The upper ring was pregnant in 16 years.

Wuhan Evening News October 13 (Reporter Liu Xuan correspondent Chen Yali) "For 16 years, Dabao is 17 years old." On the 12th, Ms. Wang, 43, was shocked and shocked when she got a "pregnancy" inspection report.Hi, after a moment of thought, she decided to leave this unexpected surprise."It is not uncommon for the clinic of pregnancy to get pregnant." Hu Yajun, director of the reproductive center of Wuhan First Hospital, revealed that there is also a "shelf life" of the birthplace. At the time of time, it should be taken out and replaced. Many accidental pregnancy is caused by the "over -term service" of the birthplace.

Ms. Wang had a daughter who was 17 years old in her second year of high school. She went to the hospital in the hospital for the second year after giving birth to her daughter. She never had an accident over the years.Originally, the "Auntie" should come at the end of September, and it is common for three or five days late.It wasn’t until half a month before she didn’t see the shadow that she decided to go to the hospital.

When I heard that the doctor said that it might be pregnant, Ms. Wang waved again and again, "Impossible! I have been on the ring for 16 years." At the request of the doctor, she tested the urine and saw the "two bars that were clearly displayed above."Ms. Wang was dumbfounded.Based on her time, Hu Yajun, who was admitted to the time, analyzed that she was likely to be on the stainless steel ring, telling her that the effective contraception rate of this breeding ring was only about 80%.

Hu Yajun introduced that the health ring is mainly used to change the effect of contraception through mechanical blocking the environment. There are currently three main rings: the pharmaceutical ring, copper ring and stainless steel ring.Among them, the pharmaceutical ring is mainly a T -shaped ring, and the effective rate of contraceptives is about 95%. One needs to be replaced in 5 years. The copper ring has plastic copper rings and metal copper rings. The plastic copper rings are mostly T -shaped rings.Round ring and uterine rings, the contraceptive rate is about 85%, and it is replaced every 5 to 8 years.The stainless steel ring is the earliest. As long as the position of the ring can be used normally, the minimum contraceptive rate is the lowest, only about 80%.

What should I do if I am pregnant in case of pregnancy?Hu Yajun said that if the position of the birth ring has not changed, and there is no sign of warning, there is no need to take it out.Regardless of whether the ring does not follow the placenta, you don’t need to control it. You can take it out by the way.She reminded that after menstruation is pushed, they must go to the hospital to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy, especially women who have a birthplace to eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

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