The wholesale price of durian fell to 25 yuan and 1 catties. What was the reason behind it?Can it be reduced to the previous 9.9 yuan?

For a long time, durian has been called the "king of fruits" by domestic people with its unique taste flavor and expensive prices.At the end of last year, the wholesale price of durian was more than 50 yuan/jin, and the retail price was at least 70-80 yuan/catties. People just bought a 3 catties of durian and it would take more than 200 yuan.Therefore, many families can only buy some durians occasionally.

However, in recent times, the price of durian has appeared in the market. The wholesale price has fallen to 25 yuan/jin, and the retail price is only 32 yuan/jin.Due to the sharp decline in durian, many people who like to eat durian are "blessed."For this reason, many netizens are strange. The price of durian has been high. Why is there a sharp decline this year?There are mainly the following reasons:

First, after three years of epidemic, domestic people’s income decreased, consumption power was severely weakened, and people’s consumer demand became more rational.Under weighing, everyone will definitely choose fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, oranges, mango, etc. with relatively cheap prices, and will not choose fruit durian, which has always been expensive.Because of the rapid shrinking market consumption demand in the durian, a large number of imported durians were hoarded in the warehouse, and dealers from all over the country had to choose to discount the price reduction promotion.

Second, a large number of durian entered the domestic market and there was a surplus of durian.From May-June every year, Thai durian is supplied to the Chinese market in large quantities.This year is the season for fruit harvest in eastern Thailand.According to Thailand, it is expected that it will be exported to China at no less than 700,000 tons of fresh durian.

At the same time, this year Vietnam’s fresh fruit durian and Filipino fresh durian have also been approved to enter the domestic market.In this way, a large number of imported durians enter the country, and the decline in the price of durian prices will be inevitable.

Third, domestic durians will also supply domestic markets one after country introduced durian varieties in Sanya, Hainan as early as 4 years ago.After years of cultivation, large -scale planting has begun, and the durian of Sanya will supply a large number of domestic fruit markets in the future.According to industry insiders, Sanya’s durian is not only suitable for domestic consumers, but also allows consumers to eat more fresh durian.

From the current situation, the price of durian in the future still has room for further downward.As a result, many netizens proposed that from 2014 to 2015, the wholesale price of domestic durian was only 9.9 yuan/catties. Will the price of durian fell to this price in the past in the future?

In this regard, we think that this possibility is not much high, mainly in two aspects: one is that durian from importers to retailers must go through many intermediate links (such as wholesalers, dealers, etc.).The links are to increase the price layer, and these people will prevent the price of durian from falling to such a low price.

The other is that the current domestic durian consumption is mainly imported.If the price of durian continues to fall sharply, the importers feel that the profit is not high, and it will import other more profits of fruit.In this way, the supply of domestic durian will decrease and the price will rise.Therefore, it is expected that the price of durian is expected to continue to fall, but it is probably not realistic to fall to 9.9 yuan/jin.

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