The woman was discovered for 3 months after giving birth and was forced to have a miscarriage. Doctor: Pay attention to postpartum contraceptives

From October to October to delivery, breeding of a life is not only a symbol of parents’ love, but also the birth of a family hope. It can be said that it is a process of happiness and love.However, sometimes if you are not ready, then the arrival of new life may also become a problem for parents.

Recently, Ms. Chen, the new treasure mother of Nanjing, Jiangsu, has such troubles.

Ms. Chen, 28, is a new post -90s mother. She had a lovely baby just three months ago.When Ms. Chen was still immersed in the joy of the first mother, she did not expect that during a routine examination of 3 months after giving birth, she found that she was pregnant for 2 months.

The first pregnancy Ms. Chen was prepared in advance, and this pregnancy was completely unprepared for Ms. Chen, and she was even overwhelmed.

In the face of Ms. Chen’s situation, the doctor said: Children have great risks to stay with Ms. Chen. According to the World Health Organization suggestion, it is best to have a fertility time for more than 2 years.And Ms. Chen had just experienced cesarean section, and her uterus has not been recovered, and she continues to have a great risk of fertility. If she wants to have a abortion surgery, it is also a high -risk abortion and there will be many sequelae.

Although it is difficult to choose from both sides, Ms. Chen still decided to give up the baby and perform abortion surgery.

The doctor reminded that it is a great misunderstanding that it is not pregnant after giving birth to a child. There is no fluke in the same room after delivery. If you are not ready to have a second child, you must take contraceptive measures.

There may be a lot of Bao moms wondering. Is it really so dangerous for breastfeeding?Ms. Chen is a cesarean section. What if it is produced?

Today we will talk about those things during breastfeeding.

As mentioned earlier, we mentioned that the World Health Organization suggested that the best time to give birth to the second child is 2 years apart, so even mothers with a second child plan, we don’t recommend getting pregnant again in the short term.

1. The uterus has not recovered

The uterus has not been fully recovered shortly after the production. If the mothers are pregnant during this period, it is likely to cause dangerous conditions such as placenta adhesion and front placenta.For Baoma, who is the same as Ms. Chen, it is also easy to cause spontaneous uterine rupture and the safety of the life of the maternal and baby.

2. Mom’s body is not ready

Whether pregnancy or delivery, it is a difficult challenge for every treasure mother.Mothers after childbirth are weak. If they are pregnant during breastfeeding, they can easily lead to decreased resistance and anemia, which is not conducive to the growth of the fetus.

3. Not conducive to mother’s postpartum recovery

Most Baoma needs to take care of newborns after giving birth. At this time, if you are pregnant, it means that the mother must take care of Dabao, but also pay attention to the two treasures in the belly. To a certain extentRehabilitation was delayed, and even hidden diseases were buried in Bao Ma’s body.

After understanding the risk of pregnant pregnancy, there may be a lot of Baoma and doubts. Can I really be contraceptive during breastfeeding?Will you get pregnant without a routine holiday?

Many Baoma may have such a misunderstanding that breastfeeding will not get pregnant.In fact, there is indeed a "breastfeeding menstrual method" that can be contraceptive, but the conditions that need to be met are very harsh and indispensable, and there is only a certain contraception effect when all conditions meet.Fortunately, we must take contraceptive measures.

The breastfeeding period will delay menstruation, but whether it is pregnant or not with menstruation does not matter. Instead, it is related to whether ovulation. The first ovulation after delivery usually occurs before the first menstruation. ThereforeMeasures are likely to get pregnant at the same time in the same room.

Even if there is a second child plan, mothers should pay attention to effective contraception during lactation, and must not be lucky.

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