The women’s high -speed rail station suddenly fainted at 4 months of pregnancy!Fortunately, these Foshan people shot urgently …

Source: Pearl River Times

At around 1 pm on March 1st, an emergency broadcast came from the waiting hall of Guangzhou South Railway Station.

"Dear passengers, hello everyone! There are passengers at the intersection of Guangzhou South Station A16. If a passenger is a medical staff, please rush to the A16 station to treat it. Thank you for your support!"

At this time, Zhang Jing, a nurse in Guicheng Social Health Center, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Yang Kangyi, an emergency department of the First People’s Hospital of Foshan City, and Liao Shaening, a nursing of general medicine, passed the Guangzhou South Railway Station to visit relatives and friends.

Due to the noisy environment, they did not hear too clearly when the first broadcast rang.After the ears were erected again for the second time, the three looked at each other, and rushed to the A16 station to check the situation with their luggage.

"All three of us are medical staff." After showing their identity, they began to ask the specific situation.It turned out that the onset passenger was a pregnant woman who had been pregnant for 4 months and had never eaten something on the same day.When her husband just ran to other floors to buy food, she suddenly fainted on the ground without any physical strength.

After understanding the situation, the three immediately took a diagnosis of her.Yang Kangyi, an emergency doctor, provided guidance on the side, and Zhang Jing and Liao Shaoning were checked in physical condition.Facial whiteness, short coma, no eating … Combined with her symptoms, medical staff performed life signs such as carotid artery, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and other life signs. After several repeated examinations, the result was low blood sugar fainting.

Subsequently, the medical staff instructed the flight attendant to drink sugar water, and helped the pregnant woman to the wheelchair to send it to the lounge to rest.At this time, only 40 minutes left from Zhang Jing’s three -person car.

"I didn’t think too much at that time. I misunderstood the car if I misunderstood it. It must be to save people." Because I couldn’t rest assured that I couldn’t take the disease, Zhang Jing talked to the pregnant woman to observe for a while, and then made other plans according to the patient’s situation.

In the rest room, the three of them guided the pregnant woman while instructing her husband to pay attention to the diet of his wife during pregnancy.About half an hour later, the passenger’s complexion gradually rosy, and Zhang Jing re -measured her blood pressure again. At this time, the vital signs were stable, and all three of them also relieved.

Before leaving, Zhang Jing repeatedly told her husband: "Take good care of her, wait for her to feel completely comfortable and then go to the car. Usually three meals should eat regularly, and she should pay special attention to her physical condition during pregnancy."

When they came out of the lounge, the three just happened to catch up with the tickets that were about to take the ticket, and they sat on the high -speed rail smoothly."It can help others very happy, and the whole person is warm." They said that saving the mission of rescue the wounded, treating the disease and saving the disease is the mission of medical staff. In the future, they will not hesitate to reach out.

"Thank you very much for your help! I’m really lucky to meet three experienced medical staff …" When the three of them left, the pregnant woman’s husband kept expressing his gratitude to them.


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