The wonderful feeling of just getting pregnant is said to have more than five or more.

Many sisters who want to have a baby are very anxious during pregnancy. The editor is a person who comes over and fully understands.Often AA wants to know if she is pregnant for a week or two or even a few days. That anxious, I watch all the early pregnancy reactions on the Internet, and then compare it with the symptoms on her body.It is a history of blood and tears. I have never experienced pregnancy. How can I know the pain of being a mother?

In order to facilitate the control of your sisters, Xiaobian sorted all the early pregnancy reactions and various wonderful feelings that could be found for reference for the sisters. It is said that there are more than five symptoms, which is the recruitment!

1. Change appetite

Don’t want to eat or even vomit, some people want to eat some sour things, and even some weird food.

2. It’s easy to be hungry

It didn’t take long after eating, I felt empty and I wanted to eat. Some mothers had a good appetite and were particularly able to eat.

3. Breast change

The breasts become solid and heavy, and sometimes there is a full or tingling feeling. The nipples become sensitive. The small particles on the areola around the nipples are particularly prominent, and the areola is black.

4. Frequent urination, I always want to go to the toilet

After pregnancy, expectant mothers can not help but consciously want to go to the toilet, and unsightly expectant mothers often ignore this feature.

5. Increase vaginal secretions

In the early stages of pregnancy, leucorrhea will increase, and transparent water is occasionally pale yellow. It is normal for a small amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.

6. Easy fatigue

The numbness just pregnant is easy to feel fatigue, no strength, and want to sleep.

7. Afraid of cold

When people wear short sleeves, you want to wear long -sleeved.This is because pregnant women’s immunity and resistance will decrease after pregnancy, so they will be more afraid of cold than usual.

8. Facial skin pigment precipitation

After pregnancy, due to the effect of hormones, pregnant moms often have stains, and sensitive pregnant women will appear earlier.

9. The complexion suddenly deteriorates or improves

After some mothers have just become pregnant, their complexions will suddenly deteriorate and look ugly, such as thicker pores, dull complexion, etc.; But some mummy will suddenly become better, and the appearance will become more eye -catching.This is what they say, the male treasure, the pregnant mother will become ugly, the female treasure, the pregnant mother will become beautiful.

10. Symptoms similar to a cold

Some expectant mothers will have symptoms of similar resistance, general burnout, joint pain, or runny nose, nasal congestion, and some people even have a fever.

11. lower abdomen discomfort

Sometimes the pregnant mother will have soreness and discomfort in the lower abdomen, not particularly obvious. Sometimes there will be slight lower abdomen pain and pain. This is the fertilized eggs in the uterus.

12. Backache

Due to the increase in estrogen secretion, the ligament begins to relax, and the phenomenon of backache or lumbar discomfort is common.

13. Constipation or diarrhea

Specific mothers may have constipation or diarrhea, and the changes in everyone’s poop habits are not the same.

14. Abdominal swelling

As soon as some expectant mothers are pregnant for a week or two, they will find that they become fat. This is the accumulation of fat, which is specially used to provide fetal nutrition.

15. Basic body temperature rises

It is easy to be emotional and irritable, and the emotions of pregnant mothers may be easily excited, and often unhappy for a little things.

16. Do not come to the menstrual period

But there are exceptions. Although some quasi moms are pregnant, they still have menstruation once or twice when they are menstruation.

Sisters, how many of them are you all?

In fact, early pregnancy reactions are different. Some pregnant mothers have no early pregnancy response, and some pregnant mothers only have a early pregnancy reaction. Some pregnant mothers even find that they are pregnant in three months.Some unlucky sisters have many symptoms, but later the aunt came, it was not surprising!This is caused by thinking about the baby, and the baby wants to crazy, but there is an early pregnancy reaction without pregnancy.Sisters, don’t worry too much, come or not, all fate!

If you feel that you are pregnant, but you have not been tested yet, it is recommended that sisters still treat their bodies when they are pregnant. After all, the baby can’t afford to hurt. So what are the precautions?

1. Labor.It is not suitable to lift heavy objects. If it is too heavy, there will be risk of abortion

2. Exercise.Slight gymnastics or walks, improve health but should not be violent, avoid bumps.

3. Sleep.Be adequate.It is guaranteed for 9-10 hours a day. Life is regular. Do not be too comfortable. Proper exercise can prevent difficulty.

4. Clothing.It is wide and cold.Belt and trousers should not be too tight, and the abdomen and breasts should not be tight, so as not to cause the circulation of qi and blood.The heel should not be too high.

5. Diet.Should not be hungry and full.Eat less dry, fry, greasy and irritating food.It should be nutritious and easy to digest.Guarantee nutrition.

6. Clean.Wash and change the underwear.

7. Breast.Pay attention to cleaning the breasts, and the internal trap should be pulled outward.

8. Sexual life.In the first three months and at the end of pregnancy, sexual life is prohibited to avoid infection.

9. Pool.Due to the impact of hormones, pregnant mothers are easy to defecate.Develop the habit of regular defecation, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits.

10. Fast.Avoid eating some foods that are likely to cause abortion: turtles, crab meat, black fungus, barley, almonds, purslane, etc.

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