The whole process of personal experience of the loss of medicine

Unexpected pregnancy, people are preparing to flow on August 9, but doctors say that the pregnancy sac is small and can have a drug flow. At that time, with a kind of mood, I was afraid that the flow was not clean, but I didn’t want to drag anymore, because I had to work.So I took the medicine and said according to the doctor. I started taking it on August 10. I did n’t feel much after eating two days ago. After eating on the third day, I started to hurt my stomach. I wanted to go to the toilet for about two hours.Connected with a basin prepared in advance, it really flowed down a group of blood and a little white thing.This should be the embryo sac.At that time, I felt quite smooth, but I started my stomach pain in less than half an hour. After a long time, I felt that this was also a personal physical problem, and some people would not hurt.I took the anti -inflammatory drugs for three days. Due to the stomach pain, the anti -inflammatory drug would not be taken.The Mother Cao Capsule was opened for four days in life. Based on the experience of future experience, it was still less. Generally, I eat it for half a month or until it is clean.The first three days of blood bleeding, fewer and fewer and fewer.There was a little dirty on the twelfth day.

It took thirteen days in this way and went to the review on August 24th. It was also because of the epidemic. I should not go to the review earlier. I haven’t done any exercise in these ten days.EssenceI went to the hospital to give a B -ultrasound. At that time, when I made B timeout, I was afraid that the flow was not clean. Sure enough, the doctor said that there was a mobile signal, and there was a large residue of 2.0. The doctor suggested that the palace was scraped. At that time, the mood was extremely bad.The doctor asked the HCG again, and it was also very high after the check. The doctor said that it was very high. If you dropped to a few hundred, you can try it.At that time, I also checked some information from the Internet. I also saw some examples of the failure of other sisters, so I insisted that the doctor prescribed some medicines to continue taking it to take a look. The doctor also told me that the possibility of cleanliness is not high, I still insist on taking medicine.

After the doctor prescribed the medicine, I went home and continued to take it. I bought a virgin mycorus, and made a high -lifting, opening and closing jump, squatting and other exercises every day.At that time, I did n’t see it in the toilet, but it can be determined to be the residue of the uterus. I do n’t know if it is clean, but it is a good thing.

Wait until August 28, and I went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound with a sorrowful mood. When the doctor said that it was clean, I finally felt good, but there was a sac.Beautiful, although it is not a big problem, it is also caused by this drug flow, so sisters must protect themselves.It ’s really except for parents. No one loves you more.


The process is really torment, but I really need to eat more for a while, and I also need to exercise in moderation.The current doctors can only use the omittime number, speechless.

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