The woman was holding the sun with her pregnant belly, and the golden retriever on the side came over, but then warmed up

In fact, when women are not easy, especially when they are pregnant, all reactions alone make people unbearable. In addition, it is not convenient to act, so if there are pregnant women around, they must help and polite them.

For a long time, the topic of women’s pregnancy and pets has attracted much attention.Let’s take a look at the little story shared by the netizen below. It is a positive textbook.

The woman lived in the countryside. Because she was pregnant, she was not at work.The family also had golden retrievers at home. The relationship was very good, but because she was about to give birth to a baby, the family was afraid of affecting the health of the child, so she did not let the dog get close to her.

On this day, the woman felt that the room was relatively stuffy. Looking at the sun was very good, she came out to breathe fresh air with her pregnant belly, and by the way, she received the baptism of the sun.The golden retriever on the side may not be close to the woman for too long, so she came up and posted it on the woman’s belly. After learning that she wanted to use her, the woman smiled comfortably and was warmed up.

It turns out that Golden Rather is feeling the baby in the woman’s belly. In fact, it knows that women are pregnant!At first it was a little scared, but after getting the woman’s sign of the woman, she was listening to her ears, as if communicating with the baby!

Many people think that dogs are just animals. In fact, dogs are very spiritual animals, and they can understand what happened in humans.

When women are pregnant, their temper may become irritable, and postpartum is more obvious.This is how people around them need to be more considerate of them, give them more concerns, usually communicate with them, and understand them a lot. After all, it is really not easy.

In many families, when women do not go to work to bring children at home, they even think that women are more comfortable and do not need to go to work. In fact, it is very hard to bring children, not easy at all.Therefore, the people around them should help them to avoid postpartum depression due to excessive pressure.

Veterinary Xiao Ming science: When a dog is pregnant at home, remember not to give them too much nutrition to avoid cubs from absorbing too much nutrients and cause too much dystocia. Conditional families can be before dogs are fast production.Take them to check, and then decide whether to give birth or cesarean section.

When the dogs are produced, the shoveling officer should pay more attention to their emotions. Some female dogs will protect the cubs due to excessive pressure, and even the owner is no exception.So it is best not to touch their cubs to avoid being attacked by the female dogs.

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