The woman was assaulted by the scum, and the woman was abandoned directly after pregnancy. The woman could only marry a dumb husband, the movie

In the early 1950s of the last century, a dozen women in the green building were sitting on the carriage to go to the west to reclaim wasteland. These people all changed their names to change their surnames and start a new life.

The man who reclaimed here is working hard. In addition to the yellow sand, this place is the endless Gobi. In the words of the people here, even the stones are public.

Just as the dumb in the wasteland team was beating, he suddenly saw a woman not far away, and was walking towards him. The woman was called Axiu, and she was also a member of the Qinglou woman.

After seeing the woman here, I immediately knocked on the bucket and told everyone that men saw the beautiful Axiu, and they immediately commissioned. Axiu came to the reclamation team to report.Lao Ji, the captain of the reclamation team.

And the other men looked at the beautiful Axiu, and they couldn’t wait to stand up immediately. The men did not know how long it was long.

In the evening, do these men have to look at Axiu? Although they can’t eat it, it is also pretty good to solve the eyes. In the man’s pile, Axiu naturally becomes the darling of everyone.Axiu moved, and the captain Lao Ji came to help Axiu clean up the house.

Don’t look at Axiu as a woman, but she is very sharp to work, so she is very popular by men.Because of her birth problem, she always avoided this.

On this day, I didn’t want Lao Ji to have a bow. Fortunately, dumb came, and Lao Ji let go. Axiu understood that she could not afford to face Lao Ji’s love.

When Axiu was working on this day, he was accidentally bitten by a poisonous snake. When he saw it, he immediately took the poison to Axiu with his mouth. In order to take care of A Xiu, Lao Ji was all the time for several days.Never left Axiu’s bed.

The men that Axiu met before was venting herself, but she deeply felt love and respect on Lao Ji’s body.

Soon A Xiu’s heart was melted by Lao Ji, and the two of them embraced each other tightly. After being with Lao Ji, the two of them were inseparable regardless of day or night.

But after a long time, Lao Ji became curious about Axiu’s origin. Lao Ji asked A Xiu, why do you want to run to this place where the bird does not shit?Axiu heard only one sentence, not allowed to ask.

That night, a woman suddenly patted the door of Axiu’s house. Axiu opened the door and saw that she was actually her former sister. It turned out that Xiao Cui’s prostitute was discovered by her husband.In this world.

When the two of them were chatting, they also talked about A Xiu’s identity. This happened to be heard by Lao Ji. Xiao Cui hurriedly explained that he was a lunatic. After that, he ran away, but Lao Ji saw Xiao Cui at a glance.It’s not false.

Now Xiao Cui lost her happiness and ruined Axiu’s happiness. Lao Ji also understood that why A Xiu didn’t talk about her life, it turned out that her past was so unbearable.

At this moment, the two of them were sitting separately in the room and closed their mouths, neither of them knew what to say, and Axiu silently shed tears, recalling the past in Qingkou, Lao Ji sat there thereI smoked all night.

After dawn, Lao Ji told Axiu that as long as he keeps this secret, no one knows it. It was said that it was over. He never thought that Xiao Cui was really crazy the next day.The child, Axiu hurriedly came after he knew. In order to wake up the crazy Xiao Cui, A Xiu said he personally said his identity of his Qinglou.

After Axiu’s life was spoken, everyone cast a disdainful look, and even Lao Ji began to stay away from Axiu. After a long time, Axiu found that he was pregnant. After the dumb knew, he gave her some food.When working, dumb was meticulous to A Xiu, and Lao Ji married another woman.

After Axiu knew it, she fainted because of sadness. When Axiu woke up, she found that it was dumb to save her. It turned out that dumb had always loved Axiu, so he wrote his own thoughts on the paper, but AxiuBut he refused him.

Now that I am pregnant with Lao Ji’s children, and with my own life, I can be worthy of the honest and honest dumb.

But dumb didn’t care. He wrote on the paper again that he was willing to be the father of the child, and then he knelt down and vowed to Axiu that he would be good to the child. In the end, Axiu promised to marry the dumb.

After a blink of an eye, half a year later, Axiu gave birth to a big fat boy, named Yangyang, and dumb also fulfilled his previous promise and regarded Yang Yang as a biological son, but Yang Yang became more and more like Laosi, so the villagers began to talk about endlessly.Soon it was passed on to Lao Ji’s ear, and he wanted to snatch his son back.

The next day, Lao Li found Axiu and asked whether Yangyang was his son. Axiu must have responded straightforwardly, no.

In fact, Lao Ji is also very helpless. He has been married to his wife for many years, but he has never been able to give birth to a half -daughter, and his wife has no face to see people.So I packed up my luggage and returned to my mother’s house, and never returned.

Since then, Lao Ji has completely become an orphan. Although Axiu did not admit that Yang Yang was his son, Lao Ji loved him very much. From time to time, he made some small toys for Yang Yang, but in Yangyang’s heart, he was his father.The father and son were deeply affectionate, and Lao Ji looked at it, so he was very envious.

In the middle of the night, there was a sudden high fever, and there was a dust storm outside. The dumb risk to find a doctor. As a result, the villagers only found the dumb body. The son cried in front of his father’s grave.very sad.

After that, Yangyang often came to his father’s grave alone to send him the favorite snacks, and Lao Ji also saw the opportunity to regain the old good.He deliberately apologized. Lao Ji said a lot of good words. He also talked about their son. He never thought that A Xiu said directly. You also had a son like you, and then turned to leave.

Axiu did not give Lao Ji a good face, and Lao Ji had never been here after this time, but Lao Ji secretly sent some rice noodles to Axiu’s mother and son. This can also make up for his fault.

Yang Yang is often bullied by children because he has no father and his mother’s life, which also makes Yang Yang exercise a strong heart.

After many years, Yangyang was admitted to college. At this time, Axiu and Laoji were old. For their own studies, Yang Yang gave his mother to school, and went to school in the city.The mother came with a letter and said that she should not send two money a month in the future. The school has a scholarship, and she can’t use so much money at all.

After seeing the letter, Axiu felt a little inexplicable. She only sent one copy every month. Why did there be two copies?On this day, Axiu went to send money to Yang Yang. He found that Lao Ji also sent money to Yang Yang, so A Xiu found Lao Ji to return the money to him, and also said that he would be for his son to go to school.

However, under the persuasion of Lao Ji, A Xiu insisted on shaking his heart for many years, but she still failed to forgive Lao Ji. After a long time, Lao Ji was ill, and the neighbor quickly told Axiu about it.When he came, Lao Ji was dying.

The only wish of Lao Ji before dying was to listen to Yang Yang to call himself a dad, but before Yang Yang returned, Lao Ji let go of people. At this moment, Axiu completely collapsed. She cried on Lao Ji, and finally forgive himEssence

Axiu buried Lao Ji beside the dumb. These two men are the most important people in Axiu’s life and a good father of his son.

This movie runs through the tragedy from beginning to end. Axiu hopes to be reborn, but she has been carrying the title of woman with dusty women. People all look at her with colored glasses. Once she dared not pursue herselfHappiness.Well, the movie is over here.

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