The young mother -in -law took care of her daughter -in -law to confine, but unexpectedly found that she was pregnant. Netizens: The embarrassment of uppercase

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"Second child" is an old -fashioned topic. When it comes to the second child, most young people are avoided. There is no plan to have a second child at all. Instead, some young families have the idea of having a second child.

Although the income of middle -aged and middle -aged families has a certain savings, it is also necessary to have a second child, and there will be many family problems. There are more places that make people criticize, and they must be cautious.

We have encountered the young mother -in -law’s lives, but have you seen the situation of your daughter -in -law just give birth to a child?There is such an example in Anhui.

The daughter -in -law had just given birth to a child, and the young mother -in -law used to help confinement. When taking care of her child, the mother -in -law felt that her body was wrong. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that she was unexpectedly pregnant.

On the one hand, it is the daughter -in -law who has just given birth to a child, but on the other hand, it is a checklist of her pregnancy. This mother -in -law is also a variety of tastes in her heart. It is embarrassing at the same time that it is too clever.Essence

Some netizens joked: "I have to say that the children are too powerful." It is really embarrassing. Do you want this child?If you choose to be born, the family relationship will be complicated in the future, and his children are smaller than the daughter -in -law, but they are so much higher in seniors. How can the two children’s relationship be calculated in the future.

After all, they are older. Although they don’t seem to be old now, after the child is born, the child is not as adults, and he is more than 50 and sixty years old. In the face of the child’s future growth, the old couple is also unsatisfactory.

You can’t put pressure on the eldest son. After all, the eldest son also has his own children to take care of, and it also brings more burdens to the eldest son. At that time

But if you choose to get rid of it, this is a child after all, and this child can still have this child, it is not easy, the young mother -in -law hesitated.

Some netizens think that if the family conditions are possible, then it is born. Since it comes, it is fate. Now that the age is not very big, make more money in the future.Furthermore, this society is very tolerant, and it is not a rare thing to be a second child.

However, some netizens suggested that "don’t be angry", they have been a grandma, and they have to have a second child and do not know how to be arranged by neighborhood neighbors. By then, the child will be under great pressure.

In addition, how much children will grow, school, and family pressure in the future. Parents can accompany their children for a few years of life. They must also consider the opinions of their son -in -law and daughter -in -law. After all, they really have to give birth.Essence

Generally speaking, the two voices of netizens have their own truths. Whether or not to give birth or not to discuss the family seriously. The opinions of outsiders never represent their voice.

First, have you prepared psychological preparation

Although this social tolerance is getting stronger and stronger, but after being a grandma, she is pregnant. This situation is relatively rare. It is inevitable that they will be criticized, such as relatives and friends, colleagues neighbors, will inevitably gossip.

Furthermore, is the old couple prepared for themselves?At this age, at this time, is it suitable for this child?If you have the confidence to accompany your child’s future growth, these issues must first consider it.

Second, consider the opinions of my son and daughter -in -law

Although having children is their own business, there are two babies at this stage, and there are more things that are involved. What are the thoughts of the two children and do they have any concerns? After all, both women at home have children. Who will take care of whom?Will there be a situation that can’t be busy and see if his son and daughter -in -law agree to have a second child.

In the long run, in the future, the child’s son and daughter -in -law will inevitably have a force. In the future, the pressure of life will only become larger and bigger. Will it bring too much burden on the son -in -law and daughter -in -law. This problem is also worth pondering.

Third, do you have enough financial ability

The cost of raising a child is very high now. In the future, children are born to eat and drink Lazar. They all cost money. The old couple still has the ability to make money, but is the deposit enough?Can it support the growth of children? Therefore, income and economic capabilities are also related to whether this child is suitable.

Fourth, whether your body supports to give birth to this child

The age of being a grandmother is not like a young man. After giving birth to a child, you can recover quickly after a confinement. The physical function is declining when you are older.After the child is born, the body recovers is slower. If the body is not good, don’t give birth.

The above problems, consider it clearly, then decide whether to have children, after all, it is not possible to decide after a while.

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