The woman’s "pregnancy" was not produced in December, and she was abandoned by her husband 60 kilograms!Doctor: Can still save

"My stomach at that time was greater than that of other people’s conception in October, and it was full of 120 pounds. At that time, it was not just physical torture, but my heart was more painful."

On December 23, 2009, in Guangzhou Fu Da Hospital, Peng Ximei, who was pregnant for 12 months, still had no signs of birth, but her belly became bigger and bigger …

Peng Ximei married the young man in the neighboring village. At first, the sweet life was quickly broken by ruthless reality.Peng Ximei was still infertility a year after marriage, making her the focus of discussion among the villagers.

At that time, the thoughts of rural people were relatively backward. It was a top priority of Chuizong. Whose little couple, who did not report the good news of pregnancy for a few months, began to speak up in the village.Even her mother -in -law scolded her as "the hen who didn’t put on the egg".Under such pressure, the relationship between Peng Ximei and her husband is becoming tense.

Seeing that Peng Ximei’s stomach had not had any movement, her mother -in -law decided to intervene, including visiting Zizi Guanyin, and found various attempts such as remedies and soup medicine.

Until one day in 2007, the miracle seemed to have happened, and Peng Ximei’s belly became increasing, but except for the occasional pain in her stomach, there was no adverse reaction during pregnancy.In a few months, Peng Ximei’s belly was already larger than the belly of her in October in October, and her body became weaker and weaker.

Peng Ximei’s situation made her husband and mother -in -law misunderstood her twins.Twelve months have passed, but even if her stomach exceeds the size of normal pregnancy, Peng Ximei has not yet produced, and the villagers began to talk about her might.Faced with various gossip, her mother -in -law finally decided to let Peng Ximei go to the hospital for examination.

At the hospital, the situation of Peng Ximei shocked all medical staff.They said that in their medical career, such a huge pregnant belly has never been seen, as if it may break at any moment.

The doctor immediately checked Peng Ximei, but found that she couldn’t even see the organs in her stomach.In the face of this situation, the doctor immediately suggested that CT examination.It was found that the things in Peng Ximei’s belly were not children, but an ovarian tumor.

After careful diagnosis, the doctor told Peng Ximei and her husband that this was a kind of cancer and had to perform surgery.However, the cost of surgery is expensive and may recur. They estimate that Peng Ximei can only live for another two or three years.Under the doctor’s explanation, Peng Ximei was facing tremendous pressure and pain.

After returning home, Peng Ximei’s husband suddenly began to blame her, letting her leave, or accepting him to bring other women home.The blow of the disease did not defeat Peng Ximei, but her husband’s ruthlessness really made Peng Ximei feel desperate, and Peng Ximei chose to leave.Before leaving, her husband asked her to write down the verdict to ensure that he would not find him trouble.

Peng Ximei didn’t know where she should go, she didn’t want to drag my mother’s house, and she didn’t have a drop. She wandered for two years.Her belly is also getting bigger, she can only move, her breathing becomes difficult, and she suddenly feels that she can do it.She thought of a good place, that was the hospital.

Xu Kecheng, the dean of Guangzhou Fushang University, happened to be a business trip. He unexpectedly saw Peng Ximei, who was abnormally enlightened in the hospital.As a doctor, he keenly felt Peng Ximei’s life was dying.

Xu Kecheng stepped forward and asked Peng Ximei’s condition.Peng Ximei’s sue made Dean Xu Kecheng more sure that she was hovering on the edge of death.He did not hesitate to invite her to resume the hospital for treatment, but Peng Ximei refused because of poverty.

Dean Xu Kecheng could not accept the young women who died like this. He promised Peng Ximei: "You can rest assured, I will help you for free treatment."

Dean Xu Kecheng urgently arranged an ambulance for Peng Ximei and sent her to Guangzhou for treatment.Peng Ximei’s condition was very serious. Her weight reached an amazing 220 catties, and her belly was 120 pounds.Her thin body has reached the limit, and her heart is almost unable to bear such a load.

In order to treat Peng Ximei, Dean Xu Kecheng set up a special treatment team. After a series of examinations, everyone found that in addition to the ovarian tumor, Peng Ximei’s ascites have also accumulated to a dangerous level, which has also become a difficulty for treatment.Doctors must exclude these ascites as soon as possible before surgery.

Under the leadership of Dean Xu Kecheng, the treatment team invested intense treatment.First of all, they used special equipment to carefully remove the ascites in Peng Ximei’s body.After a few days of hard work, Peng Ximei’s breathing condition has finally improved significantly. However, the real challenge is still ahead.

Oncology surgery is a test of technology and patience. Doctors must not only pay attention to the risk of surgery, but also ensure the effect of surgery.Dean Xu Kecheng came forward and performed in person. After a long ten hours, he finally successfully removed the tumor in Peng Ximei’s body.

Getting rid of the swollen abdomen, Peng Ximei no longer needs to worry about the threat of death at any time.In the recovery period after surgery, she adhered to recovery training daily with her determination and vitality, and her physical condition became better.Three months later, the examination brought good news to her -there was no sign of cancer cells in her body.

When he was discharged, Dean Xu Kecheng provided the cost of living for Peng Ximei generously.This move not only reflects his kind of benevolence, but also gives Peng Ximei’s great spiritual support.How will she respond to this care and what impact would she have on her future life?

Peng Ximei chose to stay in Guangzhou as a volunteer in the hospital, helping other cancer patients without compensation.She also joined the volunteer organization and tried to pass the help he got to more people in need.At this point, she faced a new problem.Recalling her husband’s indifference and her mother -in -law’s abuse, Peng Ximei decided to protect her rights and interests in accordance with the law.

During the trial of the case, the court carefully studied the situation of Peng Ximei and the litigation request made, and conducted a serious investigation of Peng Ximei’s husband.After many trials, the court finally made a fair ruling: the marriage relationship between Peng Ximei and her husband was terminated, and her husband was judged to compensate Peng Ximei for various losses.

Peng Ximei’s story tells us that everyone should be respected and treated, treats physical diseases correctly, seek medical treatment in time, cannot be superstitious and superstitious activities, and we cannot ignore their lives.When we are injustice or injured, we should bravely stand up to protect our rights, and the law will give us fairness and protection.

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