The woman claims that her husband has been repeatedly violently by her husband for 4 months?Local government response: The woman is done first

On May 29th, a woman in Yongshan Town, Laiping City, Jiangxi Province posted a video in social media, saying that she was violently domesticated by her husband for four months.It was a woman’s first move, her husband returned his hand, and he was not true by domestic violence.

According to the beating woman, the beaten man was her husband, and the two had been married for five years. They came out to block her husband as her mother -in -law.

The surveillance video showed that the couple were pushed first, and the husband pushed his wife on the ground punch and kicked his wife. The mother -in -law rushed out and took the husband away. Then the mother -in -law and husband would raise the wife lying on the ground.When he was counting on the side, his wife sat on the sofa, and the husband opened his hand to his wife’s head and opened his palm to the left and right. After that, the mother -in -law came out to stop her husband’s violence, and the picture ended.

"(Husband) has a bad temper, and I hit me many times before. This time I hit me because of some trivial matter. I am lying down now and I am going to the court to prosecute to divorce." On the same day, the woman had been like this during an interview with reporters.Said.

After the video spread to the Internet, it attracted strong attention from netizens. The domestic violence was so disgusted, and the wife who beat the pregnancy could not tolerate. The woman’s self -report has repeatedly encountered domestic violence and caused the netizens to be indignant.Husband, at the same time, he hoped that the beating woman could persist in divorce and leave the violent man.

In the afternoon of the same day, a reporter called the Women’s Federation of Leping City and the Government of Yongshan Town.

The staff of the Women’s Federation responded to the reporter. After paying attention to the online public opinion, the staff had been sent to the investigation and handling that day.

The local government and the public security department also involved in the investigation after knowing the incident. Relevant staff of Yongshan Town Government stated that the town government jointly the women’s federations, police stations and other parents of both parties, and the parties discussed.It has been settled and the video has been deleted. When the reporter asked the woman’s injury, the staff member expressed unawareness.

Why don’t you know the injury after the mediation?With such a question, the reporter continued to ask, and a local government staff said that the incident was due to the problem of the woman’s dress because of the child’s dress, and then the husband was shifted by her husband, which caused physical disputes.The staff said that the woman’s encountering many domestic violence said: is not true.

At present, the parties’ videos about domestic violence have been deleted.

The author believes that although it is the wife’s first hand, the husband’s backbone is a bit too much. Not only did he push his wife down, but he also punch and kick him.It will exacerbate the risk of miscarriage, and what the husband does not calm enough.

Secondly, marriage was supported by two people and spent this life with each other. There is a contradiction between husband and wife, and how to deal with contradictions can see if a person is a qualified spouse, and the wife and husband of the party willIt is difficult to be called a husband and wife, more like two "giant babies".

Because of a little chores, I started to do it. After being beaten by my wife a few times, I started to fight back. The author did not see a mother from them.It can only be said that marriage really feels very mature, and can tolerate the other half before it can start, rather than the two people’s brains "live together to live", that is not a marriage, but an accident.

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