The woman was deceived by her boyfriend twice, she came to discuss justice, her boyfriend mother: she blame herself

Text: Cat Eye

Women must have principles and bottom lines. They cannot lower their sheet and cheap themselves. They do n’t love themselves. Can they expect others to take you as a treasure?

Many times men will make you feel that he falls in love with you. In fact, it really does not make people feel that she cannot fall in love with you, but in the end she really moved.

The men and women in love are sometimes like this. A relationship slowly opened in the men’s sorrow and tears in the sorrow of the woman in a man’s hardship plan. The love finally made people sad.

Therefore, it is necessary to persuade all girls to invest and pay each other in a relationship, but the bottom line and principles must not be necessary.

After all, the physiology of men and women has a difference. Girls are really a bit weak, so when you pay your whole mind, you must see the person clearly, and at the same time, you must have your own principles and bottom line.

When Lu Qi found the show group, she had a little anger in her eyes. The beautiful face was flushed slightly. She watched a video for the show group.

The men in the video were crying with tears, and Lu Qi’s voice was also hoarse and dry. She could hear her anger with great anger, and her throat was eroded by fire.

Lu Qi said that this video was just shot after the New Year, because of a strange phone call.

That day, Lu Qi suddenly called a strange number at home to his mobile phone. He picked it up with the girl’s voice but hung up after playing, and Lu Qi became curious, so she searched this number in W Xin and sheAdd up.

As a result, after the friend, he ushered in the guilt of the strange girl.

The girl told her that her boyfriend Yang Ming and herself were lovers, and sent Yang Ming to wait for photos in her home bed, and then after some communication, Lu Qi knew that her boyfriend Yang Ming had other opposite sex besides his genuine girlfriend.And more than one.

On the opposite girl, there were some chat records taken by themselves, and then Lu Qi told Lu Qi that Yang Ming was a liar, a scumbag swing. He went to the scum, and he must not believe him.With Lu Qi’s anger and her boyfriend’s repentance.

Lu Qi originally planned to break up with her boyfriend, but her boyfriend tears in tears and guarantees that she will not commit crimes. Lu Qi has forgiven him for a while, but it didn’t take long for another strange woman to contact Lu Qi.

Holding him, he often asked him to eat supper, so Lu Qi started without a good tone.

But the strange woman Li Wenli was very patient. She said she understood Lu Qi, but Yang Ming really had been with herself, and she knew that Yang Ming had a secret that she had not told her, so she had to talk to Lu Qi.

After that, Lu Qi came to the park that Li Wenli met. The two people communicated. Lu Qi found that her boyfriend had a big secret.

Deceived by the prodigal son who was divorced, and the beautiful girl twice ectopic pregnancy, but the man’s mother said that his blame was taken for himself.

Yang Mingjie was married and the child was the fact that Li Wenli told Lu Qi. Yang Ming and Li Wenli had been together for a while. One time he took his daughter and his friend to play together. After that, his friend said in front of Li Wenli.Suddenly awakened.

However, at that time, Li Wenli had paid a lot to Yang Ming. She used her identity to borrow a lot of loans for Yang Ming, but Yang Ming failed to return it, so she had to find Lu Qi.Seek help.

Lu Qi heard that the matter was so angry that she was so angry that she planned to ask Yang Ming’s house to ask clearly.

The show group and Lu Qi came to the Yang family together. After knocking on the door, Yang’s probe saw that Lu Qi immediately closed the door to prohibit Lu Qi from entering.

Later, under the continuous communication of the show group, Yang’s mother opened the door and welcomed everyone into the house.

Yang Ming was not at home at this moment, but the parents of the Yang family did not have a good look at Lu Qi, and they seemed a little angry.

Mother Yang said that Lu Qi has been here several times, but Lu Qi said that this time it was to investigate Yang Ming’s mistakes to hide his marriage history. If he informed himself from the beginning, he would never chooseHe, and also twice for his off -the -palace pregnancy.

However, Mother Yang was obviously disdain. Mother Yang thought that this kind of thing was their own affairs of their two adult men and women. She did not know if her son would confess, and she fell in love without investigation and repeatedly passed the line.The problem?

Mother Yang also said that she only recognized her daughter -in -law, and told her son that he was not suitable for love. She did not recognize other girls, and she also advised Lu Qi’s many times to leave her.The cost itself also took out for his son, and it doesn’t make sense to come to the door now.

However, for Lu Qi, if Yang Ming told herself that she had been married at the beginning, she could not start with him, and there would be no surgery that had hurt her body.

However, these requirements are unreasonable to make trouble in Yang Ming’s mother, because they want to make money, because they said that they also talked about the agreement, and they were entangled now. And this kind of big event did not investigate.Who is it?

The neighbors of the Yang family also came to accuse Lu Qi. They had never seen both parents. They did not even understand each other and became pregnant again and again. Isn’t this not that he loves himself?Isn’t it your own problem?

Lu Qi was very aggrieved. She said that her boyfriend told her that he had a relationship with her, and her boyfriend promised to marry himself and would bring herself to see her parents, so Lu Qi was completely devoted.

However, in the eyes of Yang’s family, Lu Qi did blame himself, and it is likely that he was greedy for five sets of house collection.

I thought it was a gentle white horse prince, who knew that he was actually a ruthless flower player who divorced and brought a woman

After talking about the Yang family’s parents, he returned to the Lu family.

Lu Qi showed the show group to take a photo of the two of the last year in Lijiang. The male and handsome and women seemed to be eye -catching. Lu Qi said that she was 22 years old and had known Yang Ming, who was six years older than himself for two years.

The key to Yang Ming Gao’s handsomeness is that he was very considerate at first. Lu Qi said that his family had good conditions. His parents did steel business, and they were usually used to himself, so sometimes he would be willful, but his boyfriend was very tolerant of himself, and he would cook.Usually, I usually give myself a thoughtful back.

Lu Qi’s parents have prepared a wedding room for themselves, so the parents did not have qualitative requirements for the man’s economy. In addition to the appearance of Yang Ming, he was considerate.Opening a shop, but I did not expect that he had divorced and had children.

Lu Qi said that he was finding a man with unmarried conditions, and there was no problem, and the marriage and some children not only did not agree, but her parents could never agree.What happened, so Lu Qi was really injured and angry.

And in the year of living together, Lu Qi was responsible for water, electricity, and accommodation, and even underwear shoes and socks were purchased by Lu Qi, so Lu Qi’s anger was really difficult to eliminate.

Then he said why he knew Yang Mingzure, and Lu Qi had forgiven him.

Lu Qi took out the video. It was Yang Ming’s slap in front of the door to apologize. As the time changed in love, Yang Ming was very happy every time he had a contradiction., To the slap by himself, but these radical behaviors seemed to be Yang Ming’s affectionate performance in the original Lu Qi, so she forgive him softly, but now it seems that it is really impressive.

After that, Yang Ming contacted the program group and asked to communicate separately.

Yang Ming, who saw the show group, did not seem to be a bit stable enough. Later, when he talked about his feelings with Lu Qi, Yang Ming said frankly that he did hide her, but that was because Lu Qi was not true to herself.

He said that the two were social software. When she knew, Lu Qi ended the last relationship. She just found a substitute. She happened to be single together. She did not intend to marry her.Impossible, why do you want to make it out of the Pan?

And when he was looking for a woman, he claimed that he felt that Lu Qi was playing with himself, so he deliberately retaliated.

Later, the staff asked Yang Ming’s video that Yang Ming seemed to be compounded after breaking up.

Yang Ming said that he would find someone else. Lu Qi had to continue looking for himself if he had a passing. Then he pretended to be affectionate. Since everyone is, it will cooperate with her to act and make him look more affectionate.

Yang Ming’s face was relaxed and indifferent, and the crying nose in the video was unable to wait for the number, and his player’s vitality seemed to be more than just Lu Qi.

The staff of the speaking room asked why Yang Ming divorced?

Yang Ming said frankly and said that in fact, his wife is still very real about herself, but she often goes out, and she will go out often, so the wife cannot live at home, and then she divides her hands and leaves a daughter.Most of the time, the daughter still left for her parents.

Yang Ming talked everything lightly, but made the staff feel that he was almost thirty years older than Lu Qi, but he still didn’t understand what responsibility was.

Yang Ming said that he also spent money while falling in love with Lu Qi, spent 60,000 traveling travel, and spent some money to live and drink with Lu Qi.She, if Lu Qi is his wife’s outside palace and will be responsible for all kinds of treatment in the future, it is understandable, but everyone is in love with a game.

It turned out that Yang Ming and Lu Qi set up an agreement. In May, they broke up with Mother Yang, and agreed to pay Lu Qi 50,000 yuan in November as compensation, but Lu Qi took someone to make trouble.

In love, girls are self -esteem and self -love are the best magic weapon to protect themselves

Because he was worried that Lu Qi and his cousin went to the hospital again for examination, Lu Qi’s cousin was also very angry.

She said that Lu Qi and Yang Ming had found themselves to play. Because of her busy work, she only met them, but that the cousin felt that Yang Ming’s frivolous and Dang Erlang was not good.

But because the cousin was a sweet period at that time, she never heard of the cousin complaining, so she did not mention the objection, but who thought it would be the case in the end.

She said that a year when she lived together spent money to him everywhere, even when going out and drinking with a friend, Lu Qi bought it, and her cousin graduated and was arranged by the family. It was not frustrated at all. It was naive, but Yang Ming and herself generally went to himself.At the age, I have been in the society for a long time, and my cousin can’t compare.

In the end, although there were some small problems, it was fortunate that it was not too great on its fertility ability, which made Lu Qi let go of his heart a little, but the doctor still criticized her and educated her.It is very dangerous, Lu Qi is just lucky.

After a few days, the mediation officer shouted the two to communicate together.

The mediator was very transparent. He first criticized Lu Qi himself as an adult who was unreasonable and loved himself. He also accused Yang Ming’s irresponsibility and no responsibility. He also gave an admonition for Yang’s mother who did not intend to perform his promise.The elders must first compare their hearts. Secondly, they must reflect on their educational issues, and their blame Lu Qi came to make trouble because of such damage and deceived emotions.

However, although the mediators were wise enough to say, there was no reason to say that Yang Ming and Yang Ming were angry. Lu Qi came to the door many times and refused to fulfill his promise. In the end, the two were still in charge of the book.

After Yang Ming and Lu Qi were in the court, Lu Qi would get some compensation. Although it may not be much, it was also a comfort, but for her physical and psychological injuries, it would take a long time.

As the beginning of the article said that the infatuated woman, Perhaps the two were really just a moment of joy, but when the woman became input and the man was peeling away from herself, maybe he was already impatient.There is another thought.

In love, a physiological fact that women belong to the disadvantaged side. This is the fact that no one can change, so this requires women to have their own bottom line and their own. The so -called self -esteem and self -love cannot be lost. First of allWill cherish you.

Just like in Yang Ming’s eyes, these women who can hook up randomly are unrealistic, and they are all playing, so he has a strange vision for these women. He feels that they are not worthy of being respected.

There is a way to have a means, but women’s self -love is also true. Of course, maybe in this era, these are all kinds of things, so they are deeply affectionate and no one dares to love.

In the end, I hope that everyone can treat their love carefully and treat their lives. As the medium says, the fate is always in their own hands. Only by themselves can I truly decide their future and life.

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