The wife stopped her husband’s drunk driving, her husband fell his wife’s mobile phone, and his wife corpse Chen He surface 3 days later …

Recently, a web post with "emergency seeking good people help" brush the circle of friends of Yangzhou people.According to the Internet post, on the evening of the 4th, the intersection of Pingshantang West Road and Hongqi Jia Road in the north of Xihua Garden in Tianxia District, Yangzhou, a young wife was furious and crushed the women’s mobile phone on the spot during the driving of her husband’s drunk.The two walked to the nearby river and entered the monitoring blind spot.Subsequently, the woman died in the water, and the cause of death was still unknown. The family was sad. She wanted to seek the witnesses passing by that night and restore the truth of the incident.What is the real situation of the incident, what happened at the scene, and what is the specific cause of the woman?Zi Niu journalist interviewed in Yangzhou.

The Wu family sought help.

On -site visits: I was happy to get to my sister’s house to dinner, and I don’t want to be ordered.

On the evening of the 4th on the 4th, the young woman died on the 4th on the 4th, and the reporter of the purple cattle reported to the police in Yangzhou City, Yangzhou City, who belonged to the water.Police said that after receiving the police situation that night, he immediately salvaged and found the body 3 days later.

The reporter rushed to the intersection of Pingshantang West Road and Hongpo Road Road in the north of Xihua Garden in Tianxia District, Yangzhou. The local residents introduced that the two couples were more quarreled that night, and I didn’t know what contradictions had happened, as if it was related to drinking and driving.A enthusiastic resident led the reporter to the women’s falling place. Zi Niu reporters found that this was a narrow river located on the west road on the west road of Pingshan Hall, named along the mountains and rivers.There is a green belt along the west road of Heping and Heping Hall of the mountains. The river surface is about 2 meters from the ground, and the width of the river surface is about 7 or 8 meters. The locals call the river deep, have a certain flow rate, and the water conditions are complicated.

Xiao Wu falls into the water.Photo by Chen Yong

"It’s a pity. I heard that only about 30 years old, two children, only one or two years old." Master Zhou, a surname Zhou surnamed in the second phase of the world in the world of Yangzhou, told Zi Niu Journalist that the dead sister of the deceased lived in this community and at nightOriginally, he was happy to go to his sister’s house to dinner for dinner. I don’t know why the couple quarreled. The husband fell his wife’s mobile phone and fell on the sidewalk at the entrance of the community.Later, the two walked together, and then someone called the police, and the woman fell into the water.Both the fire and the public security came, and they were salvaged at more than 3 am. After 3 days, the corpse came up on the far away river.! "

Restore the scene: After driving the son -in -law, I wanted to drink and drove again. After being stopped, I wanted to take a taxi and leave

Wu Hongbiao, a 55 -year -old father, was exhausted, his voice was hoarse, and he often couldn’t sleep all night after losing his lover. He was in a bad body and mental state.Old Wu told Zi Niu Journalist that he wanted to know the specific cause of the little daughter.

Zi Niu journalist learned that Lao Wu had two daughters, and his eldest daughter was with her mother’s surname Yang. The younger daughter Tingting followed her surname Wu. "The younger daughter is 30 years old and the son -in -law is 31 years old.In Gaoyou Tianshan, it is the towns next door. "

The community where Sister Tingting is located.

"On the day of the accident, the couple returned to Gaoyou Tianshan’s hometown, because after an appointment to go to my sister’s house for dinner at night, the son -in -law said that he would drive back to Yangzhou. At noon, the daughter found that her husband drank with a friend at the hotel, and cared for him after drinking him after drinking alcohol.Don’t drive, come back by car. At that time, the husband promised not to drive, and the daughter returned to Yangzhou first. But at night at the eldest daughter’s house, Tingting found that her husband was driving back and was full of alcohol. "Wu Hongbiao told Zi Niu journalist,At that time, their relatives and mother -in -law were present. Because of drinking and driving, the two had unpleasant, but considering her husband’s face, Tingting spoke softly.Later, Xiao Hu wanted to go downstairs. His daughter was afraid that he was unhappy, and even more afraid that he drove again, so he chased.At the downstairs, the eldest son -in -law who went out to buy vegetables came back. He also smelled the alcohol on Xiao Hu. When he saw him drill into the car, he stopped the car with Tingting to stop him from driving.

"Xiao Hu couldn’t drive, and after getting out of the car, he ran towards the gate of the community." Wu Hongbiao said, Tingting chased up again, quarreling at the entrance of the community, and Xiao Hu fell on the spot.After Tingting walked towards the community, Xiao Hu wanted to take a taxi to leave the scene. The nearby resident reminded him: "You are in trouble, you also fell her mobile phone, hurry to find her, don’t go wrong, he didn’t have anything to do.Leave. "Later, the two walked to the mountains and rivers. After the accident, someone reported to the police.

Where to fall mobile phone.

The family of the deceased: "Wine" is the fuse of tragedy. This time it is drunk driving.

"After so long, the son -in -law’s family has a negative attitude. These days, Xiao Hu has only contacted me once and apologized.Rescue. "Wu Hongbiao told Zi Niu journalist that that night, her daughter fell into the water along the mountains and rivers. After 3 days, her body surfaced, and she had appeared on the new city river around 2000 meters apart.There are no effective monitoring facilities nearby, so I do n’t know how the daughter is falling into the water and any details before falling into the water.

"Those who are familiar with our family in our towns say that my little daughter is a talented daughter. The boss only read a technical secondary school, and the second child studied for graduate students.After graduating, he started his own business and opened a company that belonged to his own. The benefits were good. Their family was proud of her.

The daughter -in -law lives in the Yangzhou Meiqi Community, and the son -in -law also runs a company.The husband and wife’s relationship is not bad. The son -in -law Xiaohu likes to drink. For wine, not only the daughter himself, but even their old couples have pain in cutting."It’s okay not to drink alcohol. After drinking, especially after drinking a lot, it is like a person who has become a person. Being people after drinking, engaging in domestic violence, is often a family." Old Wu said, for 5 years of marriage, do it, do it, and do it.It is a frequent phenomenon that beating people at least 10 times, and the nose is swollen or bleeding.The daughter was beaten without alarm. She always felt that her family was ugly and took care of her husband’s face and the feelings of young children.

"For a long time, my daughter was beaten by Xiao Hu, and her mother and I didn’t know, and the eldest daughter didn’t know. Because the child was filial, I did not tell us that we were worried and sad. Sometimes the injury was not good.Lie said that he accidentally lost or injured. Later, one time, he was hit particularly. He just was with his sister, but he couldn’t hold back, crying and told her sister. Her sister told us that we knew it. "

This is not a trivial matter. Master Wu and his wife found Xiao Hu. Xiao Hu promised on the spot that this was the last time. In the future, he watched his performance. He would never drink alcohol and never beat people in the future.Xiao Hu’s parents also came to say hello, saying that he would teach his son and forgive his son this time.Speaking of this, Master Wu and his wife ends here.

The old couple dreamed that her daughter was beaten far from end.In July last year, her daughter was beaten again, and she was particularly powerful. "I asked her to divorce her. She refused to take care of her reputation, and of course she was reluctant to be two children.Hu wrote a guarantee to ensure that he would never do it in the future, and he wrote a guarantee on the spot. "Wu Hongbiao recalled.

The promise written by Xiaohu.Provided by the family of the deceased

"This tragedy will not happen to return to Yangzhou after driving this time. It can be said that this is the fuse of tragedy." Wu Hongbiao thought.Tingting’s sister, Ms. Yang also told Zi Niu journalist that in their house, when she saw her husband after drinking and driving, the sister blame him why he did it.What about it?How dangerous to drink and drive, how do you do something to the family and your children, and how can you take the responsibility of the family?In the face of his daughter’s blame, he had nothing to say.

"My sister is desperate, and I feel desperate, and I don’t feel hope for the future life." Ms. Yang said, because she was injured by the wine before, and every time she beaten people, she could bear it and endured it.Too much too long.After the incident, the police at the Shiqiao Police Station of the Yangzhou Public Security Branch of Yangzhou City arrived quickly. In front of the police, Xiao Hu acknowledged his drunk driving behavior.

Local police: The specific cause of death is being investigated, and the possibility of seeking shortcomings is the greatest

According to the mobile phone number of his son -in -law Xiao Hu provided by Wu Hongbiao, Zi Niu reporters have repeatedly dialed. The mobile phone is in a connected state, but no one answers.The reporter sent a text message to the other party, and asked him to answer the phone to tell the situation at the time without receiving a reply.

The reporter saw in the "Promise Book" written on July 18, 2018 that Xiao Huhong said sincerely, admitting that he "has committed violence against his wife for no reason, and greatly hurts his wife’s body and psychology."Xiao Hu’s signature promises that if something that hurts his wife will happen, he will unconditionally meet all the requirements put forward by his wife and compensate her 1.2 million yuan.

Xiao Hu and Xiao Wu.

Relevant sources from the Yangzhou Public Security Bureau of Yangzhou City said that the police were investigating this case, and the criminal police had also been involved.What causes tragedy, because there is no effective monitoring at the scene, and it is in a darkest night. At present, a clear conclusion cannot be given.Is it accidentally drowning and dying, whether he jumps in the river to find suicide, or it is caused by artificially. Everything must be relying on a rigorous investigation and a solid evidence chain.At present, the analysis of various situations is the most likely to find short -sightedness.Before the conclusions are clearly given, the police will not be interviewed for the time being.

Regarding the situation of Hu’s drinking and driving, the police said that according to the investigation, Hu Mou drank at Gaoyou at noon that day and took a period of time in the afternoon, and drove the car to Yangzhou in the evening.After Yang Mou’s family had a dispute with Wu, Hu Mou went downstairs. After getting on the car, he had launched the car. Later, Wu stopped the driving in front of the car, and Hu then turned off the car.

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