The wife was seven months pregnant, and was accused of selfishness by her husband because she wanted to raise a baby or not want to attend the grandmother’s funeral.

After pregnancy, hormones in the body will secrete much higher than before pregnancy, which is also a direct factor that directly leads to unstable emotional emotional emotional emotional.

At the same time, after pregnancy, pregnant women will become extremely sensitive. Both the body and the mind are the same, and they are also very sensitive to going out. They are always worried that they will hurt the fetus in the abdomen.

Pregnant women during pregnancy are very unstable in mental state and emotion. I hope that family members can give more care and care. Let’s take a look at the following examples.

The incident happened in a small county. Not long ago, because the family’s family died, the man and the woman needed to rush to the funeral, but unfortunately, at this time, the wife happened to catch up with pregnancy, and the pregnancy age was seven months old.And the belly has already grown a drum bag, and when I walk, I feel a bit uncomfortable.So the wife thought that she was inconvenient in the past. What should I do if the fetus is in danger accident?What if you hurt the fetus?After that, his wife discussed with her husband, but couldn’t you go, but he did not expect that the man was so angry that he would come out and say that his wife was selfish and filial.The woman is very aggrieved, so do you think you should go to the funeral?

Netizens have also expressed their opinions on this, each, but for whether it should go, my opinion below, I hope that everyone can learn from it. Don’t blindly think that things are right or wrong, and you need to treat everything rationally.

In fact, to be honest, we should not take a pregnant woman to the funeral. Let ’s talk about the dangers of pregnant women to go to the funeral.

At the funeral, it is undeniable that the whole atmosphere is very low and depressed, so even if it is not a close relative or an unimportant person, once the atmosphere is infected, the emotions of pregnant women will become depressed and low.It should be known how much the emotions of pregnant women have on the fetus and how harmful it is.

And during the entire funeral, if pregnant women always maintain this low depressed mood, then the final result is likely to hurt the fetus in the abdomen, and even the risk of abortion. Therefore, as a pregnant woman’s husband and familyBe sure to understand and love pregnant women, which is the protection of children’s care for pregnant women.

I believe everyone understands that the environment is relatively closed in the funeral, and the air circulation is relatively poor, so this environment is not suitable for pregnant women at all, and the air circulation itself is relatively poor.Low down and depression, it is likely to cause hypoxia in pregnant women in the end, and it is prone to fainting.

Once such a problem occurs, it will cause certain damage to pregnant women, and the child may have a miscarriage and have a huge impact on the body of the pregnant woman. Therefore, you must pay attention to it, do not regret it at that time.

Even if the pregnant woman is pregnant, she can’t help but want to help do something, because after all, everyone is busy and there are many people at the funeral. Even if the pregnant woman really feels tired, it is impossible to find a place to rest casually.At the same time, the environment is not very suitable, and it is definitely not so convenient. Therefore, it is said that pregnant women are too tired, which will also have a great impact on the body of pregnant women and will have a great impact on the fetus.

For the sake of your wife and the child, it is best not to bring the pregnant wife to the funeral. Only in this way can the wife and the child lose everything.

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