The wife cannot give birth, the girlfriend advises him to divorce, but the girlfriend is pregnant with her husband’s child | Fatang

In a small town in the south, a red BMW car is galloping, and there is a black Mercedes chasing behind.

The two cars are before and after, as if in the race.

After they made a few red lights in a row, the Mercedes -Benz car finally led the BMW car on the side of the road.

I saw a man in the Mercedes -Benz car. He shouted to Jiang Yan, do you have conscience?I divorce you so much money, do you want to swallow this money alone?

You want to think.

At this moment, I saw a woman in a BMW wore a black dress. When she got out of the car, she lifted her hand and gave the man a slap.

The woman who called Jiang Yan cried and complained, and the two pigs and dogs were not as good as that, but they betrayed me. I hate you. I still want me to let me split you?

The two of them quarreled on the side of the road, which caused many passers -by to watch.

Passers -by are curious. What money does it have to divorce?What are the grievances between the two of them?

If you want to figure out this matter, you have to start with Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan is a beauty and versatile.

When it comes to Jiang Yan, almost no one in the Fuli Garden Community does not know her.Everyone knows that she has a good job and married a good family.

Because of her outstanding appearance, after graduating from 2008, she became a stewardess flying an international flight.It was on the plane that she knew Ruyi Lang Jun Li Wei.

Li Wei’s family opened the company. When he saw Jiang Yan, he pounded in his heart.He claimed to have walked south to the north for many years, but beautiful women like Zhang Yan are really rare.

In order to miss the beauty like Jiang Yan, Li Wei tried to get Jiang Yan’s contact information.

Li Wei is a lot of money.

Jiang Yan was pursued by such people, and she had no reason to refuse.Men are affectionate, and women are interested. The two began to fall in love. Not long after falling in love, Zhang Luo began to get married.

However, Li Wei’s mother had a condition to Jiang Yan before marriage.

This condition is to let Jiang Yan quit his job, because the money of their family is enough, and Jiang Yan will fly away. After marriage, she has only one job, that is, to serve Li Wei.

Jiang Yan heard that she resigned from her job. She was a little reluctant. How could a woman work without work?However, looking at her husband and her mother’s expectations, she agreed.

Li Wei saw Jiang Yan willing to resign for him, and he was so happy that he didn’t know what to say.He told Jiang Yan that his wife must believe in me, and I will definitely treat you well in the future.

The wedding was held as scheduled.

Jiang Yan’s girlfriends and classmates were envious of her after learning that she married a rich man.

Even Jiang Yan felt that he was lucky. People have grown beautifully since childhood. When they grow up, they have a good job when they grow up. They also encountered such a good husband.

It’s a winner of life.

However, it didn’t take long for Jiang Yan to find that he had trouble.

What trouble can Jiang Yan have?

She has been married to Li Wei for a year and has no children yet.Isn’t this trouble?At first Jiang Yan didn’t realize this problem, and her mother -in -law reminded her.

Her mother -in -law had long wanted to hug her grandson, and kept thinking about Jiang Yan’s belly.Jiang Yan and Li Wei have a good relationship. Why are there no children?

My mother -in -law found Jiang Yan and said her concerns.

Jiang Yan also feels a bit bad!

They were reluctant to wait for the two moments. They went to the hospital for an examination and learned that Jiang Yan’s ovarian could not ovulate in time.Fortunately, Jiang Yan is young, and now the conditioning should be fine.

Doctors choose Chinese medicine with relatively small side effects to let Jiang Yan eat.However, after more than two years, Jiang Yan’s stomach still had no movement. Mrs. Li was anxious.

The older generations of the old Li family have passed on, and their son Li Wei is here.Mrs. Li pondered this matter all day, thinking about it, she was sick because of this.

My mother -in -law is sick, and Jiang Yan is also guilty,

However, she has no good way.

One night, Jiang Yan woke up because of thirst. He wanted to pour a glass of water in the living room.After she walked into the living room, she found that her mother -in -law’s room was on.

She wants to see what her mother -in -law is doing?

After entering, she discovered that her husband Li Wei was back and was talking to the old lady.How do my husband work often recently?There are more travels than before.

This made Jiang Yan puzzled.

She still wants to hear what her husband and mother -in -law say?

She heard her mother -in -law wanting her husband to divorce herself, and said that she would compensate herself a lot of money and not treat herself.These words are like a thunderbolt.

Jiang Yan quickly returned to her bedroom, covering her mouth and crying.

She felt that she had suffered a lot in order to have a child. She did not expect that her mother -in -law not only did not thank herself, but also wanted Li Wei to divorce herself.

What should I do if I really divorce?

Should she tell her parents?

But how do you tell your parents like this?Tell your parents to have children?Tell them that they can only add their distress.

However, if you do n’t say it, you will be very aggrieved.

then what should we do?

She thought of her girlfriend Zhang Xue. Zhang Xue was not only her college classmate, but also her colleague of her airline. Both were stewardess. They both had the same figure and face.

Jiang Yan asked Zhang Xue and chatted at the cafe near home.

It was in the cafe. She told Zhang Xue all her encounter.

However, what made her unexpected was that Zhang Xue persuaded her to divorce.It is said that Li Wei can not be delayed. Li Wei is about to be 40 years old. What kind of giants care about are inheritance most.

Since you can’t give birth to the old Li family, you have to give up the position. This is also the love for Li Wei.Besides, they have begun to discuss divorce with you. When they say it, wouldn’t you have no face?

After saying these words, Zhang Xue felt inexplicable nausea, and she ran to the bathroom to vomit.

Jiang Yan hurried over. She asked Zhang Xue if she was sick?

Zhang Xue said that nothing was wrong, but she was a bit uncomfortable. She also said that I had to go back, and now I can’t accompany you.

After Zhang Xue left, Jiang Yan thought a lot, and she still loved Li Wei very much. However, she thought of her girlfriend. Who said that giving up is not love?

It is indeed a problem that cannot be given birth.

She had the courage, dialed Li Wei’s phone, and then said that we divorced?

After speaking, she hung up the phone and cried in the bathroom.

Li Wei answered Jiang Yan’s call, and the words Jiang Yan said, he felt inexplicable.Did Jiang Yan hear that he had a conversation with his mother last night.

It’s okay to hear it, so don’t tell her directly.

In fact, Li Wei also wanted to divorce, because his love with Jiang Yan could not give birth to children.His family has a great cause, hoping to have a biological child inheriting his own property.

Since Jiang Yan agreed, he didn’t have to embarrass him anymore.

The two chose to divorce the agreement.Li Wei is also considered enough. He gave Jiang Yan about 60%of the property of the husband and wife, about 20 million yuan.

After the divorce, Jiang Yan was still thinking about Li Wei.

Two months after the divorce, Jiang Yan received a call from the police station and asked her to cooperate with the investigation.

She saw three acquaintances at the police station, one was her ex -husband Li Wei, one was her girlfriend Zhang Xue, and the other was Zhang Xue’s boyfriend Wang Dong.

How do these three people get together?

Jiang Yan was confused.

Because she had to confirm some of her situation, she still understood the reason.

It turned out that Zhang Xue broke up with Wang Dong some time ago. Originally, Zhang Xue and Wang Dong were a pair of lovers in college.After graduation, two people lived together for 2 years.

However, when Zhang Xue learned that Jiang Yan was married to a rich man Li Wei, her heart was unbalanced.

She feels that she is no better than her girlfriend Jiang Yan. How can she be willing to find a silk like Wang Dong?The more she thought about it, she simply broke up with Wang Dong and moved out.

Zhang Xue is going to break up Wang Dong. In the past few years, he spent all his thoughts on Zhang Xue. He said to break up when you broke up. There is always a reason?

Wang Dong did not hit the grass and shocked the snake, but slowly launched an investigation.

After investigation, Zhang Xue has lived with a married man. This married man is either others or Li Wei, the husband of his college classmate Jiang Yan.

And Wang Dong inquired near the community. Everyone there said that Zhang Xue and Li Wei were a young couple who lived here for a few months.

After learning about this information, Wang Dong asked Zhang Xue theory. When he quarreled with Zhang Xue, Li Wei returned.Li Wei saw a man in his house, and the man also quarreled with his little sweetness.

He didn’t know Wang Dong, and didn’t ask what was going on?

Two people twisted together.

The situation was serious, and Zhang Xue called the police when he was afraid of the accident.

When he arrived at the police station, Wang Dong told Li Wei to marry, saying that Li Wei had lived with Zhang Xue without divorce.And he learned from a large number of investigations and visits.

Li Wei did not admit that he was a big marriage. He said that he had been with Zhang Xue very early, but the two did not get married!

Not a big one.

But is it a big divorce?He said it alone, and he had to find Jiang Yan to understand the situation.

Jiang Yan finally understood why Li Wei was with himself for a long time when he was with himself. It turned out that he was with his good girlfriend Zhang Xue.

She also understands why her good girlfriend Zhang Xue persuaded her to divorce.

Thinking of this, she started from her heart, and she had to slap Zhang Xue when she walked over.However, this slap hit Li Wei’s face, and Li Wei ran over to protect Zhang Xue.

He said that Jiang Yan was sorry for you. If you hate me, just hit me, Zhang Xue is pregnant …

Without speaking, Zhang Xue still fell to the ground, and a lot of blood flowed on the ground.

It turned out that when Li Wei and Wang Dong were fighting, she persuaded the shelter to fall. She felt that she couldn’t open it, so she chose to call the police.Unexpectedly, the foot he fell was so powerful.

She was taken to the hospital and the child had a miscarriage.

She feels that these are all sins, and she is sorry for many people, especially sorry for Jiang Yan.

She told the police about everything. After learning that Jiang Yan was married to a handsome and rich husband, she was extremely unbalanced in her heart, especially looking at her boyfriend Wang Dong.

She is looking for a successful man like Li Wei, but where does such a man go?

As soon as she did nothing, she planned to find her girlfriend’s husband Li Wei.

She asked Li Wei to like to go to a bar. In this bar, she waited for Li Wei and kept showing up Li Wei. After the two people knew, she filled Li Wei to drink.

After that, they went to open the house and had a substantial development.

After being with Li Wei, Zhang Xue asked Li Wei to rent a house in a high -end community, and Li Wei came over with her.What Zhang Xue thought was that after she was pregnant, she forced Li Wei and Jiang Yan to divorce.

However, when they were really pregnant, their feelings were bad.

Therefore, she has no need to force marriage.

However, what Zhang Xue couldn’t think of was that her child was aborted.

She was not able to marry Li Wei.

Now she offended her girlfriend Jiang Yan and offended her ex -boyfriend Wang Dong. Her colleagues also heard of her. She could only resign and change to a city.

Wang Dong also knows that Zhang Xue never loves herself. She loves money and rich people. Such a girlfriend cannot.

Seeing Zhang Xuedang, Zhang Xue was miserable.Jiang Yan planned to forgive her and did not hold her responsibility.Being able to get the understanding of his girlfriend, Zhang Xue still relieved a lot.She knew she was wrong and should not do that. In the end, she was also punished.

She felt that this was a sin.

She used to be such a good girlfriend, she lost forever, her boyfriend who loved her so so much, and she lost.

So, did Li Wei constitute a crime of heavy marriage?

If he lives with Zhang Xue occasionally and does not live in the name of a husband and wife, it will not constitute a big marriage.However, the reality is that he lived with Zhang Xue in the name of husband and wife, and everyone in the community thought they were husband and wife.

They have formed a de facto marriage, so they constitute a crime of getting married.

However, considering Li Wei’s surrender and frank plot and did not cause serious consequences, the court decided not to punish him.However, he still told Jiang Yan to court.

Why did he sue Jiang Yan?

Because before they did not divorce, Jiang Yan lent his cousin’s 5 million yuan turnover. The 5 million was the common property of the husband and wife. When the divorce was agreed, it was missed.

Later, Jiang Yan’s cousin gave the money to Jiang Yan.Li Wei felt that this was the common property of the husband and wife. He had given Jiang Yan more than 20 million, and the 5 million it should give himself.

However, Jiang Yan felt that Li Wei was sorry for herself first, and she resolutely did not give Li Wei 5 million.In the end, Li Wei brought her to court, and Jiang Yan was told in court that the missing husband and wife property also needed to be divided on average.

Jiang Yan drove away without hearing the trial. She felt that she had nothing wrong, and the mistake was in Li Wei.

Li Wei should give herself more compensation, and she drove away.Li Wei drove to her, just to divide her 5 million yuan.

There is also the scene we said at the beginning.

However, after Jiang Yan calmed down, she obeyed the court’s judgment and gave Li Wei 2.3 million yuan.

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