There are many benefits to drinking milk during pregnancy, but several types of pregnant mothers can never drink it, hurting the fetus and hurting themselves.

Milk is a nutritional food during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers drink several packs of milk every day during pregnancy and hydration.

However, milk is not suitable for everyone’s food. Several types of pregnant mothers drink milk may affect digestion, and even abdominal pain, which not only hurts themselves, but also affects the baby’s development.

If you are drinking, you must not drink it randomly, it is best to consult a doctor, find the best way for you, or use other foods to replace the nutritional value of milk.

Yan Yan has been pregnant for more than 6 months. In order to supplement calcium and protein, Yan Yan has developed the habit of drinking milk every day since the middle of pregnancy. If you do n’t drink a pack of milk before going to bed at night, Yan Yan will feel that life seems to be missing less.What are you click.

It is said that people who are not tolerant of lactose should not drink milk. Drinking milk will have abdominal pain, but Yan Yan does not have this problem. Cold milk and hot milk can drink very much.

A few days ago, Yan Yan always had stomach pain, especially after drinking milk, the feeling of abdominal pain became even more obvious, which made Yan Yan very puzzled: "I have always been good before, why do you drink milk?"

Abdominal pain is really uncomfortable. Yan Yan couldn’t stand such pain, and quickly went to the hospital.After the examination, the doctor said, "Drinking milk will increase the secretion of gastric acid. You are now gastric ulcers, it is best not to drink it first."

"Don’t drink milk without sleeping, when can I drink milk?" Yan Yan asked.The doctor said: "When the ulcer is fine, the stomach does not hurt, you can drink milk as usual."

The best source of nutrition during pregnancy is not meat nor soup, but milk and milk. The nutritional value of milk is very high, mainly including the following.

1) High calcium content

The "Dietary Guidelines for Residents" recommends that expectant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy consume 1000mg of calcium per day, and recommend drinking 400 ~ 550ml milk.

The calcium content of whole -fat milk is as high as 104mg/100g, which is the best calcium supplement food. If the pregnant mother is worried about gaining weight during pregnancy, you can also choose low -fat milk, but the corresponding calcium will be slightly lower.

2) High -quality protein

The protein content of whole milk is as high as 3.1g/100g. The State Administration of Food Quality Supervision of my country stipulates that the protein content of milk and yogurt must not be less than 3.0g/100g, so milk is also a high -quality protein source.

Drinking more milk in the middle and late pregnancy is very useful for the fetal bones and body development.

3) Moisturizing

More than 90%of the ingredients of milk are water, so drinking milk has a hydration effect.It is necessary to consume 1700 ~ 2100ml of water every day during pregnancy, so drink two packs of milk a day, and this standard is very easy to achieve.

Although milk is so good, it is not suitable for everyone. Three types of pregnant mothers may have discomfort after drinking milk, and you need to pay attention.

▼ Pregnant mother of gastric ulcer

It is generally believed that milk can neutralize gastric acid, which seems to be a crowd suitable for gastric ulcers, but in fact, the stomach and intestines need to secrete more gastric acid in order to digest the protein and calcium in the milk and increase stomach pain.

It is recommended that these pregnant mothers try not to drink milk as much as possible. It is recommended to consult a doctor or wait for gastrointestinal problems. It is not too late to drink milk.

▼ Pregnant mother with gastric acid reflux

The fat in milk may cause the sphincter of the lower esophagus to relax, which will increase the problem of gastric acid reflux and make the pregnant mother feel more uncomfortable.

It is recommended that these pregnant mothers not drink milk for the time being, or choose low -fat and skimmed milk first to reduce the intake of fat in milk.

▼ lactose intolerance

This kind of pregnant mothers lack or have no lactase in their body. It is difficult to digest after drinking milk, and it is easy to diarrhea. It can be said that every time she drinks milk, it is very guilty.

Pregnant mothers who lack lactase are recommended to choose low lactose milk, or drinking milk after heating. Pregnant mothers without lactase can choose milk -free milk.

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Milk is nutritious and healthy, but it is not suitable for everyone.

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