The woman was 3 months pregnant, but she did not know who the biological father was.

"Doctor, can you know who the child is now?"

This is a question that a girl in the outpatient clinic asked me. It turned out that she had a sexual relationship with two men within three days. Now she is pregnant, but she does not know who the child’s father is.This time when I came to the hospital, I wanted to kill the child, but the question involved who had money, and the boy said who was the child, so the girl came to ask if I could detect who the child’s father was.

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In fact, children can also do parent -child identification when they are born, which are done by amniotic fluid puncture.

However, amniotic fluid puncture is also dangerous. To go to a regular hospital for examination to avoid possibility of punctured mouth infection or premature placental peeling.Generally, amniotic fluid puncture needs to be done after 16 weeks of pregnancy, that is, about 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, amniotic fluid puncture to get the child’s DNA.If it is too small for the gestational week, it may not be checked. The best time is about 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Parent -child identification requires fewer amniotic fluid, only two to four milliliters.For pro -identification, it is generally recommended to provide the mother’s DNA sample, because the fetal amniotic fluid or chorionic samples are taken out of the mother’s body. If the operation is accidentally, it may be mixed with the mother’s DNA composition.It may be the mixed type of the mother and the child or just the mother. At this stage, the result must be compared to ensure that the result is not the mother’s test result.

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But if you don’t want this child and toss to identify it, it is actually unnecessary. The greater the child grows in the mother, the greater the risk of flowing.What’s more, many women clinically have infertility after doing abortion. When they get married, they will treat infertility after getting married.

As a doctor, I still hope to take contraceptive measures when there is no fertility plan. If the traditional contraceptive method is not successful, it still takes time to take emergency contraceptives. Although the drug has certain side effects on the body, it is caused by accidental pregnancy.Compared with the ending of abortion, the damage is still minimal.Girls must take safety measures to protect their bodies.

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