There are many benefits of grapefruit, high potassium, low sodium, low sugar, but don’t eat it like this, hurt the liver, hurt the kidneys

"A pomelo in late autumn, a long life of the fire", golden autumn in October, it is the good time to eat grapefruit. The price is cheap and sufficient in water ~ However, what benefits can eating grapefruit bring?Let’s take a look at Coco ~

First, it is said that grapefruit is good. Where is it?

Grapefruit belongs to citrus fruits. Modern nutrition studies have found that there are many substances that are beneficial to human health.

1. High potassium and low sodium, auxiliary control, fat control

Grapefruit is rich in trace element potassium. It has 119 mg per 100 grams of potassium, but it is almost free of sodium, which is very suitable for people with high blood pressure.In addition, the pectin rich in grapefruit is also good for reducing bad cholesterol.

The American "Journal of Agriculture and Food Glanis" released a study stating that eating a grapefruit every day can reduce the bad cholesterol content in the human body by 15.5%and the triglyceride content by 27%.The dark red grapefruit is better for heart health, because the antioxidant content it contains is higher.

2. Low sugar, suitable for sugar friends

Grapefruit is a food with a low sugar index. The GI index is 25, which is lower than apples and peaches. It is a fruit that people can eat for people with diabetes.

In addition, the grapefruit skin is contained in grapefruit.Israeli scientists have found the same effect as the current two types of diabetic drugs that treat type 2 diabetes, which can improve the human body’s sensitivity to insulin and may help improve diabetes.

3. Realty phlegm, help digestion

Grapefruit can be used to treat qi and phlegm, moisturize the lungs and clear the intestines, nourish blood and strengthen the spleen. For less food, mild oral, indigestion, etc., it will help digestion, relieve phlegm, cough, and disperse qi.

4. Helps lose weight and beauty

Grapefruit has low calories, high water, and a certain sense of satiety, especially in the dry season in autumn, it is very suitable for friends who want to lose weight, hydration, and moisturizing.

The vitamin C content in grapefruit is very high, with about 61 mg per 100 grams, which is more than three times that of lemon.Grapefruit also contains a large amount of vitamin P, which can prevent vitamin C from being damaged by oxidation and enhance vitamin effect.These two nutrients are coordinated to help suppress melanin production and reduce wrinkles.

2. Unlock the wonderful use of grapefruit skin

Many people eat grapefruit to eat grapefruit meat, and grapefruit skin is thrown away.

"Following the Equipment" records: grapefruit skin, bitter and sweet, digestion, phlegm, dismissal, Chen Jiu is good.

Grapefruit skin can be made not only food, but also made into tea.

1. Grapefruit control sugar tea


① Cut the grapefruit skin and cut the filament, and put the grapefruit meat into the pot, and roast it for 2 minutes.

② Put water and tea and cook for 3 minutes.

2, peel buckle meat

After the grapefruit white ravioli is treated with the meat, it is steamed with the meat, soft and delicious, and more fragrant than the meat.


① The pork belly is cut into thick slices with width fingers, and the hot oil in the pan is hot, and the pork belly is fried.

② Put the onion ginger in the pot, add the fried meat slices, add cooking wine and bean curd to the color, add old soy sauce, sugar, and appropriate water, cover for 5 minutes.

③ The grapefruit skin is scraped off the surface hard skin. White crickets are cooked in advance for 10 minutes. After removing, put cold water for 30 minutes.

④ The pork belly and the grapefruit cortex of the grapefruit with squeezed water are uniform. Steam for 20 minutes on the pan, pour excess marinated juice out of the pan, and buckle it in the dish.

3. Grapefruit Salt -Jianpi Stomach

We can also make grapefruit outer skin into seasoning grapefruit salt, and it can not only increase the flavor to the food, but also help the spleen and stomach, and moisturize the lungs and relieve cough.

Method: The grapefruit is dry and baked until there is no water. After the wall breaking machine is broken, mixed with salt is grapefruit salt.

Third, grapefruit and it eats, it may hurt liver and kidney

Although grapefruit is good, some patients with chronic diseases who take medicine are best to eat grapefruit with caution.

This is because grapefruit has inhibitory effects on many antihypertensive drugs.Because drug metabolism needs to use a kind of enzyme of the liver, grapefruit (including grapefruit juice) just inhibits the metabolism of this enzyme.

Not only are you taking antihypertensive drugs, but also people who take hypoglycemic drugs, lipid -reducing drugs, painkillers, sedatives, and anti -allergic drugs, but also pay attention.

If you take these drugs while taking grapefruit, the drugs cannot be metabolized and accumulated a lot in the body, which not only affects treatment, but also increases the side effects of the liver. It may cause great damage to the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular organs.

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