The underarm lymph nodes are enlarged, how much do you know?

Global breast cancer has been increased from every 1 minute to a breast cancer every 26 seconds.Chinese breast cancer ranks first in the world. It is equivalent to a Wenchuan earthquake every year on the Wenchuan earthquake every year. The youngest age is 14 years old.Breast cancer is sweeping our lives at a terrible speed, and we must treat the underarm lymphs that are inseparable from breast cancer.Pay attention to the public account zygs11 and learn more about health information

What is lymph nodes?

Lymph nodes are an important immune organs in the human body.Normal people have about 500-600 lymph nodes.Lymph nodes can be divided into superficial lymph nodes and deep lymph nodes according to their position.The lymph nodes checked in clinical work are mainly superficial lymph nodes.Deep lymph node enlargement needs to be discovered by some special examinations early, such as lymphaticity, radioactive nucleo scanning.Normal lymph nodes diameter 0.2-0.5㎝, often distributed in groups, soft texture, smooth surface, no tenderness, no adhesion to surrounding tissues, unprepared mandibular, groin, underarms, etc. can be touched 1 to 2. GenerallyNot easy to touch.Lymph nodes can be touched due to inflammation or tumor.Pay attention to the public account zygs11 and learn more about health information

The importance of underarms lymph

If your armpit color is dark, you still have a small and small pimple, don’t think it is fat, no matter how fat, you wo n’t get fat!The essence is that the lymph is blocked. The toxins of the breast are not discharged, and a pile of metabolites are piled up under the armpit, and it will eventually become cancerous!

The acquired auxiliary milk is accumulated from the lax metabolic product of the underxual lymphatic vessel.The breasts produce a large number of metabolites every day and discharge upward through the underarm lymphatic vessels.We all know that "people go to high places and flow to low places", but because people are upright, plus the lack of upward thrust in underarms, breast metabolic products and toxins are difficult to discharge upwardProgressive formation.If women have pregnancy, fertility, flow of abortion, as hormones in the body rise, the metabolites and toxins produced by breasts increase rapidly, and it is easier to have side milk.

Lympho is not only the immune system of the human body, but also the largest detox system in the human body

Lympho is the immune system of the human body, and it is also the human body’s defense station and recycling garbage station to prevent external bacterial infection and recycling garbage and toxins in the body; lymph is also the largest detox system in the human body., Breast hyperplasia, such as a series of breast diseases, lymphatic vessels are the conveying point of cancer cells. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the underarm lymphatic when obtaining breast cancer, and the cancer cells will not spread to the whole body.When getting cancer and breast fibroma, you can observe that the underarm lymphoma must be protruding, so preventing breast diseases must be used to dredge the underarm.Every week, you do lymphatic dredging once a week, so that our toxins are better metabolized!

Chinese herbal medicine essential oil

This product is soft and stubborn, eliminates the stranded metabolic products, purifies the internal environment of the underarms, thereby eliminating the armpit and milk, which can improve the symptoms of shoulder and neck, back pain, and numbness of the fingers;Groups are conducive to breast detoxification, improve breast pain, hyperplasia, lumps, and effectively prevent breast cancer such as breast cancer.Pay attention to the public account zygs11 and learn more about health information

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