The wife is pregnant without pregnancy. Husband "pregnancy vomiting" for 6 months. My wife: I am responsible for eating, he is responsible for vomiting

We all know that after women’s pregnancy, the first level to break through is pregnancy vomiting.Pregnancy is the most common symptom of early pregnancy.

Because of individual differences, some people will vomit for a while in early pregnancy and no longer vomit.Some people have a greater reaction for pregnancy and long duration.

Women who are pregnant are really not easy.

Recently, some netizens uploaded a video of his wife’s pregnancy and her husband’s pregnancy.After watching this video, I only knew for the first time that the matter of pregnancy would also happen to men.

Coordinates Beijing, her husband drove a pregnant wife.As a result, the husband suddenly had a nausea and began to retider.

After a few retching, the husband’s uncomfortable hand held the steering wheel, took off the glasses with one hand, and wiped the tears in the corners with his arms.

As soon as I finished wiping, a nausea turned up again, and her husband opened a new round of vomiting.

It is reported that the wife is 6 months pregnant, she can eat and drink without pregnancy, but her husband has vomited for 6 months.

Some netizens questioned, how did this be so amazing?

Some netizens said that this is fair!This is the real couple!

Some netizens said that they can only say that the child is distressed by his mother.

Some netizens said that I heard that a man loves his wife enough!

Netizens with the same experience have left messages.

A netizen said that when I was pregnant with both children, my husband vomited. When he was pregnant, he vomited at eight o’clock every night.

A message, when my wife was pregnant, she said that she could share her slippers to share her pregnancy. I did n’t believe it. As a result, I wanted to vomit everything. It lasted for a month or two.

Some netizens said that I had brushed one before, and that’s it. After the divorce, my wife remarried and pregnant, and my ex -husband called to ask if you were pregnant.

One netizen said that when I was pregnant, I did not have stretch marks. I grinned my husband and laughed at me.

One netizen said that my mother -in -law said that there was a pregnant woman who had a child. She did not hurt at all. Her husband was working on the ground and rolled directly on the ground.

Some netizens ridiculed that they had vomited all the way, looking at the drunk driving, thinking that you had drinking and vomiting.

Some netizens have called for each pregnant woman’s husband to vomit.

Some netizens have supported that women are pregnant for men and postpartum depression.Let men know that women are not easy to be so lightly described as a wife.

Some netizens said that men are responsible for vomiting, and women are responsible for fairness. Men should not say that there are a few more.

Some netizens said that women are pregnant, men are pregnant, and they have stretch marks; women give birth, men are painful, postpartum depression, women are happy to have children, men are happy to work with children.Do not gift to this kind of man.

Only know that women will vomit pregnancy during pregnancy. This video is really knowledgeable, and men can also vomit.The doctor said that this is a syndrome with pregnancy.

Our physiology will be affected by psychological and behavioral levels.After the wife is pregnant or has a baby, during this time, some of the hormones in his husband’s body will change.

Therogens will decrease, estrogen will rise, prolactin will rise, at the HCG level, her entire hormone level related to pregnancy is synchronized with her mother.

Therefore, the pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers will also have the same situation in her father, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, emotional fluctuations, and so on.

For dad, this is a normal physiological change.Don’t worry.

Since this video is hot, various questions and videos that have passed the pregnancy reactions to the husband on the Internet have followed one after another.Most mothers want her husband to feel the pregnancy reaction.

Only after experiencing can you feel the same.

If you are a wife, do you want your husband to experience a pregnancy reaction?

If you are a husband, are you willing to bear the reaction during pregnancy for your wife?

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