The woman was stolen by her boyfriend for 6 weeks of pregnancy. The parties: I want children, he doesn’t want it

Recently, a shocking incident occurred in Beijing.A girl claims that she has been pregnant for more than 6 weeks, but her boyfriend is unwilling to ask for this child.It is incredible that after the girl expressed her willingness to reserve the fetus, her boyfriend secretly added drugs such as Mikfidone, blood circulation, and cold through the glycemic water.Afterwards, the girl learned that she quickly seek medical treatment and prescribed her fetal medicine afterwards.At present, the safety of the fetus is still unknown.Once the incident was exposed, it caused the indignation and persuasion of the majority of netizens. Many people called on girls to see the nature of her boyfriend and break up as soon as possible.

This incident has aroused the attention and thinking of all sectors of society to protect women’s rights and interests.First of all, the behavior of her boyfriend is undoubtedly a manifestation of rejection and ruthlessness.The girl’s pregnancy is the common fact of the two, but her boyfriend did not fully communicate and negotiate with the girl, and decided to use drugs for abortion without authorization.This selfish and irresponsible behavior seriously violates the girl’s physical rights and personality dignity.What is even more worrying is that the use of drugs may cause potential threats to girls’ health and fetal safety.What his boyfriend does not only violates the bottom line of ethics and law, but also reveals his disrespect for his girlfriend and indifferent to life.

As the victim of the incident, her experience aroused strong resonance and concern of netizens.Many netizens have left messages to persuade girls to break up as soon as possible.Among them, it contains concern to girls and condemnation of her boyfriend behavior.Netizens know that in a relationship, respecting and understanding each other is the basic moral bottom line.And the behavior of her boyfriend undoubtedly violated this bottom line. His betrayal and deception of the girl hurt the girl’s physical and mental health, and also destroyed the trust and emotional foundation between them.Netizens believe that girls should see the nature of her boyfriend, and decisively end this unhealthy relationship, and give themselves a better living environment for themselves and future children.

The thinking caused by this incident is not limited to personal relationships, but also the level of law and society.In modern society, laws and regulations that protect women’s rights and children’s rights have been relatively complete.However, how to better implement these laws and how to prevent and deal with similar incidents is still an urgent problem.The law shall be severely punished for the act of adding drugs like a boyfriend to protect women’s rights and social fairness.At the same time, education and propaganda work are also crucial. It should strengthen the cultivation of legal awareness and moral concepts of adolescents and the public to reduce the occurrence of such events.

In short, the girl’s pregnancy was used by her boyfriend’s medicine and caused widespread attention and thinking.Boyfriend’s irresponsible behavior, girl’s victim experience, and the appeal of netizens have all raised deep problems to us.We should resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of women and children, advocate the emotional relationship between equal, respect and responsibility, and jointly create a healthy and harmonious social environment.

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