, Pests and Pests Garlic Poison.Separate the ball and keep the thin skin on the outer layer.

3. Prepare soil: Choose fertile and well -drained soil.Organic substances can be added, such as rotten and composting to improve soil texture and water retention.

4. Digging grooves: Digging grooves in the soil, the distance between each row is about 30-40 cm, and the depth of the groove is about 10-15 cm.

5. Plant garlic: Place the ball of garlic evenly in the groove, so that the base of the ball is facing down and the tip facing up.The spacing between breeding is about 10-15 cm.

6. Cover the soil: Gently cover the garlic ball with the soil to make it contact with the soil.The thickness of the soil is about 2-3 times the diameter of the ball.

7. Watering: After planting, water the soil to wet the soil.But avoid excessive watering to avoid rotting.

8. Conservation and management: During the growth of garlic, pay attention to the following maintenance and management matters:

-Himina in time to keep the surrounding soil neat.

-In keep the soil moist, but avoid the conditions for overly dampness or dryness.

-If need, you can perform an appropriate amount of fertilization, especially when garlic starts to grow and forms garlic cloves.

-In when the garlic grows good, you can trim or go to the top of the flower in time to promote the growth of better garlic cloves.

9. Harvest garlic: Generally speaking, it takes about 6-9 months to harvest after planting garlic.When the leaves of garlic start to get yellow, about more than 2/3 leaves withered, they can be harvested.

By planting and maintenance according to the above steps, you can successfully plant healthy garlic plants and harvest fresh garlic at appropriate time.Remember to pay attention to soil humidity, fertilization and weeding during the planting process to ensure the growth and development of garlic.I wish you a successful planting and enjoy the delicious garlic harvest!

There are many varieties of garlic suitable for planting. The following are some common, relatively well -maintained garlic varieties:

1. Early Purple Wight: This is a kind of precocious garlic variety, suitable for planting under cold climate conditions.It has large garlic cloves and rich flavors.

2. Hami Garlic: This is a variety of garlic varieties from Hami, Xinjiang, China.It has large garlic cloves and strong fragrances, suitable for cooking.

3. Purple Stripe Garlic: This is a type of garlic variety, its garlic outer skin is purple.Purple -skinned garlic usually has large garlic cloves and rich taste.

4. Softneck Garlic: This is a common type of garlic variety, and its garlic has a soft neck.Soft -necked garlic is more adaptable and easy to save, suitable for planting under warm climate conditions.

5. Hardneck Garlic: Compared with soft -necked garlic, the neck of hard neck garlic is harder.Hard -necked garlic usually has large garlic cloves and stronger flavors, suitable for cooking.

These garlic varieties are relatively easy to grow and maintain, suitable for different levels and experiences of planters.No matter which variety is selected, it is important to choose a healthy breeding ball and provide appropriate planting conditions, including appropriate soil, light, and water.Please choose the right garlic variety according to your geographical location and planting conditions to obtain the best planting effect.

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