The woman was stolen by her boyfriend for 6 weeks of pregnancy and wanted to reconcile. Netizens advised him to break up with her boyfriend

Recently, a young woman was secretly used by her boyfriend to cause abortion by a young woman in Beijing, which caused widespread attention and discussion.

According to reports, the woman went to the hospital immediately after finding that the situation was wrong, but the doctor told her that she could not determine whether she could keep her child.In the face of the news, netizens have questioned: Is this child going to do it?

It is reported that her boyfriend did not want a child because of unmarried first pregnancy, but she insisted on staying, causing disagreement.

In order to secretly abortion, her boyfriend rushed into brown sugar water and mixed with abortion drugs one night.The woman didn’t know, thinking that her boyfriend changed her mind and started taking care of her.

Until the next day, her boyfriend confessed that she had joined abortion drugs and told her that these drugs might cause fetal malformations.

The woman was stunned after listening, and couldn’t believe her ears!Can this drug cause fetal malformations?She immediately decided to go to the hospital for examination.

After a detailed examination, the doctor prescribed her fetal medicine for the woman.However, doctors cannot determine whether the child can keep it, reminding her that the month of the fetus is too small, and it is difficult to check it even if it is kept. It takes a while to review it.

After the incident, netizens expressed strong condemnation of her boyfriend’s behavior and persuaded women to break up.

Some netizens believe that her boyfriend’s behavior has reached the level of intentional injury. Women should report to the police and accuse the man of committing murder and intentional injury.

Many netizens have expressed strong indignation and attention to this incident.They accused her boyfriend’s behavior that violated moral ethics and caused harm to girls.

Many people think that whether both men and women agree to ask for this child, both parties should communicate and negotiate with sufficient communication, rather than forcing girls to give up through illegal means.

They emphasized that girls have the right to determine her body and future, and her boyfriend has no right to interfere and force her.

In addition, some netizens also made suggestions for girls, thinking that she should end the relationship with her boyfriend as soon as possible, protect her rights and interests, and do not retain a person who does not cherish her in order to move herself.

The most important thing is that girls should not use a child who may have deformities and welfare issues to bear her regrets and responsibilities, which is unfair to her and the child.They want girls to think calmly and make decisions that are beneficial to themselves and children.

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