The woman washing the quilt for 8 months to get a child’s premature birth. Now she needs to make up for it throughout her life.

"Mom, you are working hard …" Under the guidance of a doctor, the son clearly said such a complete sentence, even though he was a little struggling.I couldn’t even believe my ears, and my tears blurred my sight at once.It has been 6 years. Since my son is sick, I have been immersed in remorse and I can’t extricate myself. If I was careful of some sons, I would not have such a disease, and I would not be able to speak normally.Now that my son can finally say a word, I finally see hope.The picture shows her mother looked at Xiaotong loved.

My name is Tang Fangding, 28 years old, from the countryside of Dongchuan, Kunming, Yunnan.In July 2015, when I was pregnant for more than 8 months. When I washed the quilt one day, I was panting because I was very heavy.I realized danger.The picture shows Tang Fangding.

But everything was too late. Although I was sent to the hospital in time, my son Xiaotong was born prematurely.When his son was born, he only had two pounds, and he would not cry. He was edema and was sent directly to rescue.I panicked, blame myself at all times, and even wake up even when I sleep.I really dare not think how to live if my son is gone.Fortunately, after the rescue of his son, he still kept his life and was discharged smoothly.The picture shows Xiaotong.

But I didn’t expect that the real suffering has not yet begun.In the following days, Xiao Tong had been weak and sick, and he couldn’t even sit at the age of 1.I was uneasy in my heart, and took my son to Kunming Children’s Hospital for examination. Xiao Tong was found to have cerebral palsy.

Before my son was born, I often imagined that my son shouted "Dad, Mom".But now the doctor told me that my son may never speak normally, walk, and even life cannot take care of himself for a lifetime.I cried with my son at the time, and I took care of my son without complaints for a lifetime, but I was unwilling to be so alive in my son.I made up my mind, and my son had to be cured even if the cost was paid.The picture shows her mother helped Xiaotong Training Station.

However, because the hospital bed is tight, it takes half a year to wait for his son to treat the bed.During that day, I was as serious as my son delaying a day. In just two months, my son’s condition developed to the shrinking of the hand.I was more and more anxious, so I took my son to another hospital for treatment.

In the hospital, my son needs to do a lot of rehabilitation projects such as acupuncture, limb training, and speech training every day. "It hurts to be in my childhood, and it is in my mother’s heart." At that time, I really felt the meaning of this sentence.When the slender silver needle stabs into the son’s tender skin, the son’s cry can hear both floors, and I hold back my heartache and hold my son to comfort.But tears can’t lie to people. I cry with my son how long I treat my son. Until now, my tears have been crying.The picture shows her mother taught Xiaotong to recognize words.

Over the years, my son and I have regarded the hospital as home.I don’t let go of any chance to improve in any second. Even if the treatment is over, I also have to press my son and help him walk around.The child’s father is our strongest backing. In order to maintain the cost of the son’s treatment, he sometimes goes home in the middle of the night.He always said, "If you are tired, look at your son’s photos. When you think of my son, I am still waiting for me, and I am full of energy." The picture shows my mother taking care of Xiaotong.

In the past 7 years, we have heard too much sound."Don’t waste money anymore, this kind of disease is no bottom …" I listened to it very much.Fortunately, I have never thought about giving up, and Xiao Tong’s condition has improved greatly. Slowly, he could raise his head and then sit up again.In the past two years, he started to exercise. At first, his son fell and hurt his legs. I didn’t dare to stop. I could only wipe out tears quietly.My son was afraid that when I cried, he clenched his little fist to hold back and didn’t cry, and I felt even more uncomfortable.The picture shows the mother and child in the hospital.

I told my son that it doesn’t matter if we keep it, as long as we persist, we will be able to do it.Today, my son really improves every day and can say simple words. Although I still need my support, the improvement is becoming more and more obvious.We used this result for 6 years. I was really relieved, and finally I had a confidence to answer the question.My son’s rehabilitation road is still for a long time, and as long as I still have a breath, I will go down firmly.The picture shows Mom and Kobo.

But now the biggest obstacle to me is the high treatment fee. The meager income made by the child’s father is difficult to maintain the family. In order to cure his son, the family has been in debt.Nowadays, the effect of Xiao Tong’s recovery is getting better and better. There are more and more rehabilitation projects that need to be done. A large amount of rehabilitation costs are required every month, and it has to be treated for a long time.As long as I can save my son, I am willing to pay everything, but now I really can’t help it.The picture shows Xiaotong writing.

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