The weather is cold and loves beautiful women.

No woman in the world does not love beauty.But whether a person is beautiful or not, the facial features are important, and good skin is also critical. The red face of white is the best cosmetics.

If you want to be born with beauty, you have to work hard. For example, follow the carving to make a "osmanthus wine brewing" today.

It is said that glutinous rice flour and wine are very good foods for women. They usually eat nourishing and raising properly. They are matched with wine and brewing.

A bowl of lower belly warmed from head to toe, and it was not afraid of freezing.The real technology is not at all. The glutinous rice flour is adjusted into the group, wrapped in red bean paste or rose filling, which is particularly sweet and full of fragrance.

This is a small dessert entertaining girlfriends.In addition to your hand, there is a high value.It is particularly fulfilled to make wine and brewing for the weekend.

You can also use pumpkin, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes with glutinous rice flour to make small rounds, five colored and delicious and delicious.

It’s more assured without adding, especially girls don’t miss it.

Sweet wine is a kind of food that benefits women with many women.In winter, you can add an appropriate amount of ginger or eggs to the sweet wine brewing in winter.In the summer, you can boil sweet wine with a small amount of water. After cooling, you can eat it directly. The taste of the ice is better. Add a few grains of wolfberry to nourish the kidneys and nourish the kidneys, and it is more visually more beautiful.It can also make women look rosy.Suitable for people with cold hands and feet, cold stomach pain.Sweet wine can also be applied directly on the face to achieve the effect of whitening.

I have a good friend before menstruation, and I have a loss of appetite before menstruation. Cook a bowl of sweet wine for her to eat, and she immediately appeared.

Women in modern society can top half of the sky. The physical pressure and psychological pressure of white -collar women are increasing. They often show that they are consciously weak, have no spirit, and have reduced menstrual flow. This is often the body of the body.The body will be great.

Sweet wine is combined with longan meat. Girls who often go dysmenorrhea can eat more sweet wine, and have the habit of eating wine and eggs in confinement, but it is said that it is not possible to eat it.

Osmanthus is really good to women.Frequent osmanthus honey and drinking osmanthus tea can be whitening.The rich fragrance is happy, makes people feel excited, and can make the stomach comfortable.

Today, I will show you the osmanthus wine.

Sweet and soft wine rounded with a strong sweet -scented osmanthus flavor!

Ingredients: glutinous rice flour, wine brews, sugar, osmanthus honey.


Step 1, add an appropriate amount of hot water to the glutinous rice flour to make a floccope, and then rub it into a smooth dough.

Step 2, rub it into a circle, wrap it with bean paste stuffing

Step 3, pour my 500 ml of water in the pot, boil the water on a large heat, boil the circle and cook for three minutes

Step 4, add wine and cook for three minutes

Step 5, add 20 grams of sugar, add osmanthus honey to turn off the heat.

Step 6, eat.


Be sure to turn down the water, otherwise you must stick it.

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