The woman and her husband got married for only seven days, but they were found to be pregnant: cautious when getting married

In recent years, the marriage rate has become lower and lower. At the same time, men’s expectations for the woman are also decreasing: for example, when ten years ago, many men felt that the first child of the woman was their own.It is no longer extravagant.To this day, many ladies have even put forward: In fact, it is not important for children to be born from a husband.

Once upon a time, Xiaobian looked at this phenomenon as a joke.But I never thought that in reality, such a phenomenon did happen.For example, I will tell such a story today.

Say Mr. Cheng’s marriage recently.At first Mr. Cheng was very happy: After all, for life, getting married is a matter that requires a big deal. It is a big event in life.Especially in the 2020s, not anyone else got married.However, on the seventh day after marriage, Mr. Cheng couldn’t be happy: because his wife Ms. Zhou told him that he was pregnant.

Mr. Cheng actually belongs to the flash marriage with Ms. Zhou, and the two sides do not know a long time.So Mr. Cheng was very doubtful: his wife was pregnant so soon.

In fact, although the contemporary society is open, after all, it has not been opened to the point where men are happy to raise children for others.So Mr. Cheng, of course, his face became not good.Ms. Zhou said that her child was Mr. Cheng.Therefore, the dispute between the two sides is very large -according to Mr. Cheng’s understanding, Ms. Zhou is deceiving marriage, while Ms. Zhou said that Mr. Cheng is a random suspicion.Therefore, the contradictions between the two sides quickly intensified and broke out. In the end, Ms. Zhou chose to return to her mother’s house. Soon after, Ms. Zhou chose to abortion — removed the children in her belly.

Ms. Zhou’s behavior made Mr. Cheng feel that this was a man -because before marriage, Mr. Cheng asked Ms. Zhou to check before marriage, but Ms. Zhou resolutely did not check.At that time, Mr. Cheng didn’t care too much, but afterwards, Mr. Cheng thought: This is likely to be a manifestation of Ms. Zhou’s heart.Now that Ms. Zhou took off the children in her belly, it was even more reflected in the guilty conscience.

Ms. Zhou resolutely stated that the child was Mr. Cheng, because Mr. Cheng did not pay attention to the child, so he chose a miscarriage.However, who is the child’s biological father, in fact, Mr. Cheng will never find reliable evidence and answers.After all, the child is gone, which means that the physical evidence also disappears.However, Ms. Zhou is actually very clear.

According to the concept of Mr. Cheng, a lady like Ms. Zhou is unwilling, so Mr. Cheng asked to divorce. At the same time, Ms. Zhou asked Ms. Zhou to return the gift she paid when she got married -because Mr. Cheng’s family had emptied her to get married, and she had emptied property.Ms. Zhou firmly said that she was not a fault, so Cai Li was impossible to refund a dime.

In fact, the relatives of Mr. Cheng’s family have always doubted: Ms. Zhou may have the idea of cheating marriage. From the beginning, she planned to calculate the Mr. Cheng’s family, but Mr. Cheng knew it later.

So Mr. Cheng chose to find the relevant unit to solve it.Relevant units also sent a mediation officer.However, it seems that the relevant units have long realized this. Therefore, Ms. Zhou’s mother and son always chose to avoid, and even went to other cities in the name of tourism.This undoubtedly makes the mediation unable to continue.

In fact, how the final ending is not important.The important thing is that Mr. Cheng’s unfortunate marriage warns us: marriage needs to be cautious.If you are a little careless, there may be a situation of people’s wealth.

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