The woman drinks snake soup every day when she is pregnant. She dreamed that the little snake called her mother at night. The child was born and the woman cried.

There is a loving couple in the village, a male and female weaving, and lives an enviable life.But the only regret is that the wife’s belly has never moved, and the couples are people who like their children particularly.The people in the village persuaded the couple to adopt a child, but the husband resolutely opposed it. He always felt that the child who picked up had no children to be dear. He believed that his wife could be pregnant with their own children.

Huang Tian lived up to the people, his wife was finally pregnant, her husband was happy, and therefore set up a banquet at home to wait for the villagers to come to the house to eat and drink.Since the wife’s pregnancy, the man has more care of his wife, and she will not let her do any dirty work, and she only needs to raise her fetus at home with peace of mind.The wife also obeyed her husband’s arrangement. She was careful every day, fearing that the child would happen.

The husband changed his flower soup every day. When the husband went up the mountain to cut firewood, he accidentally met a injured snake. When the husband thought of the snake, he took it back to the wife and brought the snake into the basket.After boiling the snake soup for his wife, his wife has fallen in love with drinking snake soup inexplicably and drinks every day.The husband also tried to meet the needs of his wife, and went up the mountain to fight snakes every three.Once the husband went up the mountain to find a snake nest, all of which were a nest of a snake. The husband was happy. He thought that the wife’s snake soup would never worry about drinking, so he brought the snake nest back home and put it.Keep in the backyard.

In October pregnant, his wife finally boiled in the days when it was about to come.One day, his wife took a rest in the yard after drinking the snake soup, and after a while, she fell asleep.In his sleep, his wife dreamed of a bunch of little snakes around him. The wife was panicked. He picked up the soup bowl next to him and smashed them.The smashed little snake shed tears and shouted, "Mom, I hurt!" The wife suddenly woke up from her dream and jumped from a lounge chair. She always felt that something would happen.The child’s dream?The wife quickly called her husband and went to the hospital in the county.

When I came to the hospital for examination, I found that the child with his wife’s belly was entangled with the neck of the umbilical cord, which was dangerous.The couple came to the hospital in a timely manner, and the doctor urgently arranged a cesarean section to save the child from the stomach.

Since then, his wife has never drank snake soup anymore.The husband also put the snakes in the yard back to the mountain forest.Everything has spirituality, but believes that there are, but not believe it.

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