The Valentine’s Day is here, and the four types of chocolate must eat less!

This year is the third Valentine’s Day after being a mother. His bad words do not mean that there is no love in his heart. A red rose, a box of chocolate, a small gift, a meal food, a cute child returned from the kindergarten.Talking while eating, looking forward to remembering.There are disputes, differences, joy, movement, life is so flat, and we gradually grow in this chicken zero dog, slowly grow old.

Valentine’s Day is here

Sweet days are naturally indispensable for chocolate

Is the chocolate you received delicious and healthy?

When buying chocolate, lovers have done their efforts and check the ingredients table in detail. The words "cocoa paste, cocoa liquid block, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, album cocoa" often appear.He carefully looked at the ingredients and nutritional tables on the Internet.The difference between them is still very large. For health, choose delicious and healthy.

Cocoa pulp and cocoa liquid block

Cocoa pulp and cocoa liquid blocks are grinding products that cocoa beans have grinded after processing. They have cocoa aroma, rich polyphenols and a large amount of cocoa butter.

cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is a powder that is grounded by cocoa bean fragments after being skipped, and most of the beneficial ingredients (such as alcohol, alkaline, polyphenols, etc.) in cocoa are concentrated.Studies have shown that cocoa powder can enhance the activity of antioxidants in the blood.

Coco fat

Cocoa is the fat part extracted from the cocoa bean fragment, mainly saturated fat.Generally, the higher the cocoa content, the better the chocolate taste, but it has no special benefits to health.

Album cocoa fat

A melting point and taste made of plant oil as the raw material, a melting point made of hydrogenation or non -hydrogenation method, which is similar to cocoa butter. It is often used in some chocolates with slightly lower costs.

According to the regulations of my country, if the amount of cocoa butter is more than 5%, the word "Cocoa fat" must be marked.

It should be noted that album fat contains a large amount of highly saturated fat, and the album fats made of some hydride methods may even contain trans fatty acids, which is not conducive to health.

Children under 8 years of age have slowly metabolism on caffeine. After eating chocolate -containing chocolate, they may be excessive, which makes it difficult to fall asleep at night.People with gastroesophageal reflux symptoms, the sugar added to chocolate is refined sugar, which can cause a large amount of gastric acid secretion and induce gastric spontaneous reflux.Women during pregnancy and lactation, caffeine in chocolate will be passed to fetus and babies through placenta and breast milk. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding if they take more than 300 mg of caffeine, they will affect the brain development of the fetus or baby.Chocolate is high in calories, and the three high patients and obese people are not recommended to eat.

Comment tells the evening

Valentine’s Day, have you eaten chocolate?

What kind of love story between you?

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