The young mother -in -law took care of her daughter -in -law to confine, but found that she was pregnant. Netizens: The father -in -law is great

As the saying goes, multi -child and blessed are blessed. Under the premise of financial ability, raise more children, be prosperous, and have more expectations at home.

However, have you ever seen a daughter -in -law who had just given birth to a child?This situation is still very rare in the real society. After all, the son is so big. Generally, there will be no idea of giving birth to a younger brother and sister for his son.

However, in Fuyang, Anhui, such a thing really happened. At that time, the daughter -in -law had just given birth to a child and was still in confinement. The young mother -in -law came to take care of it.

When taking care of her children, her mother -in -law felt unwell, so she went to the hospital to check her body. As a result, she shocked her. She was unexpectedly pregnant!

Looking at the little granddaughter in her arms and the B -ultrasound in their hands, the mother -in -law was mixed. This time card was too clever, and even netizens who watched the lively "good father -in -law".

If this child is born, the future family relationship seems to be more complicated, and his granddaughter is larger than his own child. This upside -down generation relationship will have an adverse effect on the child. MoreoverAdults are also a matter of 20 or thirty years. How much can they help children?Will it cause trouble for his son and daughter -in -law?These are all factors to consider.

But if you do n’t want this child, it is his own child and a life after all. Therefore, this young mother -in -law is embarrassed.

In this regard, netizens have supported them, and some agree with their mother -in -law to give birth to their children, while others oppose it.

For example, some netizens said that "if there are conditions, you can give birth, try not to let your child become the burden on his son", "stay, come, come here is fate", "economic permission, there is nothing to give birth."" ".

These netizens support mother -in -law to have children. After all, in modern society, people’s concepts are relatively open, and they are more tolerant of some rare things. Just try not to make children a burden on their son, because that’s that, it will damage the family to the family.harmonious.

Other netizens are opposed. They said that "since being a grandmother, think about it for their son -in -law", "in our village, they will be laughed."

The words of these netizens are not unreasonable, but is it so feudal in the village of this netizen?Daughter -in -law and mother -in -law have children before and after. As for being looked down on?

Dabao’s point of view: The opinion of netizens is lively. After all, it is the view of outsiders. It is you who really understand this family. Therefore, whether to keep this child, you must also get your mind.

If you want to give birth to this child, in fact, it mainly depends on whether your economic conditions permit and whether you have enough time to bring your child with your own and his family.Don’t care too much about the thoughts of others. In just decades, everyone should live for themselves without violating the basic category of law and morality.

Finally, I wish this family and the United States and the beauty, family and everything!

What do you think of this?Welcome to comment!

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