The woman’s abdomen rises high in June, but there is a large football cyst hidden in the body.

Obviously there was no pregnancy, but his stomach was as high as he had 6 months old.After Ms. Li went to the hospital for examination, she was surprised to find a huge cyst hidden in the pelvic cavity, which has affected many important organs adjacent."I always thought it was a middle -aged blessing, and the more loose clothes were buying, it looked like a pregnant woman." On the morning of July 13th, when I mentioned this year’s encounter, Li who had just finished the cyst removal surgery at the Puren Hospital in Wuhan City.The lady said embarrassingly that she was too careless.

The right ovarian cyst under the magnetic resonance.

Ms. Li, 47, was busy working on weekdays. Since a year ago, she found that she seemed to get fat and began to bulge slightly.Over time, her belly became bigger and bigger. When she thought it was a middle -aged blessing, she didn’t care too much.Half a year ago, the unit organized a physical examination. Ms. Li was told that there was a shadow on the right of the right, because except for not beautiful, she did not have much impact on her normal life, so she did not go to a doctor.

Until recently, Ms. Li felt that her lower abdomen was always faintly uncomfortable, and she began to frequently appear symptoms such as back pain and backache, poor urine, and so on.During the examination, the doctor was surprised to find that there was a huge mass in Ms. Li’s pelvic cavity. If it continued to get bigger, it would likely cause more serious consequences.

Considering that Ms. Li suffers from moderate anemia, the scope of surgery is relatively large. After fully communicating, she was treated with blood transfusion in advance.On the morning of July 11, Ms. Li was promoted to the operating room.During the operation, the doctor saw that the left front wall of her uterus had a 1 yuan RMB fibroids, but the right ovarian cysts had football size, and there was an egg -sized cyst on the left ovary.The doctor took 75 minutes to remove the cysts one by one, and the bleeding during the operation was less than 50 ml.

The gynecological team’s inspection room closely focused on Ms. Li’s condition.

According to Chen Sailan, a surgeon leader and a gynecologist at the Shipiren Hospital of the Shi Pennan Hospital, the cyst fluid in Ms. Li’s cysts is 2900 ml, and the bags weigh nearly 7 pounds.If it is not treated again, the cyst will not only continue to become larger and further compress other organs, but also compress the chest cavity and cause breathing difficulties."Her anemia is caused by increased menstruation caused by uterine fibroids, and anemia will be greatly improved after resection."

On the second day of the operation, Ms. Li was able to walk on the ground."Oh, I can finally see my stomach when I bow my head, not far from the vest line!" Ms. Li was happy to look at her recovery flat belly.

Zhang Dandan, director of the Gynecology Department of Pinren Hospital, reminded that the pelvic block is mainly caused by structural lesions such as uterine fibroids, uterine adenocular disease, fallopian tube or ovarian cyst, appendix, appendix, appendix, appendix, or appendix.Diseases, tumors of the abdomen, lattice, bladder!There are many types of pelvic blocks. The formation of the cause is related to its source site. For example, if there is a pelvic block in the medical examination, it is recommended to go to the specialist to seek medical treatment immediately. Clarify the mass of the block and actively treat it if necessary.

【Source: Changjiang Daily】

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