The woman and her husband were married for 7 days, but they were found to be pregnant. Husband: When I am a grievance?

Marriage is a few major events in ordinary people in their lives. Under the heaven and earth Gaotang, they are paired with a heterosexual. From then on to white heads, the decision of hasty will have a serious impact on their lives.

And this man named Cheng Cheng has a child’s marriage and is deeply affected by it. Even his emotions cannot be effectively controlled, so that when talking about related matters in front of the camera, he still shows considerable anger.

As he said seven days after he got married, his wife told him that he was pregnant, and then returned to his mother’s house. He has not returned to him today.

At the beginning, the two met through a blind date. Because the two met for the first time, they left a good impression on each other, and the two began to discuss the related matters of marriage.

Since then, the contradiction between the two sides has been constantly intensified. Because of various problems, it cannot be resolved by communication. It is not until the help of external forces to explore the problem.

The ending of the matter is so curious about what kind of reasons have caused the incident to have such a development trajectory, and the truth that hides the truth that cannot be frank.

The first person who came to ask for help from this incident entered the public’s vision. ThereforeCause.

The matter began in the words of the media. After the meeting, both sides were very satisfied with each other, which led to this hasty marriage. They got married in April a year ago and opened this short and contradictory marriage.Essence

Then it should be a happy honeymoon life, but this time he did not develop towards the beautiful future he expected. Just seven days, his wife returned to his mother’s house, and he never exchanged with his husband.

According to him, he did not know what happened after marriage, and he didn’t know where his wife left home.

At the same time, his mother also expressed his puzzlement and sadness, saying that his family went to his daughter -in -law’s home many times to try to return to his wife, but he always returned without success.

His mother also said that he had not quarreled with his daughter -in -law within a few days after his marriage. The behavior of his daughter -in -law was very puzzling, and even proposed that they were willing to listen to the opinions of their daughter -in -law to correct them.

But even if the daughter -in -law still did not return to their home, it could not help but make Cheng Cheng a bit desperate. At this time, he will begin to need external forces to make everything go back to the right track.

In order to verify his own statement, he also showed the chat records of his wife and mother -in -law. It is not difficult to see that Cheng Cheng is indeed forgiveness, and the other party never shows his attitude.

After going to his wife’s house with the mediation staff, he knocked on the door many times but could not get even a little response.

At the same time, the mediation personnel observed that there was a camera directly observed the door of the house. According to Cheng Cheng, this was settled to prevent him. As long as he was in front of the door, he would not open it.

It is also worth mentioning that the expenses of this wedding are not decimal to the successful family. Whether it is a gift, the spending of the gift or the wedding’s human and material expenses will affect his family.

And the wife’s unable to make him feel like he was deceived, and his wife’s initial arrival only carried a small amount of items, making him urgently want a reasonable explanation.

Then, through various ways, the wife finally showed up, and the description of another angle was also displayed in the vision of people who followed the matter.

When his wife, the woman of the pseudonym Xiao Zhou was asked, was also full of grievances.After she arrived at her in -laws’ house, she was treated very coldly and made her want to start a new life. She was unbearable to live a good life.

And from time to time, her husband wanted to get money from her, and tried to get her identity document. She even abused her after being rejected. This behavior disappointed her and returned to her mother’s house in a full anger.

At this time, Xiao Zhou still thought about how to deal with this problem, but never thought that her husband had troubled her in various places with her traces after she returned to her house.The distress also disappointed her completely.

Although this is just a word, it is a statement, but at this time, Cheng Cheng gave another shocking news, which may be the root cause.

It turned out that after seven days of marriage, Xiao Zhou found that he was pregnant. This was a thing that made them very happy.The problem was that the transfer happened. After learning about her pregnancy, Xiao Zhou chose an abortion under concealing the situation of her family.

This can’t help but doubt the blood of this child. Such a sudden and amazing decision did not discuss it, and could not help but make Cheng Cheng doubt whether he was the child’s biological father.

Of course, this problem has been raised, and Xiao Zhou resolutely stated that the biological father of the child was successful. Under the situation of losing the only evidence, the two were noisy.

As for the other reason, it was to make a repeated requirement to have a marriage inspection with his wife before getting married, but his wife continued to escape with various excuses, which undoubtedly made Cheng Cheng more convinced his judgment.

Their marriage will also be there. The problem is that the man’s economic expenses for this marriage are not small, so they ask for their own gifts to compensate for economic losses.

However, Xiao Zhou was unwilling to return at this time. The two sides were stalemate here. In the end, Xiao Zhou said that if he wanted to return his own gift, he should pass the legal means.

The above is only a realistic story under different angles. Maybe it can be a talk about people’s tea after dinner, but I think it should think more about the contradictions exposed in this childhood marriage.The frequency of emergence is still increasing.

First of all, the first point is that marriage that looks beautiful. Marriage on the traditional point of view is a must -have stage for everyone, and it is also a major turning point in life. It also means that a lot of responsibilities and two familiesDeepen between communication.

But the necessity of marriage has never entered people’s vision. The problem of elders has always been when you get married, not whether you want to get married.

Marriage in the past is the key to the continuation of human civilization, but today, with the rapid progress of a series of scientific research and technologies, although it has not been practiced due to various ethical and moral issues, no one can predict in the future. I think in the future in the future in the future. In the futureThere is a possibility that human beings no longer need marriage as the only means to continue civilization.

On this basis, you can try to discuss the need for marriage.The first is that marriage will bring people. If there is no need, it is difficult to find the motivation to develop.

First of all, you can try to find the specific differences between pre -marital and post -marriage. At present, it may be because I am only because I am sparsely learned, and the breadth and depth of the thoughts are not enough. I can only see the two major factors of responsibility and emotions.

Responsibility is both from the various material needs brought by the combination of the two, including both the elders and the possible juniors, which will undoubtedly add a lot of pressure to their next life.

And this is not the benefit to everyone. In my opinion, many people’s behavior needs a certain amount of benefits. The interests include emotion, material, etc.It is necessary, for this reason, every ordinary person needs more labor in exchange for sufficient compensation.

The emotion comes from the true self in front of the other side, fully expressing their emotions, so that the pressure has room for venting.But this is based on the willingness of both parties to communicate in deep levels and expose themselves to each other’s vision, but the marriage of today’s society is often not the case.

In today’s society, the marriage of young people is more forced to be reached by the pressure of all sides, and it is derived from the words of horror parents.In this way, the two sides may not even be familiar with the Kuantang Gaotang. The two do not know enough about each other, but they will enter the marriage hall under heavy pressure.

And this has caused various contradictions to intensify. The shoulders of both sides not only bear more burdens, but there is no good room for venting.

Whether it is material and spiritual level, it is faced with greater pressure because of marriage, so whether to continue marriage to continue becoming a serious issue worth considering.

On the basis of this, with the sharp confrontation of contradictions, various pressures and errors have come one after another, and some life problems cannot be solved perfectly.

Even with the deepening of various gap between the two parties, the two people who were not considered within the scope would understand and recognize each other’s tragedy.

In the end, just like the above stories, through the laws and interference, forcibly divide a clear boundary, or to solve the marriage relationship between the two, or deepen the understanding of the two people’s understanding of clearly.Duan marriage.

And when I was the most energetic, what would happen to another way outside of marriage?

The first is the problem of loneliness. Many people think that without the other half of the company, people will walk alone on their lives.

But I think there is nothing bad. In the case of sufficient time, energy and ability, you can try to complete anything you want to do.It is difficult to move forward under the burden.

Or through reading a variety of books, open up in -depth conversations with the great soul above human history, and give your own answers to those who are closely related to themselves.

Or swimming in the mountains and water, while constantly challenging yourself, use your naked eye to witness the traces of years left by the long history of human civilization.

Although the above does not have much conflict with marriage, the feeling brought to me is that the experience of a truly free soul under all kinds of responsibilities and pressure is far from the experience of walking above this vast land.

Marriage should never be a thing that people are pursuing, love is.The communication between the two sides should not be for that so -called marriage, combined with the expectations of all aspects.

It is because the people they face resonate with their souls, and the mutual love and identity between each other should be pursuing, and the marriage is just the above subsidiary products, adding a little bit to the two parties, there is something to be available.No guarantee.

Marriage on the basis of this can make both sides reluctantly, and huge pressure will become the help of their sails, and the difficult problems that are difficult to solve will only become a roadbed on the long road.

Marriage is both the beginning, the process, or the result. In my opinion, it is the best thing to find the right person.

Some people can smile on the high -rise buildings of the current city, and some people sit in the empty house with a sorrowful face.

They are still connected and hopeful, even if they are under the same roof, they also bring a heavy mask for themselves to deal with each other’s contradictions.

There is a way to become colorful and hopeful because of marriage. Even the soil path is shining under the bright sunshine, and the magnificent avenue will be densely covered by marriage because of marriage.

Take a look at your past. The trivial things that have happened will help you make appropriate choices. The stories are always in your own hands.

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